Guy Fawkes Night In Sussex

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Sun, 2008-11-02 22:26

It seems the good folk of Sussex really get into the swing of bonfire night!

For you American chaps unaware of the activity, on November 5th 1605 a Roman Catholic (who else?) chap called Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the British Parliament, got arrested and executed.

Since then British and New Zealanders celebrate this event with fireworks and burning a 'guy', an effigy of a public figure is the usual thing to do, and last Saturday night various SOLO chaps were at Peter Cresswell's castle where we burned John Key and Rodney Hide...ha ha!

Anyway, seems the Sussex village of Firle takes this event very seriously and there is an hilarious description of it in the Sunday Telegraph....

 "..They march up and down the village holding flaming wooden torches while Guy Fawkes (his pale, papier-mâché head drooping in shame) is paraded on a cart as if en route to the gallows, a hangman in a black hood hovering at his back.."

and...."This year's sacrifice - the exploding head of Gordon Brown - gave the crowd a more comfortable thrill.."

Ha ha...just splendid!


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People should not fear their governments...

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...governments should fear their people! Love it; words to live by.

It does not surprise me that

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It does not really surprise me that Guy Fawkes had some terrible motives of his own in opposing the government, or that 'V for Vendetta' romanticized him, yet still I also get the major appeal to my 'inner anarchist'.


I think Guy was given a bad rap

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Anyone who wants to mass-murder politicians can't be ALL bad, Catholic or otheriwse. Eye

But then, that could be my 'inner anarchist' rearing its head again... that and my 'guilty pleasure' of loving the film "V for Vendetta"....

Thanks Sandi! Yes, Aaron,

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Thanks Sandi!

Yes, Aaron, the Guy is the villain in the commemorations as he was prevented from, presumably, initiating a Roman Catholic theocracy in Britain..(phew!)

It is all great fun, especially at The Castle.

Ha ha ha

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Loved it - thanks Eli

Guy Fawkes is the bad guy in

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Guy Fawkes is the bad guy in these celebrations?


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