Worst Government In My Lifetime!

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Tue, 2008-11-18 22:46
The ACT/National/Rodney Hide government is by far the WORST government in my lifetime.

Since coming into office they have done the following:

1. Taxed the productive chaps

2. Allow out of control government departments to run rampant

3. Allow an out of control IRD to run rampant

4. Spend enormous sums of money on welfare payments to undeserving child killers

5. Allowed interest rates to remain far higher than they should be

6. Allowed trade unions to strike

7. Reduced the freedoms of New Zealand citizens

They have failed DISMALLY to repeal various intrusive pieces of legislation which limit freedom, have not cut taxes, not reduced compliance costs for business, not done anything they said they would have.

Yet, despite all of this, they have stolen $169 MILLION per day from honest businessmen, landowners and other 'normal' people; and are seeking even MORE money from a carbon tax!

It seems almost mindboggling a government could be such a failure in such a short time but it has happened, and I shudder to think how long the list of broken promises and socialist legislation will be this time next year.

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Oh great, a half-cut apology

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Not sure what opinions you expressed in private that haven't been repeated here ad nauseam, Elijah. I have nothing to conceal.

Now that you've (sort of) cleared up the slander, let's get back to the claim you made earlier regarding your "respect" for the Clark/Cullen regime for being "upfront' about their corruption".

Once again I ask for a single reference that supports this delusion. Failure to do so will of course undermine your entire proposition that the National coalition is the "Worst Government In [Your] Lifetime", for there is nothing in your argument that comes close to travesty of the 2005 election rort, the 'emergency' retrospective legislation that legalised it, and the introduction of the EFA, which dissolved our right to freely criticise the pricks responsible for turning New Zealand into a Banana Republic.

Oh it is probably the

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Oh it is probably the vintage champers Sticking out tongue ...but yes...let's keep the power dry to destroy the 'real' enemies, the people I am 'really' angry with...ha ha!

All I will say is I am not the only chap in town who knows about certain matters...


Geezus a day of withdrawls

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Have you gone catholic? Are you in a dodgy confession booth out in town somewhere with a laptop???? Eye

Good on ya Elijah...

Meh, may have gotten

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Meh, may have gotten somewhat carried away with regards to Glenn.

Such things are out of character for me...but yes...I withdraw claims about his honesty, his motives and express no opinion on his renumeration for the National party election campaign.

"quis custodiet ipsos custodes" ...and all that.

I still stick to my view that some people have been conned to an extreme extent...and expressed certain opinions to Glenn in private (which I have no intention of repeating on solopassion.com, and trust others will do the same)..and will continue my campaign of criticising the Tory government on a daily basis; but yes...let's not get bile directed towards 'some' people splashed against other people...and yes...well...moving right along....

EDIT: ..and I apologise to Glenn




Ha ha...probably because

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Ha ha...probably because Rodney is part of a Government which seeks to:

1. Change bail laws

2. 'Crack down' on people for associating with others

3. Stealing $170 million per day in taxes

4. Introduce a carbon tax

5. Abandon numerous policies he once claimed to believe in

6. (you get the general idea)

Sticking out tongue



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On another point, not mentioned here, I was confused as to why Rodney was burnt at the stake so to speak on bonfire night? Should he not, with all his individual freedom speak, be regarded as the highest ally for the libz party?
Pragmatist yes, split economic principles yes and various other short comings. He is the only person in parliament that is the most freedom promoting yet he, not Helen or any of her cronies, was being burnt at the stake.

I have to say I was very confused at why this was so.....

I said Polish decent..not

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I said Polish decent..not that you were born there...(and yes, Flaxmere is that bad! ha ha!)


I don't believe that

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I don't believe that prosecuting a member of a gang is appropriate if all that individual is, is a member. However, I do think that police should have investigative powers into gangs which boast a crime record.

DNA only for those proven guilty as this will fast track any future crime investigations for repeat offenders.

Gangs to bakers what is to stop the govt extending bla bla. The thing that will stop this is the line demarcated between advertised crime and a business man going about his day. One is a threat to security the other isn't.

