If Hank Rearden Was A Dairy Farmer...?

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"By controlling all stages of production, Hettinga, 64, says he can produce milk so efficiently that he and his customers can make a hefty profit at dirt-cheap prices. Such vertical integration, as it is known, is increasingly popular in agriculture as farmers and processors try to find ways to eliminate costs and increase revenues.

"But in the highly politicized world of dairy, efficiency could carry a price. Major dairy cooperatives and milk processors successfully persuaded federal regulators to write new rules that would prohibit the business practices that Hettinga has so successfully put in place.

"Under the proposed regulations, Hettinga could continue to process his own milk only if he agrees to participate in a federally regulated pool of milk revenues, which would essentially require him to pay his competitors to stay in business. A bill that would have a similar effect is working its way through Congress."

A great example of why business and government should not mix...

(Hat-tip A Galaxy Far, Far Away)

Lance: America is no longer

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Lance: America is no longer a model for individualism.

Isn't that the sad truth.... It amazes me what new policies I hear about on the radio only to never hear them again... almost like they were erased .

I'm moving to the moon. The air might be a little thin, but there's no big brother and I don't have to worry about losing a few pounds. Smiling


Duncan:I am almost

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I am almost speechless. That this kind of thing could happen in America, America

It breaks my heart to say it Duncan but the fact is that this is how America operates now. The principle of small government went the way of the dodo bird many years ago and this is the kind of nonsense we are dealing with. America is no longer a model for individualism.

The end of milk

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So I suppose we all better start stocking up on powdered milk because if this bill passes there will be little to no milk to be had in the near future. Terrific! The benevolence of collectivism.

Good Lord!

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Straight out of Atlas Shrugged. Have the Feds been using it as a manual?!

That is fucking disgusting

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I am almost speechless. That this kind of thing could happen in America, America ... truly nauseating.

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