Tracking the US Presidential election, county by county

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Submitted by William Scott Scherk on Tue, 2008-11-04 20:07

CNN has a well-integrated set of online maps that allow us to follow the election county by county.

Here's a snapshot of their 2004 Texas map, by way of example.

For the 2008 equivalent, click here -- this opens to the Arkansas county-by-county map.

With all the talk of a "red" and a "blue" America, the ground game is extremely interesting. For example, although California is blue in total, a county by county snapshot shows a huge red interior.


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Voting bloc maps

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Here's California's electoral vote count by county -- with counties voting over 70% apportioned red or blue.

This is a screenshot detail of a larger map from the excellent page by Mark Newman.


Below, a blended map that shows county-level support between blue Democrat and Red Republican, with purple shades representing differing balances of support (click for larger image).

This second is the 'raw' county by county electoral vote.

The third represents the same data map, but has been geographically weighted by population.

See Newman's site for more great maps of 2008 electoral votes.


throwing in...

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Here's how I think it will go:


Yes, California's electoral votes

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Generally go to the Democrats, but here in my native Orange County and in California's farm-based Central Valley (and somewhat in San Diego county with a strong military population), it is the Republicans who dominate. Not enough so to off-set Los Angeles County and everywhere along the coast Northward to the San Francisco Bay Area and in Statist Sacramento, though. And not that there is ultimately any difference between Republican and Democrat except perhaps the slight difference in the temperature of statist hell.

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