My "First Black President"

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Submitted by mvardoulis on Thu, 2008-11-06 22:21

So America has its "First Black President" but did it have to be Barack Obama? I wanted to smash down the very concept of race-as-a-factor in society, let alone in politics, since I first understood that people were evaluated by such things beyond their control. The very idea of racial identification along the lines of skin pigmentation or ethnicity is repulsive to me, and always has been. Ayn Rand obliterates racism in her essay of the same title, stating the most important truth few including our President-Elect seem to recognize, "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities."

In a Libertarian and Objectivist-friendly parallel universe, my "First Black President" is Richard Benjamin Boddie.

I 'discovered' Richard while in college around the time of his seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for President, when the article I linked above was compiled. At the time, I was very much an anarchist, and since I was no longer a 'left' anarchist, I was warmer to the ideas expressed in libertarianism and even Objectivism. I heard Mr. Boddie speak in 1991, and he was every bit as good of an orator as Barack Obama is now, and possibly as good as Frederick Douglass was long ago. I was hooked. I wanted to see this amazing champion of Liberty in the White House, and to this day cannot imagine why the Libertarian Party did not ultimately nominate him as their Presidential candidate in 1992. After the recent election in *this* universe, I think Richard is getting the last, ironic, tragic laugh.

Richard Boddie is MY "First Black President" before anyone heard about Barack Obama.

For more on Richard Boddie, my First Black President (apologies for any links that don't quite work, some of them are obscure):

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President Obama will likely get...

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...the majority of press to "spin" anything negative about the President back on whoever brought the negative item to light - i.e. "right wing" (or worse, racist) wackos, etc. Much the same treatment that they gave President Clinton, although with the added "benefit" of alleging racism on any originator of negative news items on the new President.

Journalism in the U(P)S died with H.L. Mencken, anyway... long before New Zealand's televised journalism was correctly labeled as "brain dead" by a certain commentator I reacently saw on Eye to Eye.... Smiling

The jury is in...

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It's "Barack the Centrist".

From The Times
November 17, 2008

Barack Obama will follow Lincoln’s lead in choosing bipartisan Cabinet President-elect ready to hand top posts to ‘enemies’

Barack Obama said today he would appoint at least one Republican to his cabinet as he praised the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln – a president who gave top posts to several of his bitterest political enemies.

Mr Obama, who meets John McCain in Chicago tomorrow to discuss ways they can work together after he becomes president, said he would be announcing Cabinet appointments soon, days after he discussed with Hillary Clinton the possibility of making her his Secretary of State...

I wish I'd had a camera

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I think it was the week Pallin's canidacy was announced, I was walking past the checkout at my local drugstore. The covered stories on all the tabloids had either severely scathing stories about Pallin or fluff pieces about "Michelle Obama's fashion tips" or "The cute Obama children."

Sean Hannity is right. Journalism is dead.


Never mistake contempt for compassion, or power lust for ambition.

Super Hero Babylon

And Obama gets the opposite treatment...

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Any negative stories that cross the desks of the media concerning Barack Obama are ignored or put down to the rantings of 'right-wing' nut jobs!

The wonder of the US media is going to sell less copy under the reign of President Obama - what with only slimey feel-good stories.

No apology

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...even when their smear tactics backfire. I like Sarah, though I certainly don't agree with her entirely, yet its clear the press were trying anything they can to make her out to be Dan Quayle WHICH SHE AIN'T! Smiling

Interesting note on Sarah under this "Black President" thread - after the VP debates I was listening to talk radio and a clearly African American woman was on the phone talking about how she thought Obama was all pulpit preachiness with almost no political experience and how after she heard Sarah Palin 'keep it real' while still being an experienced political leader, she said she was now voting for McCain because of her!

