SOLO-International Press Release: Airhead America Achieves What the Soviet Union Couldn't

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2008-11-02 03:54

SOLO-International Press Release: Airhead America Achieves What the Soviet Union Couldn't

November 1, 2008

The likely victory of socialist Barack Obama in Tuesday's presidential election is an indictment of Airhead America, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"Thanks to the capture of the state education system long ago by Gramscian leftists, generations of Americans have grown up illiterate, not only unable properly to read, write, do maths or think logically, but ignorant of their country's history and indifferent to its uniqueness. They neither know nor care that America was founded on each individual's inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, with governments instituted among men for the sole purpose of securing those rights. Thus, when a far-left presidential candidate like Obama, steeped in Gramscian political correctness and the jargon of gender/class/race warfare, is discovered to have bemoaned the 'constraints' placed upon government by the Founding Fathers and the absence of 'positive rights' (i.e. 'entitlements,' the enslavement of some to others and of all to the government) in the Constitution, there is no controversy. When he tells Joe the Plumber that 'spreading the wealth [i.e. Joe's wealth] around is a good thing,' there is some controversy, but a majority of voters appear not to grasp the Marxian import of what he's saying. When he claims he attended Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years and never once heard one of the rabid reverend's anti-white 'God damn America' rants, most voters appear willing to believe him, as they do when he downplays his association with terrorists. When he says he's prepared to sit down with terrorists and the sponsors of terrorists without preconditions, that causes little alarm either. When he threatens media who run ads against him with post-election reprisals, no one bats an eyelid. When he blathers vapid, meaningless mush for hours on end, his airhead groupies lap it up.

"The transformation of a once-muscular, proud, capitalist, individualistic United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave, into the Union of Soviet Socialist States of America is near-complete. When Obama scoffs at claims that he's a socialist by countering that his opponents are embracing the 'virtue of selfishness,' the tragedy is that it isn't true. McCain and Palin are peddling the same self-sacrificial morality on which socialism is based. That is why the free market, now being unjustly blamed for the consequences of previous government interventionism, has had no proper defense during this election campaign. McCain and Palin don't know how to defend it. It would appear that Obama knows his Ayn Rand; McCain and Palin do not. Selfishness, properly defined, is a virtue, as Ayn Rand explained, underpinning capitalism and freedom, the right to exist for one's own sake by one's own judgment, neither sacrificing oneself to others nor others to oneself.

"The only thing to be said for a vote for McCain/Palin is that it's a vote against Obama bin Biden, and may buy the country some time: time to reverse its slide into a European-style 'social democracy' - i.e., full-blown collectivist tyranny based on the airheaded consent of the tyrannized. For that to happen, not just Senator McCain and Governor Palin but millions more Americans need to snap out of their addled airhead postmodern stupor and acquaint themselves with Ayn Rand," Perigo concludes.

Lindsay Perigo


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It looks like the Republicans...

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...have stopped the Democrats reaching the 60 mark in the Senate, as they have now 41 seats and probably will win the three seats that are still undecided too. I am glad that James Inhofe of Oklahoma won his seat, he is still one of the only vocal AGW scpetics left in either house!

Fuck that was close! USA, your liberty is hanging by a fucking thread!

More optimistic than I

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"In the best case scenario Obama wont be any worse than Bill Clinton, in the worst case he will be the next FDR"

Marcus, you are more optimistic than I. With his talk of a domestic security force, friendship with Ayers, and other choices of association he has made, his worst is MUCH much worse than FDR. This is a guy whose goal is to AMEND the Constitution to include redistribution of wealth.

Ah, our President!

Scott DeSalvo
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There is alot to be said

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for reading, thinking, and making up your own mind, even if you come to conclusions with whom people you respect, or people who are smarter or better read than you disagree.

In fact, Ayn Rand says that this sort of mental work is our DUTY, and it is immoral to rely on another's conclusions.

I am not done with Paul's book, but I have to say, the guy makes a point. I tend to think in concrete terms, but I always wonder what Paul would say to a democratic country bordering a Marxist dictatorship which is half-overrun in an invasion. They cannot meet the invasion, lacking resources to do so. They are and have been an honest friend to us, but we have no substantial business interests or assets there.

