Larry Sechrest Dies

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2008-10-30 21:35

I've just heard the terribly sad news that economist and all-round Renaissance Man Larry Sechrest has died, from heart failure. He and I first met at the 1995 IOS one-day Seminar, Meeting of Minds, in San Francisco, where we were both presenting: he on what a backslider Hayek was, a subject dear to my heart. He became a regular contributor to The Free Radical and occasional participant in the early SOLOHQ. He was the sweetest of souls, an elegant and witty speaker, and a braveheart.

There's a tribute to him at the Mises site here, and you can find many of his FreeRad articles right here simply by typing his name into the search engine.

I would especially recommend A Toast to the Worthwhile Life!.

It begins:

Ladies and gentlemen! Your attention, please. One year is ending, and a new one beginning. That much is obvious. Speaking for myself, at this moment I am bedeviled by an abundance of sobering and melancholy remembrances. Of love lost, regained, then lost again. Of good friends who live no more, victimized by the brutality that is death. Of the colossal foolishness of most men and women, glaringly revealed during evangelical crusades and national elections. And yet, I am replete with the glorious knowledge that joyous opportunities lie ahead……But enough of that! Enough about me. Raise your glasses. Let us drink a toast to the essentials, those things without which life becomes tepid, tasteless, colorless, and silent. Of course, some of us are too blind—or too repressed—to recognize that these are the essentials. Do not heap scorn upon those who fail to see. Chide them if you must, but do it gently if you can.

I'm happy to report that the lost/regained/lost love that he refers to was regained again.

RIP, Larry. You certainly lived what you toasted to. And my sincerest condolences to Molly.

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Michael, check your PMs

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Michael, I have sent you personal messages with my new email address and details of my new job. I have updated my account to receive personal messages. If I had not put my real photo back up, I would have been put on moderation PDQ. I will send you a PM on the libertarian movement here.

Kenny, if you would...

mvardoulis's picture my ever-tumultuous life I've managed to completely misplace your contact information and failed miserably to track you down through internet search, etc. Can you shoot me a private email with your contact info? You know I'm curious as to the libertarian happenings in the UK and elsewhere, apart from tragic departures such as the one you mentioned. I'll send you my contact info, but I'm not sure how often you'd check SOLO inbox... and I rather liked the "Prisoner" photo you used a while back, but your 'regular' one is fine as well. Eye

Thanks William

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I have a new political job which involves long hours. The time available to blog is very limited. I have sent you a personal message with the details. I have finally managed to put the photo back up too!

Infrequent will have to do!

Kenny it is nice to hear from you again, even if infrequent and with bad news. Don't be too much of a stranger.


Professor Norman Barry RIP

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Larry's death is very sad news. As Michael says, there have been too many departures recently. Sadly, I have made this brief reappearance to post the sad news of another.

Professor Norman Barry of the University of Buckingham. Norman, a noted authority on Hayek and classical liberalism, passed away a few days ago. He had been suffering from non-remitting MS for several years. Norman was also a member of the IEA's Academic Advisory Council and will be sadly missed in Britain's libertarian movement.

Norman's funeral in on Thursday. Details can be found at here. Brian Doherty's short tribute on Reason's Hit & Run blog can be found at here.

I have tried but failed to put up a photo for this post but I will not be posting regularly again (no doubt to your relief).

I met Larry Sechrest at the

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I met Larry Sechrest at the 1994 IOS Summer Seminar where he gave a riveting talk about Hayek's deficiencies. He was a charming, scholar who always went his own way. His insistence on excellence and his enthusiasm for liberty as well as his good-natured sense of humor were infectious. I'll miss him.


I did not know Mr. Sechrest

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but remember some of his contributions and writings on the internet.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Scott DeSalvo
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I had a brief email exchange

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I had a brief email exchange with Larry over an article he wrote in the FreeRad "Trafficking with the Braindead." It inspired this response from me to him, and his appreciation:

Bravo & here, here to the burning of the public schools & the educationalists! I am a New Zealander, but the same is true here. Last night I happened to have some time to walk through a part of the University of Auckland, from where I gained a philosophy degree. As I looked around the grounds I still felt an affection. I remembered that when I came to the place at age 21, I had this sense of awe that I was entering a place filled with giants. Giants of the mind. Men who had surveyed history & thought from great heights, and with a wide erudition. A place where the best in men was preserved & taught by the best of men. And I could learn from them. I never met these giants. It has taken some time to grasp why. Certainly there were those who had great minds & learning, and in private perhaps treasured what I did. And in some rare lectures & moments it came through. But on the whole I left extremely let down & confused. I could not grasp why other students were so keen to have their say, and give their opinions. I felt odd. I had come to learn from those who had learned, and who had something to say of what they had discovered. Not to hear what someone of my own level felt they needed to express. I looked at those buildings last night and thought that they should contain what I sensed. And that they could. But they don't. While the students are useless, still it lies with the administrators & faculty to stand against their whims. And hand out D's. And suggest alternative courses in desktop publishing. Thanks for your piece. Your students cannot grasp what they have missed.

RIP Larry, giant of the mind.

My condolences to

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My condolences to Molly. 

Larry sounds like he must have a been a wonderful man, I am sorry I didn't get to know him.


Beautifully said, Ed ...

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And thank you for rising above internecine differences to come here and say it.

...true intellect, fighter for freedom, and decent man.

The last, most of all. But the other two, no less.

And yes, one thinks of Molly. They were having their "lost" moments when I met her at TOC-Vancouver. I believe I helped steer them through them. I'm so glad they had what they had, finally.


I'm shocked and saddened by

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I'm shocked and saddened by the passing of a true intellect, fighter for freedom, and decent man. My heartfelt sympathies go out to Molly. She'd found a man she could truly love and I can't imagine how terrible this is for her. I hope that as her grief easies she keeps the happy memories of him and continues to find things of value to her in this world.

As I said on

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As I said on read a lot of Larry's writing and was generally in agreement with him, and we had a correspondence a while back.

Nice chap and I am sad at his passing.

A great man with a great soul.

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A great man with a great soul.

A tremendous loss.

Farewell, Larry.

Peter Cresswell

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There have been...

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...far too many departures of this type, recently. Sad Larry was amazing and I still treasure his Free Radical contributions. Goodbye, dear Mr. Sechrest, you were and always will be remembered fondly by those who love liberty.

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