Sarah Palin deserves a media apology

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Hear, hear!
Posted By: Toby Harnden at Nov 13, 2008

There's a big kerfuffle brewing over a hoax in which a "McCain adviser" called "Martin Eisenstadt" supposedly outed himself as the source for Carl Cameron of Fox News, who reported that Sarah Palin did not know that Africa was a continent and could not name the three countries in NAFTA.

MSNBC, the New Republic , the LA Times, Marbury and the Huffington Post have all been fooled into citing Eisenstadt as a McCain adviser who was dishing insider dirt on his blog...

Politico's Ben Smith gets it, citing a convincing Union-Leader takedown of many of several of Newsweek's damaging details about Palin. Drawing attention to the "cottage industry" of mocking Palin, Ben pronounces himself "a bit nervous about a lot of the blindly sourced details about her".

So the main problem here is not that some in the media don't check stuff on the web. It's that they're prepared to believe - and write - anything about Sarah Palin.

Do you think she will get an apology?

I think Scott is correct

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Obama's PR staff probably wants the public to consider him a center-left when his voting and legislative record is left-authoritarian, as is his *speaking* record. Collectivist is almost to pc a term to be using to describe what Obama has said and done as a Senator and as a candidate. I imagine, if I was actually his "no-man" I'd be saying "no" several times a day to just about every thought, action, proposal and movement he would ever take!

You cannot.

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"How in the world can any reasoning human being call Obama a political "centrist"?"

No one can do this unless they are deluded, brainwashed or dishonest.

Scott DeSalvo
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I Have A Question

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How in the world can any reasoning human being call Obama a political "centrist"?

Can anyone tell me exactly what constitutes a "center" between collectivism and individualism?

ominous parallels...

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" is the time when we're going to see if Obama is his own man and stays centrist (i.e. a sort of Clintonian President) or is going to cave in to his left-wing backers."

 Indeed. And I wonder, additionally, if history will repeat itself in some way...Let's, as an example, take Obama at his word that he is not a socialist. Is he not, at least, then, a Social Democrat? So, let's say that...but we've seen the supporters flying the Soviet Flag in front of the White House in celebration...Obama's not a Marxist, but some of his supporters, Social Democrats claim they don't support "sacking homes" or "smashing power looms...Obama doesn't want to fight, he wants to share his peanut butter...(you too, jelly...). He wants to bring socialism "peacefully..."

 But it is clear that they still think "down with the sham liberty of capitalism..." The founding fathers...negative versus positive rights...we need change...but peacefully...

 Obama COULD stay centrist (whatever THAT means)...that's the hope...but it's not just Obama we're dealing with, is it? We have the people who voted for him to contend with. The people wearing soviet flags in my supermarket, in front of the White House...if we're taking Obama at his word that he's NOT a Marxist, should we, in turn, take THEM at their word that they ARE?

 If they are indeed Marxist, did the Communists feel about the Social Democrats in Germany?

 "It did not take long for the political jokes to begin. Their butt was revolutionists who wanted peace and quiet; proletarian militants who made collaboration with the bourgeoisie an essential policy; socialists who refuse to socialize..."

 Obama promised change. The "people" want "change." Obama says that it will take "time..." but If Obama does NOT deliver...

 "Unlike the Social Democrats, the Communists were not willing to postpone the socialist revolution; they were impatient to have their ideal NOW." 

 Well, I think we know the rest of the story from there...what will be our story from HERE?

(all quotes from THE OMINOUS PARALLELS by Leonard Peikoff.) 


....A SHOW OF HANDS: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile....

Well, Michael..

Marcus's picture is the time when we're going to see if Obama is his own man and stays centrist (i.e. a sort of Clintonian President) or is going to cave in to his left-wing backers.

The funny thing is that after his large victory (with their help) Obama could comfortably fob them off without any major consequences.

I've decided...