I think Paul's answer is that we have no business there, friendship or not, and should not be involved in the conflict. I have not thought through the implications of such a policy on American interests had such a foreign policy been implemented in the last 70 years (post-WWI though present). Still have reading and thinking to do.

I don't think most Objectivists disagree with Ron Paul's position--I think alot of them DO. I think alot of Objectivists on this site disagree with Ron Paul's position on foreign policy.

Scott DeSalvo
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It might be a good thing...

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...if the Democrats get the 60 seats in the Senate.

With total power for the next two years, Obama is totally responsible for all new legislation.

This would most likely have the result of both houses being restored to the Republicans after the next election.

Whether or not Obama can hang on to power for the next eight years is going to be determined by a combination of luck and his bull-shitting skills. Unfortunately it is quite possible he will given the limited intelligence of his air-head followers.

In the best case scenario Obama wont be any worse than Bill Clinton, in the worst case he will be the next FDR. The media in the UK are already talking excitedly about a democratic 'new deal'.

Galt help us!

Scott- I think you're right.

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I think you're right. The US has wiped its collective ass with the writings of Jefferson and Paine as much as France has done with Montesquieu and Bastiat.

"Do you only recommend books the contents of which you agree with 100%?"

Not at all, though I typically would disclaimer a recommendation of a book where my disagreements were drastic or central to the topic. That's why, given most Objectivists' major disagreements with Ron Paul on foreign policy, I was surprised you didn't note that. Your follow-on response was great clarification. I agree mostly with Paul on foreign policy - though even I'm for hunting down Osama, Inc. wherever they may hide and leaving their heads on pikes. That his book has shifted your view is heartening to me and sounds like it would be a testimonial to his writing; though it will be much more preaching-to-the-choir for me I think I'll check it out just to see his writing on the topic.


Cory the Well Driller

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Cory Miller's Open Letter to Obama:

Mr. Obama,

Given the uproar about the simple question asked you by Joe the plumber, and the persecution that has been heaped on him because he dared to question you, I find myself motivated to say a few things to you myself. While Joe aspires to start a business someday, I already have started not one, but 4 businesses. But first, let me introduce myself. You can call me “Cory the well driller”. I am a 54 year old high school graduate. I didn’t go to college like you, I was too ready to go “conquer the world” when I finished high school. 25 years ago at age 29, I started my own water well drilling business at a time when the economy here in East Texas was in a tailspin from the crash of the early 80’s oil boom. I didn’t get any help from the government, nor did I look for any. I borrowed what I could from my sister, my uncle, and even the pawn shop and managed to scrape together a homemade drill rig and a few tools to do my first job. My businesses did not start as a result of privilege. They are the result of my personal drive, personal ambition, self discipline, self reliance, and a determination to treat my customers fairly. From the very start my business provided one other (than myself) East Texan a full time job. I couldn’t afford a backhoe the first few years (something every well drilling business had), so I and my helper had to dig the mud pits that are necessary for each and every job with hand shovels. I had to use my 10 year old, 1/2 ton pickup truck for my water tank truck (normally a job for at least a 2 ton truck).

A year and a half after I started the business, I scraped together a 20% down payment to get a modest bank loan and bought a (28 year) old, worn out, slightly bigger drilling rig to allow me to drill the deeper water wells in my area. I spent the next few years drilling wells with the rig while simultaneously rebuilding it between jobs. Through these years I never knew from one month to the next if I would have any work or be able to pay the bills. I got behind on my income taxes one year, and spent the next two years paying that back (with penalty and interest) while keeping up with ongoing taxes. I got behind on my water well supply bill 2 different years (way behind the second time… $80,000.00), and spent over a year paying it back (each time) while continuing to pay for ongoing supplies C.O.D.. Of course, the personal stress endured through these experiences and years is hard to measure. I do have a stent in my heart now to memorialize it all.

