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Submitted by Ted Keer on Fri, 2008-10-24 22:41

Radicals for Happiness is my blog, devoted to spreading the word about sources of joy. Below are the titles for my posts to date. Please stop by and check out the site. Comments are welcome, and anyone who wishes to make a submission can email me through SOLO.

Blog Archive thru October 24, 2008

+ Alexander the Great "Reign: the Conqueror"
+ Richard Adams "Watership Down"
+ Natalie Merchant "Kind and Generous"
+ The Fate of Aino, Finnish Maiden
+ Tuchman "The Guns of August"
+ "Yaadein" a Bollywood Treat
+ John Collier "The Essence of Femininity"
+ James Blish, "A Case of Conscience"
+ Umm Kulthum "The Ruins"
+ Dog's Best Friend — Ratchet's Reprieve
+ "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" & Klezmer
+ Johnny Guitar & Women on the Verge
+ Kallista Pappas at the Crossfit Games
+ Doctor Who "Scream of the Shalka"
+ Immortal? No. Eternal? Maybe. (Part I)
+ "Solea" from Almodóvar's "Flower of my Secret"
+ Frank Herbert "The Santaroga Barrier"
+ Walker's Marsupials of the World
+ Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
+ When Puppies Play...
+ One Foot in the Grave "Hearts of Darkness"
+ "The Religion of the Ancient Celts" J.MacCulloch
+ Ravel's "Bolero" from Allegro Non Troppo
+ Patsy Cline on the 2008 Election
+ Almodóvar "Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down"
+ Calvert Watkins "Dictionary of Indo-European Roots...
+ Noels Coward's "Brief Encounter"
+ Luz Casal "Piensa en mi"
+ Posh Nosh
+ "The Mists of Avalon" Marion Zimmer Bradley
+ She Dove Off! "Leeloo" The Fifth Element
+ Niven, Pournelle, "The Mote in God's Eye"
+ The Tripods
+ Star Trek "The Animated Series"
+ Frank Herbert "The White Plague"
+ Colin Wilson "The Mind Parasites"
+ Otters Holding Hands
+ The Doctrines of Epicurus
+ Robert Heinlein "Starship Troopers" 1997
+ The Loeb Classical Library
+ NEA Funds $1.3 Billion Poem
+ Michael Crichton "State of Fear"
+ Kerr Avon, Blake's 7's anti-Anti-Hero
+ Steven Pinker "The Stuff of Thought"
+ "The Morphodite" by M. A. Foster
+ Don La Fontaine "The Voice" 1940-2008
+ Ronald Reagan "A Time for Choosing"
+ Dune 1984 (Extended Edition)
+ Hew Strachan "The First World War" DVD Set
+ Umberto Eco "The Name of the Rose"
+ Kim Novak in "Bell, Book & Candle"
+ Servalan "There are no women like me."
+ Simpsons "Citizen Kang" 1996
+ Betraying Spinoza
+ Ilya Repin "Pictures at an Exhibition"
+ Ultraman Lives!
+ Strange Maps
+ BBC Radio 4 "In Our Time" with Melvyn Bragg
+ William-Adolphe Bouguereau
+ My Soul is a Pack of Coyotes
+ "Hate Can Be a Very Exciting Emotion"
+ Barbara Stanwyck 1907-1990 the "Ball of Fire"
+ Citizen of the Galaxy
+ 25 Journeys with Christopher Hitchens
+ Enjoy Ralph Peters "In Depth" on Book TV
+ "Volver" 2006 Pedro Almodovar
+ iGoogle: Mistranslating the World One Phrase at a ...
+ Download Orson Welles' Mecury Theater for Free
+ Take Your Mama
+ Shanghai Express
+ Atheism alone is a rotting corpse. I substitute ar...
+ One More Leap!
+ The Gift of Music
+ Not by Bread Alone
+ A Canticle for Leibowitz
+ Maxine Waters Quote of the Day
+ Sunrise Earth
+ Introducing Radicals for Happiness

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Yes, thanks again, Leonid.

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Yes, thanks again, Leonid. Much nicer.

Zahava Ben-Inta Omri-life performance

Leonid's picture

You probably will like this version-without drum beat.


BTW, kissing is very acceptable form of greeting among Arab men.

