Public Health Care is the Root of All Tyranny - Part Deux

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Submitted by Lance on Thu, 2008-10-30 20:26

One of my very first blog entries on SOLO was Public Health Care Is the Root of All Tyranny. Yesterday the Greens essentially vindicated the views expressed in that entry with this press release:
“We need a fundamental shift in our health system to focus on prevention and keeping people well. We need to move away from a system that deals only with people who are unwell rather than the root causes of ill health – such as poor diets, poverty, cold and damp houses.”


The Green Party’s strategy has a raft of initiatives to promote people’s health that include:

Free annual wellness checks for all New Zealanders and extensive checks at key life stages
Improving access to free dental care for young people
A levy on soft drinks to pay for increased dental services for young people
Insulate all cold, damp homes in New Zealand
Raise real incomes including the minimum wage to $15
Speed up the state house building programme to provide more quality, sustainable low income housing
Get rid of ads for unhealthy food before 8.30pm at night, teach gardening and cooking in all primary schools, and introduce a traffic light labelling system on food
Increase investment in diabetes prevention
Promote drug-free lifestyles in schools and education on risks of cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco

The problem with any public health care system is that they do not want you to use it! You cannot ask for a public health care system and not expect the state to suddenly take an interest in your lifestyle when they notice the bill.

I can see this coming a mile off. It occurs in 3-4 stages thusly:

Inform - "People aren't educated about the problem, so let's spend X million dollars educating them." (Anti-smoking ads for instance or any health 'awareness' campaigns)

Incentivise - "People now know about the problem but aren't doing anything, so let's spend X million dollars providing incentives for them." (The proposed fund for home insulation for instance)

Penalise - "The ingrates aren't responding to the incentives and some target demographics are still uneducated, so let's tax them and pour that money back into more education and incentive programs." (Alcohol and tobacco tax for instance)

Prohibit - "That's it! Enough! You're costing us too much, since you won't voluntarily cease such behaviour we have no choice but to BAN IT!" (In some cases they won't even bother with the first 3 steps or if the last step is profitable enough won't reach the 4th)

In a free market health care system, if you want to lead a particular lifestyle - say one with little exercise and loads of booze, cigarettes and fatty food, you can choose to do so, just be aware that you will likely be paying a higher premium on your health insurance. If you can't afford the premiums, don't choose that lifestyle, or choose to go uninsured at your own risk. The fundamental difference is that the insurance company doesn't get to threaten you with criminal charges if you choose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle that they don't approve of.

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Obama had a half an hour...

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...infomercial across the country the other day that cost millions. He was only able to do this after breaking his original pledge not to start fundraising.

Imagine if this was McCain doing it, the informercial would scoffed at by the media who would say he was just another rich capitalist prick trying to buy the election.

But because it's Obama doing it, not a fart of criticism was heard from the press, indeed many are trying to laud how much liked the fields of flowing wheat etc...bullshit!!!

Part One (if you can stomach it!) I actually found it so boring I haven't watched most of it. (Not surprisingly it was produced by the same evil fuck who directed 'An Inconvenient Truth'!)

Catch-phrase over content

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Lance, it means, literally, nothing.

Obama knows he just has to keep jibber-jabbering, promising, and throwing in catch-phrases. Context and content are meaningless.

The media is not taking Obama to task over anything. I thought that part of true journalism is to take on stupidity like this. I still think it is, but it is not happening.

Scott DeSalvo
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A big problem is

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A big problem is that Socialism promises the unearned to masses not too interested in how the promises will be fulfilled. Obama feeds the notion that the money is "just there" and right now, it is the Wall Streeters who are getting the money, and it is a simple matter of transferring the "government money" from Wall Streeters to the poor.

Against that, you have those who are smart enough and inclined to learn and understand the truth, and their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is being told they don't get a free ride.

It is human nature to want to get as much as you can for what you give. For some, that includes believing that they are entitled to something for nothing.

This all began with Socialists and multiculturalists taking over schools. With bilingual education and mutliculturalism and women's studies replacing reading, mathematics, the sciences, and an understanding, appreciation and respect for American history and our Constitution. I was witness to the transformation as it was occurring (as a student), and that means that everyone much under my age who was public-school educated and not possessed of an individualist streak has not been taught how to think at all. They have been prepared to become Socialist proles.

And now, most teachers haven't the foggiest notion of the importance of the Constitution. And that is why a thug like Obama is going to re-write the Constitution in fact, even though it was been re-written, de facto, by politicians for years.

In my lifetime, this is going to implode.

Scott DeSalvo
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These are ...

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... the "positive rights" that the Marxist Obama wants the US Constitution changed to accommodate.

Sustainable Housing

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If "sustainable fishing" is fishing in a manner that has little or no impact on the steady supply of fish then "sustainable housing" must be housing people that can't look after themselves while having little or no impact on the steady supply of people that can't look after themselves. - Websites made easy.

On a side note

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... I just noticed this that escaped my attention earlier:

Speed up the state house building programme to provide more quality, sustainable low income housing.

WTF does that even mean in this context? That word just gets tossed around willy-nilly!

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