I spent the next 10 years developing the reputation for being the most competent and most honest water well driller in East Texas. 2 years along the way, I hired another full time employee for the drilling business so that we could provide full time water well pump service as well as the well drilling. Also, 3 years along the path, I bought a water well screen service machine from a friend, starting business # 2. 5 years later I made a business loan for $100,000.00 to build a new, higher production, computer controlled screen service machine. I had designed the machine myself, and it didn’t work out for 3 years so I had to make the loan payments without the benefit of any added income from the new machine. No government program was there to help me with the payments, or to help me sleep at night as I lay awake wondering how I would solve my machine problems or pay my bills. Finally, after 3 years, I got the screen machine working properly, and that provided another full time job for an East Texan in the screen service business.

2 years after that, I made another business loan, this time for $250,000.00, to buy another used drilling rig and all the support equipment needed to run another, larger, drill rig. This provided another 2 full time jobs for East Texans. Again, I spent a couple of years not knowing if I had made a smart move, or a move that would bankrupt me. For the third time in 13 years, I had placed everything I owned on the line, risking everything, in order to build a business.

A couple of years into this, I came up with a bright idea for a new kind of mud pump, a fundamentally necessary pump used on water well drill rigs. I spent my entire life savings to date (just $30,000.00), building a prototype of the pump and took it to the national water well convention to show it off. Customers immediately started coming out of the woodworks to buy the pumps, but there was a problem. I had depleted my assets making the prototype, and nobody would make me a business loan to start production of the new pumps. With several deposits for pump orders in hand, and nowhere to go, I finally started applying for as many credit card as I could find and took cash withdrawals on these cards to the tune of over $150,000.00 (including modest loans from my dear sister and brother), to get this 3rd business going.

Yes, once again, I had everything hanging over the line in an effort to start another business. I had never manufactured anything, and I had to design and bring into production a complex hydraulic machine from an untested prototype to a reliable production model (in six months). How many nights I lay awake wondering if I had just made the paramount mistake of my life I cannot tell you, but there were plenty. I managed to get the pumps into production, which immediately created another 2 full time jobs in East Texas. Some of the models in the first year suffered from quality issues due to the poor workmanship of one of my key suppliers, so I and an employee (another East Texan employed) had to drive across the country to repair customers’ pumps, practically from coast to coast. I stood behind the product, and made payments to all the credit cards that had financed me (and my brother and sister). I spent the next 5 years improving and refining the product, building a reputation for the pump and the company, working to get the pump into drill rig manufacturers’ product lines, and paying back credit cards. During all this time I continued to manage a growing water well business that was now operating 3 drill rig crews, and 2 well service crews. Also, the screen service business continued to grow. No government programs were there to help me, Mr. Obama, but that’s ok, I didn’t expect any, nor did I want any. I was too busy fighting to make success happen to sit around waiting for the government to help me.

Now, after manufacturing the mud pumps for 7 years, my combined businesses employ 32 full time employees, and distribute $5,000,000.00 annually through the local economy. Now, just 4 months ago I borrowed $1,254,000.00, purchasing computer controlled machining equipment to start my 4th business, a production machine shop. The machine shop will serve the mud pump company so that we can better manufacture our pumps that are being shipped worldwide. Of course, the machine shop will also do work for outside companies as well. This has already produced 2 more full time jobs, and 2 more should develop out of it in the next few months. This should work out, but if it doesn’t it will be because you, and the other professional politicians like yourself, will have destroyed our countrys’ (and the world) economy with your meddling with mortgage loan programs through your liberal manipulation and intimidation of loaning institutions to make sure that unqualified borrowers could get mortgages. You see, at the very time when I couldn’t get a business loan to get my mud pumps into production, you were working with Acorn and the Community Reinvestment Act programs to make sure that unqualified borrowers could buy homes with no down payment, and even no credit or worse yet, bad credit. Even the infamous, liberal, Ninja loans (No Income, No Job or Assets). While these unqualified borrowers were enjoying unrealistically low interest rates, I was paying 22% to 24% interest on the credit cards that I had used to provide me the funds for the mud pump business that has created jobs for more East Texans. It’s funny, because after 25 years of turning almost every dime of extra money back into my businesses to grow them, it has been only in the last two years that I have finally made enough money to be able to put a little away for retirement, and now the value of that has dropped 40% because of the policies you and your ilk have perpetrated on our country.

