SOLO-NZ Press Release: Now's Your Chance, Rodney!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2008-11-15 22:48

SOLO-NZ Press Release: Now's Your Chance, Rodney!

November 16, 2008

SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo is welcoming the appointment of ACT Leader Rodney Hide to the positions of Minister of Local Government, Minister for Regulatory Reform and Associate Minister of Commerce in the new National-led government.

"For years, Rodney has quite rightly berated the excesses and abuses spawned by the Resource Management Act and government and local government bureaucracy generally," Perigo observes. "This is his opportunity to show that he meant it, representing as he does a party that often goes wobbly on matters of freedom in spite of its rhetoric. Let us hope that the days of District Plans that prevent farmers from using vast chunks of their land, of being fined for turning an unsightly bog into a duck-pond without the paid permission of some parasitical goon, of being forbidden to paint your house anything other than an approved colour, and so on ad infinitum, are numbered.

"Rodney Hide is now ideally positioned to strike significant blows for individual liberty and private property rights. SOLO congratulates Prime Minister-elect John Key for assigning him to these positions, and would urge Mr. Key to ensure that Rodney is not hamstrung by the unreconstructed socialists in National's caucus.

"The appointment of Hide's deputy, Heather Roy, as Associate Education Minister is also to be welcomed. At a time when the education bureaucracy is shamelessly proposing further dumbing down of the curriculum to exclude Shakespeare, Ms. Roy's ascension offers hope that the decades-long infestation of our schools by Political Correctness might soon be arrested. Ultimately, of course, education should be privatised in its entirety, but a reversal of dumbing down in favour of smarting up the state system would be a radical improvement in the interim.

"SOLO wishes Mr. Hide and Ms. Roy well in their new positions. But be warned: if you wimp out, we'll be on your cases," Perigo concludes.

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Kasper's picture

Yes but only now? A keen eye should have been put on Rodney around here at least a year ago.

Eternal Vigilance, my Kiwi friends...

mvardoulis's picture

...the use of "individual liberty" and other liberty-friendly terms were used by our Franklin Delano Obama during his victory speech, praising and attributing the ideas (inaccurately) to "Senator McCain and his Party" ... I've always guessed Kiwi politicians can't get away with as much bullshit as American politicians can, so they tend to "say what they mean and mean what they say" far more than the lip-service soon-to-be-forgotten (like a one night stand) American politicians have turned into standard practice. But even if I'm correct in that assumption, don't stop keeping a keen and critical eye on Rodney and the gang.

Oh my!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

They definitely stopped for a while. I didn't realise they'd started up again. Unless it's just mine they're not publishing. Thanks for the link.

They were as of three days

Duncan Bayne's picture

They were as of three days ago: Has something changed? Or am I missing something?


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Campbell's in a timewarp

gregster's picture

from the Listener days. His second-to-last paragraph in particular is imbecilic.

Another clear enemy of humanity.

You're all right to be wary

Jameson's picture

... but that shouldn't dim your optimism. Lindsay's right - when was the last time we even heard these words from someone in the seat of power?

Call me naive, but I'm

Mark Hubbard's picture

Call me naive, but I'm optimistic.


Though I hope you are right. And his answer to the carbon tax issue of the other day (no time to link) does give hope, though for me the jury is still out until I see progress, especially on defeating an ETS or carbon tax in any form, and particularly to make sure we don't see any forked tongues on display, as, for example, was evident in Darlings hideous tax policy released for England yesterday. Tax cuts on the one hand, tax increases from everyone else's hands.

But has Sainsbury found a Libertarian heart lately:  a story against the evils of the RMA last night (the supermarket story), and then again tonight?


I've just followed Olivia's Gordon Campbell link, and it has darkened my night considerably. Second hander of the highest order.

More worrying to me personally though, after my press releases against Key, I thought he handled himself rather well at APEC. An uncomfortable feeling indeed.

Call me a moron.

Yes, it certainly takes

Elijah's picture

Yes, it certainly takes some doing! ha ha!

I believe ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Gordon Campbell is the reason SOLO's press releases no longer get published on Scoop. The guy is more evil and twisted than Chris Trotter, and that's saying a lot.

I was heartened to hear...

Olivia's picture

That in Peru, John Key had advocated for a move toward a more laissez faire form of trade as part of the solution to the global financial crisis.

For which that total cock-sucker Gordon Campbell slams him for here.

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

"You are naive" ....I was

Elijah's picture

"You are naive" Eye ....I was halfway writing a bitter, blistering attack on Rodders and what happens?

You trump me! beat me to clicking 'POST COMMENT' first with that! gosh!

As I understood the programme, it was a chance for Rodders to say "oh dear, how awful"...but do nothing, and blame it on the lack of votes in Parliament.

I am not saying that Rodders is a communist, or even a card carrying member of the communist party.....(but you get the general idea)

He said nothing.

He did not say "that will be abolished on [write a date here]" as anyone honest would have done.

Anyone fooled by the piece of street theatre on Sainsbury's show needs to take their hand off their cock and stop engaging in 'wishful thinking' and realise this left wing socialist government is not about changing a single thing.

