Unrecognizable America

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Submitted by mvardoulis on Mon, 2008-11-03 23:00

Tomorrow, I weep for my country. The same country that drew my father's family to escape creeping fascist totalitarianism is poised to embrace the same totalitarianism. The same country that drew my mother's family to escape poverty-perpetuating mercantilism is about to embrace mercantalism with open arms. The counter-revolution, reversing the work of Jerfferson, Paine, Douglass and Garrison, is about to be completed.

There isn't even a way to vote against it; the 'protest' vote of the "alternative" (read: no chance in hell of holding office in a winner-take-all two party system) parties are no more than different variations of the same or worse statism. America has sold itself out to the power-lusters, and there is no way for her to find her way back; she is too far gone. The 'vote' is almost meaningless when liberty is no longer important to those with whom you are casting your vote.

I weep for the world, tomorrow, her only beacon for Liberty is about to be extinguished.

If only Americans would remember Liberty; remember her warm embrace, her promise of opportunity not forced through a gun or through a legislator's pen but through the comfort of knowing no one is allowed to interfere with you while in her arms. America has been seduced away from Liberty. Tomorrow, regardless, is the day the divorce is final and Liberty is cast aside by Americans who once claimed to love her.

Tomorrow, I weep for my country.

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Well stated

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Well stated Michael.




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That hurt! Sad
Worth it though. Show you in a week or so.
I'll hold you to it Michael! Eye

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

The shoulder it is, then...

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...and I do hope you are right, Olivia! Eye


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to where the idea of Liberty and all its beauty is about to be buried for a thousand years.

As Marcus says, civil unrest... civil war maybe, but not buried.
Your country raised the greatest ideal of freedom ever seen and though it is headed in the wrong direction now, too many people have loved those ideals and will remember them if they ever disappear. If your country can launch a nation of liberty at a time when none existed, it can certainly do so again in a time when people remember.

It only took 56 men to sign the Declaration of Independence and set the course of America... 56! And out of those it was only 12 or so who really pushed it through.

Liberty won't die, but it may have to be resuscitated.

Off to the tattoo parlour now.
Michael... get it put on one of your biceps then - or your shoulder blade.

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."


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...leave it to you to find the way to cheer me up, looking forward to the 'end' of your healing! Sticking out tongue

I'd be up for a similar tattoo, but my bony white ass is not the suitable place for Lovely Lady Liberty.

And while I agree Liberty is too grand an idea to be forgotten easily I just can't help shaking the idea that as a whole the United (Police) States, and the world along with it, is headed toward an Anthem-like dystopian future, to where the idea of Liberty and all its beauty is about to be buried for a thousand years.

Marcus, your predictions seem tragically accurate to me, and one can only hope something remotely Libertarian comes out of the unrest. Scott, you're dead on, the schools and the media have brain washed an entire generation into thinking the most amazing ideas in history (and the country formed by them) are outdated, flawed and even 'immoral' (can you BELIEVE that?). Like you, I was taught SOME of the right stuff as well, but not as much as 'positive rights' garbage. Today, there is NOTHING of Liberty being taught in our government-run schools/indoctrination centers.

Perhaps, as some have suggested, that a backlash against the rising statism, including a Obama geshtapo (he is reminding me more and more of Chairman Mao every minute), would direct Americans back to their Liberty-loving roots.

Too many

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Too many lovers of liberty believe in no participation in any political process. Too many others rage on the internet but otherwise do nothing, and are silent when AirheadAmericans spout their ridculous, Socialist drivel, or parrot such meaningful slogans as "Change." They just want to be left alone to live their lives, and who can blame them? The problem is--that larger the government grows, the less they will be left alone.

With increased taxes and a sagging economy, it will be interesting to see WHAT the public perception of an Obama presidency will be. The same people who are entranced by Obama in the first place will be urged to look past the nightmare of a Democratically controlled Congress and Presidency. It will all be blamed on Republicans. Meanwhile, what further damage will be done to systems which teach the virtues of liberty and individualism in the process of constructing a giant totalitarian government of the Politically Correct? As a boy, I was taught SOME of the right stuff--but kids today are taught virtually none of it. In the context of history, in a blink of an eye, I will be dead, Linz will be dead, we all will be dead. Who controls the minds of the youth, and is that youth flocking to our ideas, or the ideas of Socialism, Environmentalism, Collectivism? Easy question to answer.

Ideologically, in terms of numbers, we are headed in the WRONG direction, and the institutions which taught me love of country are being dismantled. Churches are teaching the politics of race and hate. Schools are teaching multiculturalism and moral equivalence. Burning the flag is Art, but certain words are verboten. Only whites can be racist. Violence is never the answer, except when it is the collective expression of racial frustration, like the Rodney King riots.

It is like a scene out of "Animal Farm" and the Dobermen puppies are now 20 year old American kids who have been taught that America is fundamentally flawed and immoral, that government is the answer, that a bigger government is needed to address the "big" problems. That service to your fellow man is the pinnacle of morality.

Michael Savage has been recently drawing attention to the fact that Obama has promised to create an internal security force as large and strong as out military. This is a scary concept--a Pretorian Guard--the second full step towards totalitarianism (step on is the Patriot Act). What sort of free society needs a standing army inside its border to keep internal security?

Scott DeSalvo

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I think whichever candidate wins...

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...the US will enter a period of civil unrest. It will be probably less immediate with an Obama win.

But there will be a quiet minority who hate having a black man as President.

There will be a larger more vocal group that will resent the US being sold out to socialism and PC correctness.

And then there will be an even larger group who will realise, when reality sinks in, that Obama is not delivering on his promises and is making economic matters worse, rather than better.

When these groups come together in the next year or two they will be baying for Obama's blood and looking for any and every oppertunity to attack him and bring him down.

If McCain wins there would be short-term anger and perhaps violence from Obama supporters, but in the long-term he would rise in popularity because the media-expectation of him has been set so low. For McCain the only way would be up.

That's my prediction, anyhow.


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in honour of this idea, I'm going to a tattooist tomorrow morning and having the Statue of Liberty tattooed permanently on my ass.

Anyone else up for "the mark" of solidarity?

When it heals, I'll post a photo.

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."


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I hear you.

But the ideas of liberty are too strong and beautiful to lay low for very long.
A brave New World was once born and it will be again my friend - because she's the golden child that too many good human beings long for deep in their hearts.

Perhaps America is experiencing an adolescent melt-down, she is still young if you really think about it. She needs the confidence boost of a Renaissance and we can help her do that.

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

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