Obamanation shows its colors: Red and Yellow

Suma- You're a sneaky one!

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You're a sneaky one! It would be more insulting if it weren't so ridiculous! I now realize how bubble-isolated I am since all my friends and coworkers and Objectivist, libertarian or conservative so despite the widespread and rabid support for Obama I only personally encounter it from a couple old friends on Facebook and when random drunks come up to me to promote their messiah.

I just received today the following statement, which I don't know who to attribute to, but was almost in tears reading it:

"I have never in my life been so ready for an election season to be over and done with. I can hardly wait for the Messiah to be sworn in so unicorns will start farting rainbows on the front lawn of my gold house and I can run them over with my rocket car on the way to my governmentally-guaranteed middle class job."


sad evasion

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 Sorry to hear that, Suma...I have a feeling we're going to be accused of a lot of conspiracy theories...and I'm already tired of hearing, (from our own supposed allies even), that we're overstating it...

 One comment on youtube said "communism isn't the problem, Fox News is..." Elsewhere, someone said "why are you engaging in trivial minutia while others are trying to fix our problems..." 

 There's an episode of FAMILY GUY where Lois, confronted with increasing evidence that her brother is the "fat guy" murderer, just keep evading and inventing more and more rationalizations. THAT is exactly what is happening now... 

...A SHOW OF HANDS: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile...


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That is something. Based on my own experience, Obamanation is a mental asylum. The only time I tried to point out that Obama is a socialist to supporters who claimed to have "libertarian tendencies", I was accused of having a secret agenda of "wanting the US to fail so that India can be the next superpower". Evil


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Obama may insist that he is not a communist or socialist, but his supporters seem to think otherwise...

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