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...since I'm looking for work anyway Smiling ... to offer myself up to the Obama administration as a 'no man' since the President Elect is probably surrounded by the opposite, I will appeal to what (if any) objective sense he may have and suggest he bring me in to bend his ear. If Obama's socialism was only 'verbal' (though I doubt that) and all his many other potential faults (influenced by racist black liberation theology, possibly Islam, etc) were 'distortions of the right' I wouldn't mind the chance to see for myself.

Open Letter to follow, and even in the letter I'll speak plainly about how I would have rather seen Richard Boddie instead of Barack Obama as the nation's First Black President. Couldn't hurt.

Larry Summers

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Well, who would have thought? Obama is already potentially choosing people that his left-wing Democrats don't like, therefore does not equal change. Therefore change, according to them, really does mean change to the far-left!

"The President-elect is believed to have identified Larry Summers, who held the position at the tail end of the Bill Clinton administration, and Timothy Geithner, currently president of the New York Federal Reserve, as top contenders for the Treasury post...

While they are supporters of government intervention in the current economic crisis, both men have aroused antipathy on the Left of the Democratic Party. Neither is seen as embodying the "change" that Mr Obama pledged to bring to Washington.

Mr Summers, 53, is still remembered for saying in 2005 that women were inherently weak at maths, a comment that lost him the presidency of Harvard University despite profuse apologies."

And so...

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The supression begins...with cowardice? The next four years may be easier than I thought...

...A SHOW OF HANDS: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile...

As said on his own thread.

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As said on his own thread. Please ignore ^^^ this lunatic.

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place." -Ayn Rand

Yes, actually, it did have

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Yes, actually, it did have to be Obama, because he was the head of the Democrats at the time. I feel you act very aggressively against my race and would like you to stop.

 With little regards,

   Callum McPertry.

You're a good man Michael

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Osama's colour doesn't come into it. A blind man could read what Barackula has spoke and judge him to be treasonous.

Sandi, there's the near Governor of Pennsylvania...

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...if you tend to lean a little more to right/Republican (which I don't, but still would prefer this guy to Obama as "First Black President"), here is one of my football heroes from the incomparable "Steel Curtain" era of the best (American) football team in history the Pittsburgh Steelers, Lynn Swann who didn't do so well against the incumbent Democrat, but did better than most expected!

And yes, I am a Steelers fan, though I'm born and raised in Southern California, I was raised by my father whose family first emigrated to Pittsburgh from Greece. In other words, I grew up a Steelers fan in what was then Los Angeles Rams territory. Lynn Swann was an amazing athelete then and a tolerable (which says a lot because so few are anywhere in the world) political figure today.

Richard and Thomas

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Or Richard and the fellow Sandi mentioned, Running together as President and VP, now THAT would be the ideal "chocolate" ticket! Eye

Alternate Walter Williams, or Native American Libertarian Russell Means and we'd be talking some serious history making!

Lt Colonel Allen West

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I have always respected Lt Colonel Allen West.

"Make the tax cuts permanent; abolish the Death Tax and Alternative Minimum Taxes; simplify the tax code to offer a one-page tax return.

Reduce corporate and capital gains taxes; reward corporations with tax cuts or incentives for keeping jobs on American soil.

Prevent appropriations bills from including unrelated projects or appropriations to reduce extraneous politics.

Immediately discontinue the practice of earmarks to restore fiscal responsibility to an out-of-control Congress.

Keep America on the offense against global terrorism and its state sponsors.

Support Israel to become a member of NATO to share its protection with our allies.

An armed and informed law-abiding citizenry is the best defense against an unjust government and the criminal element created by irresponsible societal benevolence and activist judges."

With regards to the recent bail-out " This notion that the American people should throw $700 billion down a ditch and hope their lawmakers come back next year to fix everything is ludicrous and unacceptable."

I'd not heard of him before,

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I'd not heard of him before, thanks for the reference to him. My choice for 'first black president' would have been Thomas Sewell - though compared to Obama I'd be happier with even Bill Cosby or a ton of other alternatives. Richard Boddie sounds like a damn good choice.


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