You see, Mr. Obama, I’m the guy you intend to raise taxes on. I’m the guy who has spent 25 years toiling and sweating, fretting and fighting, stressing and risking, to build a business and get ahead. I’m the guy who has been on the very edge of bankruptcy more than a dozen times over the last 25 years, and all the while creating more and more jobs for East Texans who didn’t want to take a risk, and would not demand from themselves what I have demanded from myself. I’m the guy you characterize as “the Americans who can afford it the most” that you believe should be taxed more to provide income redistribution “to spread the wealth” to those who have never toiled, sweated, fretted, fought, stressed, or risked anything. You want to characterize me as someone who has enjoyed a life of privilege and who needs to pay a higher percentage of my income than those who have bought into your entitlement culture. I resent you, Mr. Obama, as I resent all who want to use class warfare as a tool to advance their political career. What’s worse, each year more Americans buy into your liberal entitlement culture, and turn to the government for their hope of a better life instead of themselves. Liberals are succeeding through more than 40 years of collaborative effort between the predominant liberal media, and liberal indoctrination programs in the public school systems across our land.

What is so terribly sad about this is this. America was made great by people who embraced the one-time American culture of self reliance, self motivation, self determination, self discipline, personal betterment, hard work, risk taking. A culture built around the concept that success was in reach on every able bodied American who would strive for it. Each year that less Americans embrace that culture, we all descend together. We descend down the socialist path that has brought country after country ultimately to bitter and unremarkable states. If you and your liberal comrades in the media and school systems would spend half as much effort cultivating a culture of can-do across America as you do cultivating your entitlement culture, we could see Americans at large embracing the conviction that they can elevate themselves through personal betterment, personal achievement, and self reliance. You see, when people embrace such ideals, they act on them. When people act on such ideals, they succeed. All of America could find herself elevating instead of deteriorating. But that would eliminate the need for liberal politicians, wouldn’t it, Mr. Obama? The country would not need you if the country was convinced that problem solving was best left with individuals instead of the government. You and all your liberal comrades have got a vested interested in creating a dependent class in our country. It is the very business of liberals to create an ever expanding dependence on government. What’s remarkable is that you, who have never produced a job in your life, are going to tax me to take more of my money and give it to people who wouldn’t need my money if they would get off their entitlement mentality asses and apply themselves at work, demand more from themselves, and quit looking to liberal politicians to raise their station in life.

You see, I know because I’ve had them work for me before. Hundreds of them over these 25 years. People who simply will not show up to work on time. People who just will not work 5 days in a week, much less, 6 days. People always looking for a way to put less effort out. People who actually tell me that they would do more if I just would first pay them more. People who take off work to sit in government offices to apply to get free government handouts (gee, I wonder how things would have turned out for them if they had spent that time earning money and pleasing their employer?). You see, all of this comes from your entitlement mentality culture.

Oh, I know you will say I am uncompassionate. Sorry, Mr. Obama, wrong again. You see, I’ve seen what the average percentage of your income has been given to charities over the years of 2000 to 2004 (ignoring the years you started running for office - can you pronounce “politically motivated”), you averaged of less than 1% annually. And your running mate, Joe Biden, averaged less than ¼% of his annual income in charitable contributions over the last 10 years. Like so many liberals, the two of you want to give to the needy, just as long as it is someone else’s money you are giving to them. I won’t say what I have given to charities over the last 25 years, but the percentage is several times more than you or Joe Biden… combined (don’t you just hate google?). Tell me again how you feel my pain.

In short, Mr. Obama, your political philosophies represent everything that is wrong with our country. You represent the culture of government dependence instead of self reliance; Entitlement mentality instead of personal achievement; Penalization of the successful to reward the unmotivated; Political correctness instead of open mindedness and open debate. If you are successful, you may preside over the final transformation of America from being the greatest and most self-reliant culture on earth, to just another country of whiners and wimps, who sit around looking to the government to solve their problems. Like all of western Europe. All countries on the decline. All countries that, because of liberal socialistic mentalities, have a little less to offer mankind every year.

