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Submitted by wngreen on Wed, 2008-09-17 00:43

Catching up today on everybody's posts I noticed we have had a few of the new folk post whole articles from other sites as posts onto our own site. This practice violates the content owner's copyright, even if you provide a link back to the site you got the content from. Unless you have permission, it’s never OK to post someone's words on your own blog. Certainly quotes or excerpts with proper attribution are a great idea, provided these are not restricted by the copyright on the original page. Reprinting an entire post is not good blog etiquette and could get us in trouble with our hosting company. It is ironic the content that I had to pull since this author has been the victim of poor netiquette quite recently.

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Links are OK. Excerpts can be OK too, provided you properly quote and link back to the source. Sometimes folks (like over at CapMag) have policies about quotes that are fairly easy to follow.



Just doing my job. I know what a DMCA violation can do to a website.


Links are okay, though, I imagine...

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...even in current 'netiquette' terms?

Don't Be Too Hard on Young Wintergreen, I Beg of You . . .

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He seldom has a point at all, and almost never one with any validity.


What is the validity of your point?

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Quite frankly if someone is passing around someone else's blog without permission I see nothing wrong with it.
It ain't plagiarism if its referenced to its original author.
You don't have to ask news papers to quote them, you don't have to ask authors of books, or reviews to quote them in an original piece you make up..... so where is the justification to follow this rule with blogging?

If you wrote a book and I bought hundreds of them and then dispersed them around... I would be violating nothing.
If I were making money then that were a different story.

I have posted up whole articles of Lindsay's on my blog and made reference and quoted Peter Cresswell as well. Hardly see this as an offence

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