Where did you get the idea I was born in Poland????
Flaxmere? Not that bad are they? Smiling

Kasper, I am DELIGHTED

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Kasper, I am DELIGHTED someone is debating some of the issues I have raised and clearly 'thinking'...and I sort of accept some of your arguments, but have concerns about anything which reduces freedom because that can often get out of hand.

A crack down on gang members seems to curb freedom; surely someone  should be 'free' to be a professional criminal if they want to ..(however brain damaged wanting such an occupation may seem)...and only prosecuted for 'specific' crimes rather than some attempt to punish people for simply being a criminal.

How long will it be before we have a 'crack down' on bakers? ...cameras and fingerprinting to ensure they put the correct amount of flour into their scones...(ie If we allow it for gangs, what is to stop the State from doing it to bakers on the spurious grounds that health inspectors found insanitary conditions at five bakeries selected at random?)

With regards to taking DNA samples....well....that sort of thing used to be rather popular in Germany at one time (along with ID cards, looking people up and down to decide guilt and innocence and a few other things)

I, too, am all for law enforcement...so long as the law is 'legal'; we could, for instance, have a law saying that people of Polish decent should only live in Flaxmere and those who refuse to move to that ghastly town will be shot Sticking out tongue ..(gosh, there is that Germany circa 1937 again)


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1) As an objectivist I am all for law enforcement and criminal management teams to be provided for by our government. Government is supposed to spend money on law courts. Part of that framework is victim support, rehabilitation, prison sentencing and criminal management schemes.

2)"Gangs" which are "associations" that openly engage in criminal activity should be responded to and treated like criminals. They are a threat and for that reason most definetely should be investigated.

3) Dna sampling is an excellent idea if based on the terms you described below. We take number plates, driver liscensing and addresses. Dna is a more accurate and simple way of identifying people in a criminal investigation. Justice system needs to keep up with modern technology.

Eli Said:
They want to:

1. Change bail laws to make it more difficult to obtain bail ...(so some innocent people will spend time in jail because they do not 'look' suitable)

2. Increasing police powers to investigate gangs, and making gang membership an aggravating factor to be considered at sentencing....(that 'freedom of association' nonsense really needs to be done away with)

3. Allowing police to take DNA samples from everyone arrested for an offence for which they could be sentenced to jail....(just shocking!)

4. Setting up a victim compensation scheme, paid for by a levy of $50 on every person who commits a crime...(good luck collecting the money!)

Umm, gosh, A is B

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Are you pretending to misread my posts or are you a total retard?


For the umpteenth freakin' time:

1. "Glenn, [Labour] were upfront about their... corruption..."

Prove it.

2. "Glenn, you earnt yourself a quid..(albeit about 1/3rd of what I thought you were getting from them! ha ha!)... I orginally assumed you were being paid $500,000 by the Nats....(and then found out how wide of the mark I was)..."

Sources please.

3. "I believe you ARE a liar Glenn..."

Prove it or withdraw the accusation.

Glenn, if you have nothing

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Glenn, if you have nothing to say other than personal abuse - say nothing.

My last posting, about the curbs on freedom under the guise of changing bail laws, is happening.

It is a fact

A is A

I am not engaging in exaggeration, or misinformation or anything else; these people are betraying the principles they claim their party/ies stand for in order to damage freedom and I oppose that and fully intend to speak up about it.

All you can do is throw abuse, but what you cannot do is deny your party is trying to curb freedom, that these measures are either unnecessary or draconian, and it is you who should either put up or shut up.


Eliar Whineverry

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You are a dishonest little blow hard, and as our resident apologist for the Clark-Cullen regime I hope you rot in the steaming pile of horseshit you're evacuating here.


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arguing these points -they're all socialists for sure.

You're thread's a tad premature -they haven't even planned their office re-decorations yet.

The Rodney Socialist

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The Rodney Socialist government has begun its campaign to abolish freedom in New Zealand.

Simon Power, Minister of [Who Cares?] has announced various measures in the next 100 days.

Each of these things will reduce freedom, abitrarily declare people guilty by looking them up and down and cost more money than previously.