God help us…

Cory Miller
just a ordinary, extraordinary American, the way most Americans used to be.

P.S. Yes, Mr. Obama, I am a real American… meet me at: ; and:

The Gloating Begins

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Maybe I can trade citizenship...

mvardoulis's picture

...with Linz, so he can vote in our election and I can finally vote LIBERTARIANZ! Eye

Hugo Chavez Ready to Sit Down With Comrade Obama

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Linz's Vote

I'm not old enough and your not a citizen. That makes us both ineligible Smiling



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Outstanding and pointed press release, Linz.

This is a sad, sad night. Liz

Local candidates and the big blank spot

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Elijah, speaking of big blank spots on candidate lists, I note the Libertarianz Elijah Lineberry candidate page has a big blank spot:

Does this mean your Mississippi plantation owner impersonation did not win you any votes at the actual Libertarian meeting you snigger about here, or are they just incompetent?

I note you blustered and sniggered about your candidacy on your blog, but the official list shows a big blank also. Was this your plan?


Aaron and Scott

mvardoulis's picture

The *only* time I was ever *happy* with my vote for President was when Ron Paul ran in 1988 for the Libertarian Party. I was not happy merely because that happened to be the first time I could legally vote, but because there was someone running for President who was in close range of my own beliefs. I've always been about 50% in agreement with Paul's intervenionism (I still think he's too soft on Islamofascism), 30% in agreement with his immigration ideas, and 0% in agreement with abortion views (though I can see how one can argue from a Libertarian perspective against abortion). Ron's thinking and writing are better than his presentation, but Scott hit it right when he said he has long been the only man in DC to actually have principles and acts on them rather than out of opportunism and outright self-serving Toohey-esque corruption.

The Libertarian Party candidates since Ron Paul have been increasingly useless along with the Party itself (with the brief, partial exception of Michael Badnarik in 2004); even less charisma, anarcho-capitalist tendencies, and more than a little questionable fund-raising techniques and business practices. Plus, they threw out their platform which was IMO the only thing which made the Libertarian Party supportable.

"The Law" is a must-read, and a worthy sequel to "Common Sense" IMO.

You'd recommend it, non-interventionism and all?

atlascott's picture

Do you only recommend books the contents of which you agree with 100%?

"What the hell happened to the French?!"

The same thing that is happening to us. Bad ideas. The notion of equality before the eyes of the law stretched to the notion of government enforced equality (such as Obama's redistribution of wealth). The notion that equality is as important as freedom. Equality is a fairy tale. Freedom is required to live as we are supposed to--as we choose.

The main reason I began reading the Ron Paul book was to get a better insight into his foreign policy position, which was largely the deal breaker for me. I am tending towards convinced, and I certainly support his point regarding who actually pays for unnecessary, unconstitutional wars, both in terms of blood and money. It is heartening to read his essays--I mean, we have an ally in Congress, folks, a guy who really gets it, and who has been watching it, first hand, go down the toilet. He says his piece on the floor and is promptly ignored. Eloquent evidence that the lot of them are self-concerned and crooked and immune to logic and good ideas, in preference to personal power and enrichment.

Scott DeSalvo
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Bastiat's "The Law"?

Aaron's picture

Bastiat's "The Law"? Excellent! After reading it I was amazed that someone wrote those ideas with such clarity back then. I also came away wondering, "What the hell happened to the French?!"

I hadn't heard of that Ron Paul book before. You'd recommend it, non-interventionism and all? I've read about 1/2 his 'Revolution' book, and mainly wished he could have campaigned and especially debated based on writing instead of his speaking skills.


Run Along, Son

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I saw it all the first time, DeSalvo. The reference to my time is both actual and symbolic: I'm on a schedule here in SA, poking around the 'net while on a working tour. You don't know what that's like and I can't explain it right now. For the symbolic part: it would be absurd to address your neurotic political habit on the eve of the disaster.

"You COULD have suggested a book to me that might convince me NOT to vote,..."

Are you just now starting to read seriously, DeSalvo?

Look you: you have a hell of a lot to clean up before I offer you anything.

Please re-read

atlascott's picture

"If you do not feel like taking your time to explain..."

