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I've joined the bourgeois and become a proud property owner. My first house. I know its mostly BB&T's at this point, and thanks to Baltimore property taxes, city zoning laws, state fees and taxes the point of it becoming mostly (or even fully) mine is that much farther off, it can't take away from the fact that its mine, from my own work, supported by my (mostly) free exchange of my own productive efforts.  


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~~ Sorry to burst your bubble, but, in any real (ie: original) meaning of the term 'owner', you don't...even if and when you're paid off to the bank.

~~ An owner is one whose sovereignty is accepted by other sovereigns. (By 'sovereign', I here mean one that a community respects a 'line drawn' beyond which they will not cross UNLESS the 'sovereign' breaks a community-rule about threats to others. No threat: no line crossed to the new sovereign.)

~~ The only sovereigns around are governments. They have the final 'ownership' say about what to do, and allow, re 'your' house and land. Only governments 'own' land...and whatever they allow you to put/build on it.

~~ When you retire, and, have less income but, you're still living there, you'd best pay the annual rent (tax-for-land/house-use) to the REAL 'owner' get evicted, man.

~~ "Own", in terms of sovereign control and decisions, is only nominally applied to individuals; it's actual meaning applies only to governments.

~~ Otherwise, congrats.




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Enjoy your new place. Whereabouts in Charm City are you moving?

I've got some painting to do

I've got some painting to do before I get moved in (I've got a little overlap with the place I'm renting now). There are a few possibilites for improvements but that will come after I have a little more capital. 

Capitalist Pig How many

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Capitalist Pig

How many workers did you bleed for your illgotten gains...

Just kidding. Congrats.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Well done!

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I enjoy knowing that the roof over my head belongs to me. It's a great feeling! Are you planning any changes, renovations etc. or is it pretty much how you want it already?

Good for you!

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Congratulations. Buying your first home is always very exciting. Good luck with it.

- Jason

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