Thanks Leonid

Ted Keer's picture

I think that the terrible added synthesizer drum beat is as ugly and superfluous as the veils on the women. The Arabic men, however, are so "pretty" I had to laugh when they kissed. Zehava Ben's voice is nice. I would have liked to hear her sing it without the added synthesizer beat. Thanks for posting the lyrics.

enta omri

Leonid's picture

This truly beautiful song is currently performed by Israeli singers Zahava Ben and Sarit Hadad. Here is Arabic lyric and English translation.

See video


Ragga’ouni einik
li ayyami elli rah’oo
aallimouni andam
aala el madi w ghirah’ou

elli shouftou
abli ma tshoufak einayya
omri daye’ea
yehsebou ezzay alayya

Enta omri, Enta omri
Elli btada bnourak sabahou
Elli btada bnourak sabahou
Enta, enta, enta omri

Ya aghla men ayyami
Ya ah’la men ah’lami
Khodni li h’ananak khodni
Aan el woughoud web’aedni

Ba’eed ba’eed
Ana w’enta ah
ba’eed, ba’eed, Wah’dina
Aal houbbi tesh’a ayyamna
Aal shouk tinam layalina

Your eyes brought me back
To my past days
They taught me how to regret
The past and its wound

What I’ve seen
Before my eyes saw you
My life was lost
How could they count it on me

You’re my life, You’re my life
Which morning starts with your light
Which morning starts with your light
You are, you are, you are my life

You’re much worth than my days
You’re lovelier than my days
Take me tenderly, take me
Far away from this presence

Far, far
You and I ah
Far, far, just us alone
Where our days wake up on love
And where our nights sleep on passion

LYRICS Ahmad Shafiq Kamel

MUSIC Mohammad Abdul Wahab

SINGER Zehava Ben
Om Kalthoum
Sarit Hadad

Words transliterated and translated by Wissam of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Here are the four most

Ted Keer's picture

Here are the four most recent posts at Radicals for Happiness:

A Baby Elephant excuse.

The best romantic comedy of 1980.

Revenge music (with thanks to Paul Hibbert).

And the must read novel of 2009.

You mean, if you can't answer a simple question...

Jameson's picture

try laughing it off? Smiling

If you can't say something nice...

Ted Keer's picture

Kludges for Keer

William Scott Scherk's picture

I kinda know what Green is kvetching about, the kvetching about Keer. Yet, I understand the kvetching that you are doing, Jameson. It's one of those Whiskey Tango Foxtrot things.

The kludge is to add a comment on Keer's blog. Another kludge would be to use this as the new Scientologist thread, and to repost the best of Kevin Owen here.

Or not.


In the absence of an answer...

Jameson's picture

... to a legitimate question, conspiracies are hatched. That's two now, William: I reckon he demurs because he'd be excommunicated by Babs if he did, but your theory is just as plausible, and equally piss-weak on his part if it's proved. Smiling

Everyone born happy

Everyone is not born happy. And what is the deal with the links? Is this a google PageRank scheme?


Okay, this is getting ridiculous...

Jameson's picture

Ted, you can't possibly come on here, directing SOLO traffic to your own blog without noticing the question being asked of you (that is, unless it is spam): why aren't you redirecting RFH traffic back to SOLO?


Lindsay Perigo's picture

That image is truly revolting. Enough to turn *anyone* gay. Wink

Ted, you have a fine blog, but . . .

William Scott Scherk's picture

. . . a couple of people who also think you have a fine blog are wondering why you don't have a link back to SOLO Passion.

In other words, you use SOLO to promote your blog, but you don't use your blog to promote views of SOLO.

Seems a reasonable question. Just wondering why you don't answer it.

Maybe you don't read SOLO entries/followups to your SOLO blog posts. If so, then you will understand Jameson's query about Spam. If you are simply posting adverts for yourself, then . . . ?

Now, there have been and will be Spammers on SOLO. The lovely and talented-if-demented Scientologist Nutcase spammed and spammed and spammed. This provided a certain amount of entertainment, and he even pretended to engage with those who questioned him.

Of course, one word from Lindsay cautioning him on his Spammery caused him to rethink his strategy. Since his strategy was to post the same misspelled and simple-minded blurbs over and over again, he is still rethinking. Kinda like an endless loop.

Which is what this thread will become until you Engage With The Questions.

As for Jameson's question about why you get to post your Grandpa's mug instead of your own, I think I know the answer . . .

Jameson, if you looked like this, would you post it as your SOLO Facepic? --


Gemstones, Time Machines & Benevolent Dictators

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Leeches, a Spider and a Frog

Ted Keer's picture


Jameson's picture

Looks, smells and tastes like spam to me.