See, I ANTICIPATED your response. I anticipated that your response would be that you do not have time. You just did not read very carefully--something of which you are constantly accusing others.

I also gave you an opportunity. You blew it. Foreseeable but disappointing nonetheless.

I just finished reading Bastiat's "The Law" and am reading Ron Paul's excellent "A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship." I would recommend them to anyone interested in a reasoned and principled approach to domestic and foreign policy. Ron Paul would have been a much better candidate for "the finals" than anyone running now.

You do not need to remind me to vote, Billy. I will be doing just that at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.

You COULD have suggested a book to me that might convince me NOT to vote, but instead you took the low road. Again.

Scott DeSalvo
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I'm The One Who Doesn't Have Time

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It's headed straight up your ass, DeSalvo. That's where.

Don't forget to vote.

Where is it headed?

atlascott's picture

Where do you think this is headed, Billy? Fast collapse? Slow fade into collapse? Something else?

If you do not feel like taking your time to explain, can you direct me to something I could read off-line? Thanks.

Scott DeSalvo
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Bloody Delusion

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"The only thing to be said for a vote for McCain/Palin is that it's a vote against Obama bin Biden, and may buy the country some time..."

We've had time, Perigo.

Face the goddamned facts.

(contemptuous greets from sunny Johannesburg)

In the US we do have the

Aaron's picture

In the US we do have the option for write-in, and I used to enjoy it, writing in myself, Objectivist friends, etc. for many positions, especially those with no Libertarian party candidate running. However, I found a couple years ago that write-ins are essentially never counted, not just in the sense that they don't stand a chance of winning, but that they won't even be recorded anywhere to see your protest vote in some table in page 8 news. In most states you not only have to jump through many hoops the 2 major parties set up to get on the ballot, but even to get 'official write-in' status. E.g. this year Ron Paul has official write-in status in California, so votes for him in that state will at least be reported, but not for any other write-ins, nor will votes for him even be reported in other states.


Poll gives John McCain glimmer of hope

Marcus's picture

Poll gives John McCain glimmer of hope

"A Mason-Dixon survey in Ohio, the state that gave George W. Bush victory in 2004, recorded a surprise two-point advantage for the Republican.

Mr McCain has just finished a two-day bus tour through the state, which the Republican has to win if he is to have a chance."

Schwarzenegger kicks ass...

Marcus's picture

...for John McCain!

At the same time, an article from the Times illustrares how you cannot trust polls! Go McCain!

"Now British polls are properly and carefully weighted, taking account of what is known as the spiral of silence – the tendency of voters for the less fashionable party to keep their intentions to themselves. British pollsters weight their results to allow for these shy voters. US pollsters do not.

It isn’t unreasonable to believe that there could be a Republican spiral of silence. And that US pollsters are all missing it."

"Given the insane vilification of Republicans, and Sarah Palin in the press, I do not doubt that the spiral of silence is operating here.

It's cosmic justice, really. Obama people called everybody a racist so much and so often that no one would tell pollsters anything.They were snookered by their own tactics, and will watch in stunned disbelief as McCain-Palin win in a landslide."

oatka, Arizona, USA

Stop the Press: Obama admits his cap-and-trade policy will Bankrupt Coal Industry

Ha ha WM, that is how you

Elijah's picture

Ha ha WM, that is how you American chaps are so fortunate with 'Write In' options when voting.

Last Friday I cast my advance vote, here in New Zealand, and immediately ticked the Libertarianz for the 'Party', but then was stumped with regards to a local candidate.

I would never, ever vote for a Green or ACT person, some loonie is standing as an Independent and the National chap is...ummmmm....'foreign' with a surname which cannot be pronounced.

If my ideal criteria for voting for someone was put into, white, from a 'landowning' family, well spoken, patrician (etc)...ironically the only candidate meeting such a criteria was...ummmmm...Helen Clark! Sticking out tongue

....needless to say I simply left the local candidate part of the ballot paper blank.

Ha, Wm!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

You have my vote. Eye


If only a vote for McCain was a vote against socialism. If I have to hear him talk about service to the country one more time I might just write in myself for President instead.


