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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Mon, 2008-11-10 03:52

There are a large number of 'libertarians' who support the ACT party for a simple reason - to get something done; (or various cliche of that nature).

These rather naive chaps are under the impression that because Rodney Hide was MP for Epsom they should support the party which is nominally libertarian and make the best of it.


What would be most sensible and most tactically successful at this moment in time, would be for ACT not to be part of the Government, not to be what Richard Prebble called 'the junior National party'.

Rodney could simply say "When Parliament is assembled in a short while we will introduce legislation to repeal the Emissions Trading Scam, a 'three strike' law, larger tax cuts, reduced spending, reduced regulations and legislation to abolish several unnecessary Government departments".

He could further go on to say "ACT votes on confidence matters will be in proportion to National votes on all the above legislation (if you know what I mean?)"

This would accomplish a couple of things; firstly it would enable ACT to mark out territory, embarrass the socialist National party into voting either for or against these matters, and if the Nats voted against it is a massive stick to beat them with (and almost certainly peal off 200,000 or so economic free marketeers who always vote National grudgingly rather than ACT).

That is what I would do in his position at the moment; that is what anyone with half a brain would do in his position at the moment.

This, however, presupposes the following:

1. They were serious about the things they have spent two months campaigning on ...[they aren't of course]

2. They were so serious they have the legislation drafted ...[they don't, of course]

3. They believe in getting things done which are important to the future of New Zealand ..[they aren't]...rather than simply obsessed with Ministerial Office ..[they are]

To accept Ministerial office invariably means increasing bureaucracy, busybodyism and running people's lives and ACT has all been an 'act' to achieve this end.

What is the sad part is the number of ACT-ivists who are delusional enough to think otherwise; there are a large number of 'true believers' who will be bitterly disappointed and disillusioned when Hide is simply shown as the biggest of 'Big Government' practitioners.

Values, not politics .... The Liberal Party ...we shall see.

ACT is not an 'act intended to achieve', but rather an 'act intended to deceive'.

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