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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2008-11-08 21:40

Can't find a complete listing of the Party vote (all parties) on the Internet this morning. Does anyone know what our vote was nationwide?


(8 party votes for Lib's in Selwyn, so it looks like I've got seven friends.

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Got it, so Libz...

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...increased its vote total from the last election (3 years ago, yes?) by 13% - which is a good thing to be sure, but here is to a *1300%* increase in 2011 (or as soon as possible thereafter!) so you actually get Bernard and a few others into the Beehive to do some damage! Smiling

Since New Zealand is one of the few places in the world which has shifted somewhat "rightword" in political makeup, I would definately advise positioning the Libz to be as vocal a critic as possible of Key and company so as to have a fighting chance at grabbing a piece of the sure-to-come backlash over the next three years against the rightword lean by Labor and its left-authoritarian allies. Just a thought off the top of my head, anyway.

That, and every Libz activist (how many serious grass roots activists do you have, currently?) needs to study "Rules For Radicals" by Saul Alinsky and modify and adapt those ideas as soon as possible. I swear, I need to find fortune quickly while the U(P)S dollar is still worth something against the kiwi dollar and I'd buy all your activists a copy myself!

Opps..yes..ha ha! ...I put

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Opps..yes..ha ha! Sticking out tongue ...I put the 1 and the 3 in the wrong places...(jolly keyboard!)...the swing was 13.1%


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I was always taught that percentages are difference over original, so thats:

Difference:  1070 - 946 = 124

Difference / Original:  124 / 946 = 0.131

= 13.1%

There are about 2.9 million

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There are about 2.9 million electors in New a fairly healthy total.

Where I got an 11% swing from..ha ha! dividing 1070 by 946...(actually it is 12.3% but I was doing it quickly in my head)

I am pleased with the result, a springboard for 2011.

Elijah, the 'swing' means...

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...11% more registered voters chose to vote Libz than in previous elections, or what does that mean exactly? I'm so used to this winner-take-all thing we have here in the United Police States....

and are there really over two million eligible and registered voters in New Zealand?

Not quite as much as that, Casper

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I'm afraid 1,070 votes out of 2.1 million = 0.05%

However, the good news is the "massive 11% swing to the Libertarianz". If they can do that in every election they'll cross the 5% threshold in Election '17 with enough votes to almost govern alone! Smiling

Oh we shall get them next

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Oh we shall get them next time. 


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Scored 1070 votes. Percentage wise they made up 0.1% of the voting population.
This link has the table of data. Eye

The daunting thing is that Libz need 50,000 votes to be taken seriously.

Looks like

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my vote was one of only 11 in Pakuranga.

How many votes is 11% swing?

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How many votes is 11% swing? Congratulations!

It was a MASSIVE 11% swing

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It was a MASSIVE 11% swing to the Libertarianz yesterday, a landslide, largest swing to any party in NZ.

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