GREAT Article, Linz.

atlascott's picture

Joe the Plumber is the antidote to Airhead America!

Marcus's picture

Glenn Beck interviews him here. If only more Americans were like him!

Part One

Part Two

Hear hear...

Robert's picture

And after listening to the absolute mystic-drivel that passes for Talk Radio in this country (see Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity etc.), I wonder if there isn't a market out there for someone who can write and speak like you.

If I hear Hannity state once more that the USA is the greatest country that god has given man once more I may have to take a hammer to my AM radio.

This country was won by the effort of men, not fucking priests nor religion and certainly not some celestial dictator. That man is a tool!

Great op-ed Linz...

Marcus's picture

...right on the money.

It's funny, today I watched on the BBC a current affairs program that had two MPs on the US election. Peter Hain (a Labour MP obviously) supports Obama and Michael Howard (former Conservative leader) supports McCain. I must say I was quite impressed with Howard, he explained why one should support McCain, in a way that even an air-head socialist wouldn't be able to deny.

Was that a complement? You decide. Watch it here.


Newberry's picture


Absolutely a superb press release.


The "Bradley" effect...

mvardoulis's picture morally no better than the "Wright" effect Obama would put into practice, but my good friend and mentor Richard "Senator Chocolate" Boddie is putting his full faith and confidence in the Bradley effect when he insists Obama will NOT win. Richard, a margin-tipping Libertarian candidate here in California during the 1990's, insists enough old white racist voters will vote McCain in for all the wrong reasons. Further, and this could be the cynicism Richard has developed as an 'older' black man who spent his twenties fighting against segregation, Richard believes if Obama is actually elected he will be assasinated before his first year in office.

At this point, I wouldn't mind seeing the overt socialist police state from a stealth Marxist come to fruition so as to create the backlash described by earlier posts on this thread. Otherwise, we may have to wait for a center-right government to institute the draft before Airhead America is shaken out of its idiotic complacency. I'm for anything which will infuriate people beyond the mind-numbing programming from statist media AND state-controlled education. It looks like I won't have long to wait, either way.

Deeper than that...

Jmaurone's picture


"McCain will certainly not lose for lack of trying..."

 Hmm...I wonder if that really matters in the grand scheme...I just don't think the culture is primed for another Republican. On Halloween, I saw a guy wearing an Obama t-shirt and a Soviet Union flag for a cape, and it wasn't meant to be scary but heroic...(the increase in Hammer-and-sickles on clothing outside of Halloween indicates this as well...). Could you imagine such a thing worn openly 20-30 years ago? (Obama may try to deny he's a socialist, but his "fans" get it as much as we do...).

  McCain may be trying, but I don't think a resurrected Ronald Reagan could win this election...


....A SHOW OF HANDS: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile....

Ha ha, yes, quite correct

Elijah's picture

Ha ha, yes, quite correct Kasper...alas.

McCain will certainly not lose for lack of trying, I understand he intends to visit 8 cities in 8 States on [Monday] alone! gosh...quite an effort, but in order to win McCain would need to carry all 8 of those States together with a fluke upset in somewhere like New Hampshire.

The gap is certainly closing in terms of popular votes across the Country but it seems insufficient (and a bit late)


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He will... And they are.....

Osama hasn't won yet

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Galt help us if Americans prove themselves to be as stupid as has long been suspected.

Sheer Kass - You Said It All Linz

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"Who is John Galt?"

The trouble lies elsewhere-media corruption!!!

