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Submitted by tyler.sharshel on Fri, 2008-11-14 01:14

I have some bands I'd like to share with everyone here, and I would like you all to share as well. My suggestions here are all instrumental, some can be fairly "abraisive" I guess, but I love it all.

Irepress -

Red Sparowes -

Pelican -

Adai (not exactly instrumental but vocal appearances are minimal) -

Mono -

Godspeed You! Black Emperor -

These Monsters -

Let me know what you think.


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I've no doubt...

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...the musical elevation you are describing, Olivia, is something I have yet to experience in 'modern' music, at least in the sense of something catching me by surprise rather than seeking out the experience. Make no mistake: I freely admit to being still a bit musically 'stunted' (which coincides with my emotional nature, no doubt), and am happily exploring composers on reccomendations such as yours. Smiling

Since Linz has brought up Bruch...

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A few months ago I was cooking dinner in a fairly mundane mental state... I had the concert radio program on when suddenly I heard the most beautiful violin music filling the house. It was none other than Max Bruch's In Memoriam... a composer I had never heard before.

The music was so sublime I had to drop everything mundane, lie down on the sofa and just absorb it fully, I wanted to be it. God, when music claims me like that, its the deepest, most lasting feeling that I know of. It blows everything else out of my consciousness. No modern music has the power to do that to me. NONE.

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

You should at least give

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You should at least give Mono a listen if you didn't already, I promise you wont hate it too much

Almost on cue, Uncle Linz!

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...yes, yes everything that is musically simple = nihilistc pomowanking headbanging caterwauling I know I know....

I've long maintained that the musically loud and even the musically simple does not necessarily mean nihilistc tribal-jungle witch-doctory fear-glorification. But mostly so, yes. Smiling Our new SOLO-ist here has provided some examples of relatively complex, albiet loud at times, music.

Not to take away from your suggestions which are very likely superior in precisely the manner you suggest, especially the 'deep feelings' part which is as you know something I try to avoid whenever possible. Smiling

What would you reccomend of these, if any?

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I am picking up Heifetz's and Perlman's versions and will let you know what I think.


Here's a serious suggestion ...

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... if you want to discover real, objectively superior music, start with what I'm listening to right now: Scottish Fantasy by Bruch. Only a psychopath could resist it. The "guitarist" is Jascha Heifetz (of course, the lethally ubiquitous, insistent, searing, screeching abomination that is the electric guitar, the bane of western civilisation, the psychopath's Weapon of Mass Destruction, is nowhere in earshot; Heifetz was one of the greatest violinists ever); the "band" is the New Symphony Orchestra of London. The music speaks to a better past and a better future, where headbanging caterwauling will rightly be sneered at as the ugly, life-hating pomo-nihilism that it is, the prerogative of consenting but retarded adults, eschewed by enlightened human beings who think clearly and feel deeply. Eye

Headbanging caterwauling!

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Knock yourselves out. Eye

But remember, I know where you all live. If I didn't, I'd just follow the cacophony. Heh, heh, heh!

Our host...

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...hasn't discovered this thread yet or else I believe he'd call it "headbanging caterwauling" as he typically does to anything he doesn't like (which is most everything I listen to apart from classical).

Glad you enjoyed some of it,

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Glad you enjoyed some of it, i figured there would be many elitists for classical music, which is understandable to say the least. I figured I'd throw the closest thing you're going to get to classical these days out there and see how SOLO likes it.

I've heard of the Red Sparowes...

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...they're from my neck of the woods, though I hadn't heard their music. I like their stuff, Irepress' stuff and really enjoyed Mono. This is an interesting sub-genre you've presented, here, tyler. Though I have to warn you about SOLO - there are certain folks who think that modern music = bad music, and by modern I mean anything outside classical. Smiling I'm hopelessly eclectic, myself, something I attribute to ADD - so thank you for posting these artists, its always fun to give my musical ADD a good run through the paces!

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