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Submitted by Frizzy on Thu, 2006-02-23 23:08

I noticed that the timestamp on a recent post of mine is not entirely correct... It probably is just the time on the computer that received the post information, located in America?

I understand this site is not just for people in one timezone?

When Site admins next look at improving the site, please consider getting timestamps on articles correctly.
Maybe each profile has a nominated timezone information and is relative to the servers time rather than my computers time which is probably set incorrectly?

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Frizzy moment

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Ok, yes well, ok.

So ah, these 'timezones' ...

they are not real timezones are they?

When I looked in the edit tab before making my original post (that created this thread), I was 'skim reading' through, and clicked on the dropdown list and saw a list of date formats (thats not what is there, but thats how I percieved it at a glance), so dismissed it as date formats, not a list of timezones, because my idea of a timezone is the name of a country, or the timzone letter code, or failing that, just a time offset.

Anyway, so putting aside that Frizzy moment I had.

If the 'timezone' box is just a time offset, what happens when daylight savings occur? Do I have to change my 'timezone' setting again? If so, will that affect all my previous posts to reflect an incorrect time (by amount of daylight savings time offset).

If so, they are not real timezones, please change the 'timezones' label to 'offset from server time' or impliment real timezones.
Ah, if you have time when you are next updating the site, cool.

I hope that you can enlighten upon the situation for me.

No, it was there all along,

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No, it was there all along, though admittedly a bit difficult to find. Smiling


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You're quite right, that does fix it.

Did Duncan do that today? thats impressively quick.

Now I just need some ideas to post...

Timezones can already be set. On

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On the right menu, click 'my account', then the 'edit' tab, then scroll right to the bottom. Smiling


Trust you ...

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... to notice that Smiling I'll add it to my to-do list, which is already as long as ... errr, well, it's very long.

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