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Actually, I think the most basic problem is much simpler than corrupt education. It is the corrupt propaganda media that drinks the hemlock of race/class/gender Marxist grievance tripe as the Truth.
But Linz is partly correct. For example, although the US won the Cold War, the "why" isn't in history books like Tony Judt's "A History of Europe Since 1944." Economic calculation under socialism, private property, US persistence over decades. Real explanations for what happened are missing from textbooks on the Fall of Communism. People simply don't know.
Now, as to media propaganda, I read of a recent poll that, incredibly enough said that only 6% of American's think Obama is a liberal. (Sigh....) The media is willfully covering up the Truth about The One. SEE HERE
Historical contingency also obtrudes. The financial crisis in mid-september sank McCain's +10% polling advantage from which he could never recover. Anxiety drowned out any alternative message for many weeks.
The real question is whether or not the US is still a center-right country? Polls I've seen say 'yes." 84% reject redistribution of wealth; instead they favor improving job prospects according to a recent Gallup poll. Similarly, about 80% reject reparations for slavery and having a meaningless Constitution where philosopher-kings substitute their policy goals for public original meaning. If people knew who this stelath Marxist was, he would obviously be rejected.
For instance, Obama mocks McCain on Friday: “By the end of the week, he’ll be accusing me of being a secret communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten. I shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” "That’s interesting" writes Jay Nordlinger at the conservative National Review, "Obama evidently thinks of communists as people who share. I think of them as people who kill [over 100 million others in the 20th century, according to 'The Black Book of Communism']."
The next question is how will the people find out that they have been had? And who will they blame for it when they wake up? Law Prof Glenn Reynold's www; blog recently linked to another law prof of the left who wondered if Obama wouldn't wreak the same disasters that have happened to Democrats before: Carter begat Reagan, Clinton begat Gingerich and the Republican takeover of Congress for the first time in 40 years in 1994, just 2 years after Clinton's election.
I'm betting on that hangover! And a rebound. The media deserve a media Boston Tea party this time. "No political reporting without measurable political representation!" ought to be the campaign’s condemnation cry. Independent evaluations from news reporting at Pew (a center-left org) show that stories are slanted against McCain by double or more. With Palin, the vice presidential nominee of the Republicans, a study this week found 2 positive, 30 neutral, and 37 negative stories from the TV network news. A poll also finds that most American's now believe her to be unqualified for the VP spot, despite having more executive experience and more success than Obama himself! On this account, that Palin is the most popular governor in America, is impossible to understand or explain. people just don’t know the Truth or the Facts.
WE NEED A MASS MOVEMENT TO BURN NEWSPAPERS, DVDs AND TAPES IN RIGHTEOUS OUTRAGE! SEE 'The End of Journalism' HERE Personally, I hate them more than I do Obama, for they have become a dangerously anti-democratic force; with the facts. No judgment or criticism is allowed.

Submitted to Real Clear

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Excellent article,

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Excellent article, Lindsay.

I have been surprised at how easily Obama has managed to brush off attacks such as that mad padre, high taxes and the terrorist/s as friends.

For some fairly obvious reasons, a last minute 'Bradley Effect' may happen; but if Obama is elected I think it is a resounding vote against President Bush and cronyism rather than anything else.

One pleasing aspect of Tuesday's election is that (surprisingly) a number of Representatives and Senators appear to be in deep trouble for supporting the bailout a few weeks back....they thought voting for it would be popular, but their constituents are planning to turf them out instead...(do not be too surprised if Dole, Chambliss, Smith and Murtha all lose) perhaps this will be the lesson..*shrugs*

... time to reverse its

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... time to reverse its slide into a European-style 'social democracy'

Perhaps a very good time to remind us all just how evil the social democrat's credo is: for our horror and edification, New Zealand's very own airhead, Chris Trotter,  has put it up online here:

Just the first paragraph is enough

"I believe that human societies arise out of need. The need for food and shelter, the need for intimacy, the need for nurturing, and the need for protection – both from natural dangers, and the aggression of our own species. To secure these needs, human beings must work, individually or collectively, but always with the ultimate goal of keeping strong those innumerable threads that bind our communities in a functioning wholeness."

And note the direct declaration of war against the businessman that pays his wages in this:

"That being so, we must reject all claims hostile to the reality of our interdependence. Individuals and groups who by superior strength or simple good fortune are endowed with wealth and influence, enjoy their advantages on the sufferance of that vast majority whose daily labours make possible a functioning society. Only so long as, in the judgement of the many, the possession by a fortunate few of social, political and economic privileges serves the community as a whole, will those privileges endure. Any attempt by a minority to transform the privileges granted to them by the majority into a system of permanent advantage cannot be deemed just."

Great piece Linz.

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