BTW, Lindsay, how come Ted gets a pass on his non-self avatar?

It's just you Glenn

gregster's picture

that's Ted's blind dumb deaf impression.

A Bloom, two Ballads and Barack Better Work

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Is it just me...

Jameson's picture

... or is this starting to feel like spam?

Aliens, Immortality and Evil

Ted Keer's picture

Sci-Fi Apocalypse, Immortal Fantasy, and Welles' Film Noir:

Tilda Swinton Chooses to Live Forever,

Greg Bear's Earth Meets its Maker,

and Heston in Welles' TexMex Thriller:

All new at Radicals for Happiness.

Congratulations, Ted

Jameson's picture

11,111 clicks is certainly something to celebrate. But why exactly aren't you reciprocating traffic to SOLO in your links of interest? You clearly think we're interesting enough to warrant your patronage.



a Hero Triple Play

Ted Keer's picture

Celebrating 11,111 clicks:


Man of the Century

and A Dog's Best Friend

all new at Radicals for Happiness

This seems to be one-way traffic, Ted

Jameson's picture

Why don't you add SOLO to your LINKS OF INTEREST?

Atlas Society
Barbara Branden
Bidinotto Blog
Book TV on CSPAN2
Camille Paglia
Christopher Hitchens
G. K. Chesterton
George Orwell
Heinlein Society
Hitchens Web
Intellectual Activist
J. R. R. Tolkien Society
Mark Steyn
Mars Society
Michael Newberry
Not PC
NYC Junto
Objectivism Reference Center
Objectivism Store
Objectivist Living
Objectivity, the Journal
Rebirth of Reason
Roger Bissell
Stephen Hicks Ph.D.
Superhero Babylon
Superhero Babylon
TCM Turner Classic Movies
Tolkien Society
Ted Keer at Amazon
Ted Keer at Objectivist Living
Ted Keer at Rebirth of Reason

For your enjoyment:

Ted Keer's picture

Salsa, Thrash and The Golden Age of Illustration:

Edmund Dulac

The Cult of The Berserker

and The Girl from Guantanamo

all new at Radicals for Happiness

Ne me pique pas!

Ted Keer's picture

Thanks, Ted...

Jameson's picture

... but that doesn't answer the question.


Ted Keer's picture

Anyone who wants to contribute a post to Radicals for Happiness is welcome. Send me an email via SOLO and I will email you an invitation.

Hey, Ted

Jameson's picture

While you're on here promoting your excellent site, may I again ask this question: why don't you have a link to SOLO in your margin? I note you host the likes of Bidinotto, Branden, ROR and O-Living; does that have something to do with this glaring omission?

Good work, Ted...

Jameson's picture

A very thoughtful collection.

Curious though, as to why you don't have a link to SOLO in your margin, and yet you host the likes of Bidinotto, Branden, ROR and O-Living. Or is that why you've omitted us?

Flower of My Secret

Ted Keer's picture

Miles' "Solea" from Almodovar's La Flor de mi Secreto at Radicals for Happiness

Thanks, Greg!

Ted Keer's picture

Yes, even Billy Idol. Of course, not everyone can enjoy Billy Idol, "not that there's anything wrong with that." In my previous post I implied a comparison between hamburger and filet mignon. One can potentially enjoy both Vivaldi and Billy Idol. I think the primary purpose of aesthetics is not to label art as good versus bad (although I will certainly not deny that there is both bad and evil art) but rather to allow us to find what is good in a piece of art, and to enjoy what we can of it.

With Billy, a lot has to do with my age when he was popular, the fact that I live in NYC, and so forth.

I don't find an inability to appreciate fluffy pop songs for what they are to be an advantage in life. But if a person's life is so full of great works of art that he has no time to enjoy Billy Idol or the like, I envy him.

ILYA REPIN The Grand Duke's Bride at Radicals for Happiness

Very nice Ted

gregster's picture

I've been enjoying your site.

But hell, Billy Idol?

Still like it though.

Fawlty Towers, 50's Musicals, and Naked Emperors

Ted Keer's picture

John Cleese, Johnny Depp, and Jacques-Louis David at Radicals for Happiness:

The Germans

The Un-Napoleon

John Waters' Cry-Baby

Thanks, Michael!

Ted Keer's picture

Here are the next three posts at Radicals for Happiness:

Ian McKellen's Richard III

The Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

Jodie Foster is The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane

 Keep up the good work

Newberry's picture

 Keep up the good work Ted.




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