Good Luck To Him

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Wed, 2008-11-05 07:09

The Americans have decided they want a Negro to lead them.

Barack Obama has been elected US President by a fairly comfortable margin, and I say "good luck to him" Smiling

I have never quite seen nor understood his appeal to 'normal' people, as there are fairly obvious marks against him, but as he has won the election I think everyone should accept the verdict of the populace and let him get on with things.

I, for one, promise to allow him six months or so to do what he has been elected to do, despite my personal feelings, without criticism and let events take their course.

Had it been up to me there would have been a slightly different (*ahem*) result, but one must accept what has happened.

I am sure no one is quite turning in their graves just yet...well....ummmmmm...not too many chaps, anyway; afterall there have been plenty of Negroes at the Whitehouse up until now (although in slightly different roles) and perhaps this is the way forward (despite the lessons of history and common sense) and I, at least, feel this negro should be given the opportunity to succeed.

So yes, do not expect criticism from me of Obama until July 20th.

Good luck to you, Mr Obama, from over here in New Zealand I wish you all the best...  Smiling

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Let me be clear

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I have said elsewhere that in light of our nation's history (slavery, legally-enforced segregation), it is GREAT that an African American man has become President.

What I object to is your word choice and word use. It exposes, I think, alot about how you view race. Even if it is a piss-take, there's sort of a rotten sentiment underneath.

DO NOT attempt to form my objection into anything other than criticism of a rather race-based way of describing Obama. As if his defining characteristic is race.

OF COURSE race was a major factor. I have said as much. I said as much a year ago when I said that all (95%) blacks would vote for him and white liberals would too. Obama's supporters have made it crystal clear that his race was their deciding, and only, factor considered.

So I disagree with the implied sentiments, choice of words, and one more thing--I do not wish him well. I do not trust his motives or plans for this country, for me, or my future. The sooner he crashes and burns, the better.

Scott DeSalvo
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I agree America needed a 'black' President. But I would have much preferred *somone else* to be the first 'black' President (more on that in days to come). In other words, not an overt and shameless socialist, with many questionable associations some of which expouse open racism. But not only is Obama not the first black man in the White House (ironically well put by you), he's not the first racist either, if in fact he is a racist.

Mighty Kind of You...

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I am the last person to

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I am the last person to agree with Obama on ideological matters...but I accept his victory and will not criticise him for a while.

Were surveying to take place of negro, spaniard and 'White Liberal' voters you would find they all voted on racial lines; voted for Obama because of his colour...(without even checking I can guess the number of McCain votes in Harlem)

Indeed, the comparatively close result in Mississippi would indicate large numbers of negroes turned out to vote for Obama, as an example.

This shows that times have changed, probably a good thing, no harm in it I suppose....but had it been up to me Fred Thompson would have won the Republican nomination and the election.


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 I think I'm in agreement with Eli...  Puzzled

 I am glad that a barrier has been broken, that a black man CAN be elected president...and Eli is right, this did have a big racial component. I overheard one black man say to another that 'we've lived in America, but we weren't Americans." 

 On the one hand, he's right...but he doesn't realize the irony, that what he thinks Obama is offering as a vision of America is NOT the real America... 

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Mr Obama has pulled off a

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Mr Obama has pulled off a miracle, and that shows a certain level of courage on his part and I really do take my hat off to him.

This was ALL about race; all about race from start to finish and I suppose it is a good thing Obama did win in that case...('history making' and all that)

It was not so long ago the Democrat party never entertained the idea of choosing a Presidential candidate from amongst their strongest demographic of supporters and Jesse Jackson and Douglas Wilder (however temporarily he was in the race) were both hamstrung not on ideology but from a "you are black and will never win the nomination" response from donors, hence raising no money, hence ending their Presidential bids.

Sorry if stating the obvious upsets you, Scott...but there we are, and I actually do care what you think, always nice to hear views other than my own, but I am not sure what is wrong with congratulating Obama and giving him a 'honeymoon' period.

The weirdest part of the election yesterday was the Alaska Senate result....

Whether piss-take or no

atlascott's picture reveal what you deem to be Mr. Obama's defining characteristic by identifying him only in that way.

Piss take or not, in my book, you should be ashamed of yourself. Again.

I know, I know, you don't care about my book. But I DO care whether people think I am a racist, (I'm not) and feel like silence in the face of a piece of garbage like this needs addressing.

Scott DeSalvo
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I like this one Eli

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Almost commiseratively.


Tell it to them...

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  Sorry, Eli, no go...(first of all, I'm not the one pointing out his skin color; I could care less about that.)

 That's all well and good for games and sporting events. But our rights are NOT a contest, and gentlemen do not compromise on their rights. Besides, it's not my magnanimity you need to be concerned with...just wait to see how the other half celebrates...they're not holding back, for sure, and they're COUNTING on such "magnanimity" in our responses...

 As Rand called it, "white blackmail..." 

 It's ok, though, Eli...for once, I appreciate your "piss take" on things (excluding the negro part Eye And, having said that, you're have a point: "never let them see you sweat." There are better ways...Eye

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Emotions are still a bit

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Emotions are still a bit raw, Joe...but as a 'Gentleman' I think it is appropriate to accept the result and be magnanimous. Smiling

Accept nothing...

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"...but one must accept what has happened."

 Uh, no, one must not. (Yes, it happened, it's fact. But one doesn't need ACCEPT it as optimal, or fortunate, or desirable...).

 I am not John McCain, and I don't approve his message of working with Obama...and I don't accept him as my leader... 

....A SHOW OF HANDS: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile....

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