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Submitted by Aaron on Thu, 2008-09-25 16:35

I've been swamped with work since the spring, and on hiatus from SOLO. However, whenever something big in the real world reminds me how much correct philosophy matters, I get more motivated to make time. The US is now springing a 'New New Deal' - adding nearly a trillion more of corporate welfare to already wasted trillions on warfare and individual welfare. This kind of thing motivates me to get back again to a broader group of Objectivists than just local friends - kindred spirits in a world twisted by bad philosophy.

Looking over SOLO now, what is its state? I see Elijah returned, and that gives me pause. I didn't find anything official about his return. What happened?

I also know almost all stateside people I know in Atlanta and elsewhere have wandered (not flounced..) from SOLO, and am a bit concerned that it's returning to a de-facto New Zealand-only phenomenon. There's nothing wrong with that, but I want to gauge how much common interest there even is in matters specific to the US. I am glad to see Scott is still here. Who else from the states? Is James V still around? James H N? Mark V?

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Elijah - Not a bad idea . I

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Elijah - Not a bad idea Smiling. I am trying more going forward to gather ideas more to full article form.

I'm glad to see familiar faces. Sorry to hear about Valliant. What's happened, is it serious?

Bobby Scott - Another Atlantan? Awesome! We'll have to meet sometime. Are you going to the Alex Epstein talk at GA Tech this coming Monday?

Just got here...

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...from Atlanta. Seems to be mostly folks from NZ and here. What's up with that? Something about the water?

US Americans

I've been swamped with work and just been struggling to keep up with the new posts let alone add much lately. I'm still here though too!



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There's no intentional slowing down at the American end. Our American coordinator Mr Vardoulis has been submerged in the sub-prime flood, but I have kept up a steady stream of SOLO-US and SOLO-International press releases and op-eds, the latest being the memo to Pres. Bush that is still blue-stickied. James V has been ill and there's no question that volume drops off when he's not here causing consternation and carnage. As for that scallywag Elmore, well, you'd know better than I what she's up to!

I'm going to be in California for a few weeks as from next Tuesday, so you can say SOLO will be headquartered in America for a while. Smiling

I suppose, Aaron, you could

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I suppose, Aaron, you could always visit and post articles relating to the US as a way to broaden things a bit; away from a de-facto New Zealand forum.

I'm still here

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But I think I downgraded to lurker a while ago.


Never mistake contempt for compassion, or power lust for ambition.

Super Hero Babylon

Hi, Aaron! Between work,

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Hi, Aaron! Between work, personal business, neuroscience studies and a resurgence of messages from high school friends ahead of my 20th reunion, I haven't been here as often, but will stop in to talk occasionally.


Wow! Dark but I like it -

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Wow! Dark but I like it - especially the imagery such as Reaganesque hope, the anti-heroes, and the allusion to proper disposal of the flag.

Welcome Back

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 Hi, Aaron, welcome back. Yeah, things have changed a little, can't deny the tension. But to the extent that we're all liberty-minded people here, (I think), I do appreciate the effort put forth by the NZ Libz. It's a smaller country than ours, but that's no excuse for us to sit back here! Although I'm something of a pessimist right now, and wondering if maybe it's better to let the whole thing rot out first, I'm inspired by the Libz efforts, (including Elijah, who's out there doing something, at least)....on that note, you might like this, a piece I'm sending out online as a "cautionary" tale of where we're heading (it's surreal, but I'm not sure if it's hyperbole...history will decide...). A SHOW OF HANDS: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile (pdf)


 Time will tell... 

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