They want to:

1. Change bail laws to make it more difficult to obtain bail ...(so some innocent people will spend time in jail because they do not 'look' suitable)

2. Increasing police powers to investigate gangs, and making gang membership an aggravating factor to be considered at sentencing....(that 'freedom of association' nonsense really needs to be done away with)

3. Allowing police to take DNA samples from everyone arrested for an offence for which they could be sentenced to jail....(just shocking!)

4. Setting up a victim compensation scheme, paid for by a levy of $50 on every person who commits a crime...(good luck collecting the money!)

"..National also wants to remove offenders' right to parole if they commit a second serious offence, and allowing judges to imprison the worst murderers for life without parole.." according to the NZ Herald, although goodness knows what a 'worst' murderer is compared with...ummmmm....another murderer..(see comments above about 'looking people up and down' to decide guilt)

I shudder to think of how much freedom will be abolished by this legislative programme, shudder to think of the cost of all this nonsense.

Anyone who thinks I was jumping the gun in describing this Rodney Socialist government as the worst in my lifetime can rest assured I was spot on correct!


Slippery Eelijah

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1. All things mentioned?! You stated that Labour were "upfront about their corruption" and I'm still waiting for proof. References please.
2. a) Why did you assume that I was receiving that figure, and b) found out what, and from whom? Sources please.
3. You believe I'm a liar based on what exactly? Evidence please.
4. You mean the 'outrageous thread' in which you advocated "ethnic cleansing" and then refused to admit this was racist? Links please.

Put up or shut the fuck up.

1. All the things mentioned

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1. All the things mentioned are taking place, Glenn

2. I orginally assumed you were being paid $500,000 by the Nats....(and then found out how wide of the mark I was)

3. I believe you ARE a liar Glenn...but each to their own standards, I suppose...(I am a 'black and white' sort of chap myself)

4. The outrageous thread a year or so back about me being a racist caused all manner of problems, but people like you think it is okay when you do things.


That's it?!

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1) No facts to support your hyperbole.
2) No sources to back up your suggestion that I was underpaid by the Nats.
3) No substantiation for your slander.
4) And now you accuse me of slander without - once again - a shred of evidence.

What's that oozing out of your cravat, Eli?


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that's got you off the hook but you didn't answer the question.

No, I revealed

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No, I revealed a...ummmmm....(whatever you call them)...on youtube.com

Alf Garnett is not my hero because he is a Tory and ignorant (of even elementary matters)...but as a television programme it is highly amusing.


In that unguarded moment

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you've revealed your philosophical hero - Alf Garnett? Smiling

Ha ha...I was watching a

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Ha ha...I was watching a famous episode of 'Alf Garnett' on youtube the other night and he made the famous (and hilarious) declaration:

"We will only have a proper democracy when we line up a few people and shoot them!" Sticking out tongue ...HA HA HA!!!

These chaps who are Waterside workers and on strike are trouble making communists....I am not the sort of chap to advocate machine gunning, but...ummmmm....(flogging, perhaps?)...presumably it will all come out in the wash.


naughty boy

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What's wrong with allowing trade unions to strike Eli??

Are you meaning withdrawal of labour should be outlawed?

When it comes to 'slander'

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When it comes to 'slander' on solopassion.com I cannot hold a candle to you, Glenn!


Elijah, you have yet to substantiate this:

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"...the other lot were upfront about their socialism and corruption; "

I ask again, when and where did Clark and Co. admit to being corrupt? References please.

Now you accuse me of being a liar?!:

"To say that everything in the World, everything in life comes down to the Electoral Finance Act is grasping at straws...and I doubt even you believe what you have been saying...(certainly no one else does)"...

And what's your source for this churlish bullshit?:

"Glenn, you earnt yourself a quid..(albeit about 1/3rd of what I thought you were getting from them! ha ha!)..."

Before you start lecturing me on "honesty" and "character" perhaps you could support your apologies and "respect" for the Clark regime with some facts. And while you're at it justify your slander of me.

Not at all, Glenn.This

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Not at all, Glenn.

This Government has failed dismally.

One of the ironic things about the current political situation is the outgoing Labour government is full of people who believe they were excellent in government and are genuinely scratching their heads as to why they lost.

