Pro-Animal Research March against anti-human life animal right nutters

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Submitted by Marcus on Mon, 2006-02-27 18:56

A campaign by animal rights nutters against an animal research facility in Oxford being built has been going on for the last two years.

After animal-rights groups website listed - all students, and anyone associated with Oxford University - as legitimate targets in their campaign against the animal research facility currently being built, pro-animal research campaigners went on the march.

Unfortunately, I could not join in with the pro-animal test protesters as I was in bed with the flu.

Anyway, bravo to them for their valiant defence of reason against those terrorists!

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Article Makes Nature!

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There was an article on the pro-test demo in nature, one of the fourmost science journals!

Unliberated animals

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Animal rights activists will take on easy targets but polar bears, tigers, lions in zoos. Surely, in their eyes, they have rights too!



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I'm covering this for my student newspaper. I'll send you a copy if you like - I'm from Oxford myself (although not studying there.)

The article's going to be objective, but my support is definately with Pro-Test. I care about animals. I'm a vegan, in fact, and I believe strongly in the principle that animals, just like humans, should never suffer needlessly. But suffering in the cause of scientific research is anything but in vain - not because knowlege is valuable in itself, but because knowlege prevents suffering through the medium of medicine and technology. It's just mathematics, the cold hard arithmetic of ethics...

Now, I do sympathize with the animal rights people: humans cause a lot of animal suffering, much of which could easily be avoided, and they're right to be angry about it (although violence is not the way to solve the problem). But they have chosen the wrong targets, and rather drastically so. One hundred times as many animals die each year in the food industry as are used in experiments (in the UK). When I made this point to an anti-vivisectionist, they replied that vivisection was an issue that could command more publicity and that it could open up the debate about animal rights in general. But in fact, nothing is doing more harm to the cause than these idiots issuing death threats. It's nearly enough to get me eating meat again.

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