Barbequed Pigs and the problems with not being in Civilisation

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Sun, 2008-09-21 07:09

A report by the Independent Police Conduct Authority has been strongly critical of the Constabulary in Dunedin.

After more than two dozen arrests on a variety of charges, real and imagined (by them), I am not fan of the Police and consider their epithet of pigs to be quite accurate; and as a libertarian view them as a socialist instrument of the State to subjugate freedom lovers.

It takes a certain type of naive mentality to 'trust' the NZ Police.

This report attacks them for greatly overstepping the mark by executing an illegal search warrant, trumped up charges, a fishing expedition and unprofessional conduct.

But even worse than this disgraceful conduct it shows the problems of not being in Civilisation.

People living in smaller, provincial centres...(Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin, Timaru etc)...apart from being fairly 'thick', tend to be breeding grounds for cronyism and the reason the Police feel they can be "all girls together" and do whatever they want.

A classic example of this was living in Wanganui and learning the Wanganui Police CIB having a "looking the other way" fee of $1000 in cash for each Detective,  something which prevented a couple of 'minor misunderstandings' being cleared up in a Gentlemanly way...(and was a bargain compared with the fees a Q.C would have stiffed me for to guarantee a 'not guilty' verdict by playing golf with and paying off a Judge *sigh*) Eye...but I digress...

The point I am making is that in Civilisation this sort of thing would not happen because of size.

In a proper part of New Zealand, with numerous Police officers, fear of someone putting your pot on, a somewhat higher mentality of the population, higher standards of professionalism, police and the public actually being able to spell all adds up to this corrupt behaviour not taking place.

Only in some irrelevant small town..(Dunedin, Wellington, Greymouth, Putaruru etc)...can New Zealand's splendid reputation be damaged by corruption, and I think there needs to be a massive clean up of these places; and if the obvious solution - moving to Auckland, is not taken up at least they can learn to behave themselves and not try and recreate downtown Moscow with rampant gangsterism.

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