There is more chance of Obama balancing the budget than the Rodney/Socialist government changing the RMA or reversing the Emissions Trading Scam.

A good start

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Rodney's just been on with Sainsbury, who had a lead-up item about stupid RMA consent nonsense. Rodney was all gung-ho about getting rid of this "rubbish." Talked about "individual liberty" and "property rights." How often do we hear this on braindead TV? Call me naive, but I'm optimistic.

I was meaning income after tax

gregster's picture

I don't think govt revenues will be up in a recession.

They will be up over time if personal and business taxes were reduced I agree.

Gregster, I bet you (and

Elijah's picture

Gregster, I bet you (and anyone else) the amount of money collected in taxation during the 2009/10 financial year...(i.e after the 'tax cuts' come into force)...will be the greatest amount of money collected in taxation ever.

This is the true disgrace of the Socialist ACT government.

Under a Libz government the amount of taxes collected will fall, and fall, and fall...under Rodney it rises and rises and rises.

All in all, Kiwis...

mvardoulis's picture

...liberty seems to have a better fighting chance in your country than here in the land of the no longer free... excellent news and yet another reason to update my passport!

And if Southern California schools can teach Shakespeare, where I fell in love with the bard myself at the age of 13, there is no excuse for New Zealand schools to exclude his works. Shameful! Here is to the new Minister of Education, and not a moment too late! Perhaps she can move New Zealand toward a complete *seperation* of school and state....?

I'll bet you another $50 Lijah

gregster's picture

Rodders will assist in cutting net taxes. (that's not to say that he's anywhere good enough)

You are quite right, Mark,

Elijah's picture

You are quite right, Mark, they are an out of control Department ...(after cleaning up their act for a short time after the Dave Henderson debacle)..and nothing will change.

The best thing is to not do any business in New Zealand.

Afterall, not only do the productive chaps get no thanks for employing people, keeping the wheels of the economy turning and creating wealth; but they are taxed to extremes and all in all it is hard to see why anyone continues to bother.

As for ACT and National..well...ha ha...have written some blog posts on here and nzcapitalist predicting the ACT people will break all their promises, betray their supporters, engage in substantial amounts of left wing socialism....and constantly claim they are doing the opposite despite all the evidence; bill after bill will pass through parliament reducing freedom, increasing taxation, increasing spending and Rodders will be claiming he is cutting taxes, increasing freedom, reducing spending.

That is how deceitful these chaps really are.

Yes, but then I note with

Mark Hubbard's picture

Yes, but then I note with horror that Peter Dunne is probably to keep Revenue. Disaster.

He has been a weak Minister, which normally would be good, however, IRD is the most powerful Department of all and desperately needs to be reigned in. Over eighteen years of practice I have been stunned by how callous IRD have become over the last three years, wielding their penalty system with a viciousness that is obscene. They will destroy the individual for no other reason than that they can; even when they will admit their interpretation of whatever applicable law makes a mockery of the intention of the legislator (and normally that intention was evil enough). 

With Dunne back in, nothing will change, and the war on the productive sector, where it really matters, will in fact gather pace. And not even for any such misguided (im)morality of the much bloodied altar of the 'common good', it's much more cold blooded than that - again, it is simply  because bureaucrats can use what has become a very badly drafted Act, and are not bound to their own word, or past practice, and they can destroy, and do, because they can. No other reason necessary. And be warned, they seem to have developed, particularly, a disliking for the rural sector, which they judge as having had too many concessions in the tax law: as soon as a Department passes judgement such as this, independent of its Minister, and worse, on the only sector keeping our economy afloat, then we are in dire times indeed.

I am gutted at this decision. As far as I'm concerned, the next three years represent the continuation of tyranny, just as I always thought it would be under the populace fool, Key.


[I'd be interested in seeing this go out as a SOLO press release Linz, but am swamped with work until the end of this week. I'll put my mind to it then ... but if someone else wants to put the words together, from the above, then be my guest in the meantime. And I'd love to know Key/Hide saw this - I've already emailed Key, but that will probably not get through the smile at this stage.]

Here is the National-Act

reed's picture

Here is the National-Act agreement. - Websites made easy.

Giving the RMA a Hideing!

Jameson's picture

Galt, that would be great!

Also good to note this in the NZ Herald:

"National will also support legislation on ACT's hardline "three-strikes" sentencing policy for violent offenders to the select committee stage and a complete review of climate change policy settings.

While the climate change review takes place, implementation of the emissions trading scheme (ETS) will be delayed. The current ban on non essential new fossil fuel-based electricity generation will also be scrapped."

Key says he's still backing some sort of amended Emissions Trading Scam, but perhaps if Rodney starts his research here he'll have enough ammo to scrap the whole thing altogether.

Are the councils afraid yet?

Sandi's picture

I certainly hope so Rodney.

Associate Minister of Defence

Is Heather still a private or perhaps she is a corporal now?
This is like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. The lowest rank earns a seat at the highest table.
Mixed Military Proportional representation.

No malice towards Heather is intended. For starters Waiouru is not for the faint hearted and I respect anyone who has the fortitude to get through the raw meat grilling.

All the very best, Heather & Rodney and congratulations on such splendid portfolio's.

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