"When The Going Gets Tough...

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...the tough live to fight another day"

That has always been my motto, as often when things get cocked up you need to shrug your shoulders, accept you were beaten - and come back some other time rather than charging into the Valley of Death.

Contrast this with the inexplicable behaviour of Marcus Einfeld, a former Judge in Australia, who has destroyed his life, reputation, career with some arrogant and foolish behaviour during the last couple of years.

For those who have not followed this story, Einfeld was photographed by a speed camera exceeding the speed limit; the fine for this was $77. Yes, SEVENTY SEVEN DOLLARS.

Einfeld, rather than paying the fine and life going on, decided to deny everything and told a long list of lies.

One thing led to another and yesterday he pleaded guilty to perjury and perverting the course of justice charges for which he will be sentenced in February.

An ignominious end to a very successful life, but I cannot really feel much sympathy for him as he arrogantly thought because he was a Judge whatever he said would automatically be believed, and he would get away with it; and all for a measly $77.

Unfortunately for Einfeld the sentencing Judge will not want to be accused of favouritism, so he is almost certainly for the highjump.

This reminds me of a comment made by Kerry Packer, the late Australian business tycoon (and degenerate gambler), when he said that "judges, sportsman and politicians make poor gamblers because they want things now, instantly. They do not realise that sometimes it is better to lose with a winning hand so you can come back and win with a losing hand..."

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