Hearts, Minds and General Elections

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Thu, 2008-11-06 21:36

We are just 23 hours away from voting commencing in New Zealand and any electors reading this post I urge to vote Libertarianz.

I have been out campaigning virtually every day since August (with a week off due to illness) and feel the Libz will do well; and have just concluded my own campaigning efforts with another 'Human Billboard' morning on Tamaki Drive in Civilisation where the response was fairly positive from motorists passing by...(a huge contrast to yesterday!) 

My thoughts on the General Election are that the Libz can obtain votes if efforts are put in to 'retail' campaigning and actually meet large numbers of electors, rather than rely on absurd timewasting efforts such as Candidate Meetings no one attends (may have worked well in the late '50s, but not now), and press releases no one reads; and it seems everyone around the Country has done their bit on the campaign trail and jolly well done.

Needless to say the campaign in Civilisation was the best Sticking out tongue ...but a jolly good effort by everybody in the small provincial towns such as Hamilton, Palmy North, Invercargill, Rotorua and Wellington; and I am sure Julian, Robert, Peter, Sally and myself are happy to teach you chaps how to do it properly for next time Eye

My other thoughts on the election are that a SUBSTANTIAL amount of work is still required to be done on the 'hearts and minds' side of things.

I will openly admit to having been wrong about this.

I really did think we had spread our message widely and everyone was more or less aware of what the Libertarianz stand for, and why freedom is important, and all that was required was persuasion to vote for us, but have to say that is not the case.

The general feedback I received was along the lines of "Libertarianz - guns and drugs", and often with an observation that we have a policy (we don't by the way) to change the name of the Country [which many find a bit weird], but often there was complete ignorance of who were are and what we stand for.

Therefore the next two and a half years need to be spent with a widespread education campaign to explain freedom and libertarianism to the New Zealand population (along with further boosting our membership and organisation and fundraising) ready for 2011.

In short, we need to get back to basics (the 'Politically Incorrect' radio show circa 1999, as an example) of education, showing people the way, pointing out how important freedom is, pointing out there is nothing to fear, and drumming home some key themes.

Indeed, I was discussing this morning with my fellow Libz 'Human Billboard' sign holders about a book titled "Libertarianism For Beginners" ...(you cannot get more 'back to basics' than that! ha ha!)...as an obvious place to start.

But yes, emerging from a torpor sometime during the winter of 2011 will be a couple of years too late, so (on the assumption that perhaps we are unlikely to win the General Election tomorrow) best to get cracking.

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Appreciation for the hard work from all the Libz

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Not only the campaigning but also with the new enterprise Liberty Radio.

Well done chaps and all the very best for tomorrow. You have my vote of course Smiling

It makes perfect, sense Eli

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...and I dare say you're becoming a master grass roots activist! To think a card-carrying 'elitist' with questionable allusions to racism (only thing I can't quite figure out about you, Elijah... the whole "white is preferable" thing... even as a joke... the rest is good fun) as a "grass roots" activist may seem kind of funny but clearly it works for you! Eye

I get the "New Freeland" thing but the difference between "New Jerusalem" and "New Freeland" is that "Jerusalem" is not a variation of "England" the "United Kingdom" "Britain" or other derivations, whereas "Freeland" sounds and looks an awful lot like "Zealand" - but again, with the right kind of "spin" this misunderstanding can be used to your advantage. Richard Boddie used to introduce himseslf in his speeches saying "I am a Libertarian, and that's not to be confused with librarian, Liberian or libertine, though there may be Libertarians who are also those things I am not one of them" to which he usually got a chuckle or two. I think you can actually have some fun with this - if that's what people incorrectly associate with the Libz, you can still use it to draw them in by correcting the misconception in a humorous manner.

Kind of sounds like a Python skit anyway... "Ay! I know you lot! Ain't ye the chaps goinna change thu name o' thu countree...?"

"New Freeland" is what you

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"New Freeland" is what you may like to think of as an 'Idealistic Concept' ...ie if we put all our policies into practice you would have a libertarian paradise of New Freeland.

This is quite different to the misapprehension of "You chaps want to change the name of the Country", something I had never heard before until the last few weeks, assuming everyone understood the point of what was meant by 'New Freeland'.

A good historical precedent for what I am meaning is the British Labour government elected in 1945.

They created a socialist epoch which lasted until Mrs Thatcher came along...(and even the Liberal party signed up to a grudging acceptance of State ownership)...and their 1945 campaign song was the hymn 'Jerusalem'.

As their own socialist 'idealistic concept' they had a vision of what was dubbed a 'New Jerusalem' in Britain...but were not intending to change the name of Britain to 'New Jerusalem'.

New Freeland is a bit like that...(if that makes sense?)


Today has been a very odd

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Today has been a very odd day, and it's just become even odder. I agree with everything you say, Eli Smiling


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I love the idea of "New Freeland"

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...but clearly its creating an unecessary hampering of the Party's identity. Such a thing can be, with humor, be used to put spin and gain attention for the Libz. In fact, as Elijah mentioned, circa 1996-99 Politically Incorrect era, there was a heck of a LOT of humor used to ridicule statist politicians all over NZ. The Winnie Peters squeak toy comes to mind...

Humor is an effective weapon in guerilla politics, that is, the politics of the outsider. I may be WAY too late in reccomending this, but the next go-round and all the way leading up to it, Libz would do well to put a positive and humorous spin on the misunderstanding regarding "New Freeland" and develop an even clearer platform along with a "Libertarianism 101" book or similar outreach tool as you suggested, Elijah.

Excellent work, Libz! And great points, Eli, you're qutie the activist aren't you! Smiling Forgive my ignorance, but are you not going to have another major election again for three or six years or something like that?

New Freeland

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... often with an observation that we have a policy (we don't by the way) to change the name of the Country [which many find a bit weird]...

Even this guy thought Libz were going to rename New Zealand.

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