In a strange kind of way they are correct.

As far as socialism goes they are the perfect model; they nationalised various things, put cash in people's pockets, presided over low unemployment levels and did a myriad of other socialist measures.

If anything they simply forgot Machievallies warning about it being better to be seen as a miser than generous as generosity is followed by ingratitude (e.g on November 8th)

In 1999 many in the National party felt they had done very necessary things, often under difficult circumstances and gave themselves an 8/10; many in the National party were just saddened they had to do things which were unpopular and spend a decade in opposition as a result.

In 1990 the outgoing Labour party was embarrassed by an absence of socialism yet felt they had freed up the economy and various industries and had a 'moral victory', albeit at enormous cost to themselves.

In 1984 the outgoing National government had believed it important to insulate the Country from the rest of the World, reward their friends and destroy their enemies.

Ironically, Muldoon proclaimed himself a success because everything in their three election manifestos (with a handful, at most, of exceptions) had been done.

In their own way, often rather 'twisted' way these other governments in my lifetime were successful either because they gave their own supporters what they wanted, or followed their own ideology, or performed well in the busybodyism of controlfreak government.

The Rodney Hide John Key government is none of those things.

Believe in nothing, will betray everyone, will simply tell lies, will spin failure into success.

Glenn, you earnt yourself a quid..(albeit about 1/3rd of what I thought you were getting from them! ha ha!)... from the Nats so are hardly 'objective' when discussing the government.

To say that everything in the World, everything in life comes down to the Electoral Finance Act is grasping at straws...and I doubt even you believe what you have been saying...(certainly no one else does)...and there are more important issues at stake - such as "honesty" and "character" (get someone to explain what these words mean)..attributes not possessed by either the ACT or National MPs, something even their own people privately acknowledge.

The 'Maurice Williamson' faction of the National Party (for lack of a better term) and the 'Roger Douglas' faction of ACT have grave concerns about the government, are saying to themselves "gosh, have we sunk this low?!?" ..and that is hardly a sound footing to begin with.


Have you conceded, Elijah

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that you don't have the goods?

$508 Million. Half a

Elijah's picture

$508 Million.

Half a BILLION (with a b) dollars is the amount of money stolen from the productive people of New Zealand by the Rodney Hide National Government since they have been in office.

(Still waiting for Rodders to mention tax cuts)


Laugh all you want, Eli...

Jameson's picture

but it is you who is devoid of an argument. I asked you to show us where Clark and Cullen had been 'upfront' about their corruption, and your answer was in effect saying they were honest about it because of "their constant denials." Since when were lies evidence of truth?

Ha ha...I always know I

Elijah's picture

Ha ha...I always know I have someone 'on the run' and in COMPLETE agreement with me when they are so devoid of arguments they simply resort to swearing.

(Very 'objectivist' of you)


Sometimes you're full of shit, Eli

Jameson's picture

And on this occasion you're popping at the seams.

Ummmm...their constant

Elijah's picture

Ummmm...their constant denials, of course Eye ...(ha ha!)



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Clark & Cullen were upfront about their corruption?! I challenge you to support that utter drivel with a single candid reference!

Glenn, the other lot were

Elijah's picture

Glenn, the other lot were upfront about their socialism and corruption; in an odd sort of way I respect that (you cannot blame a cat for being a cat).

The new Government have conned several hundred thousand people into thinking things will change, that socialism is dead in New Zealand, that things will improve (etc)...and that is worse than anything.

For instance, according to published emails on this website, the ACT Government is opposed to a Carbon Tax; I therefore expect their resignations should such a tax be introduced.

What are the chances of resignations? ...(oh please!) Sticking out tongue ...and that is where the rub lies because it shows there is no 'limit', shows there is nothing of a socialist nature which is beyond the pale for the ACT government....presumably a law requiring compulsory beastiality and/or child molestation will be 'okay because we are making a difference'

After 20 minutes I could proclaim this the worst Government in my lifetime because all the others stood for something; all the others believed in what they were doing (even when it was wrong); all the others had people who were 'honest' (or at least 'honest about their intentions') in it.

As far as Rodney and many National people are concerned they said to themselves "I have been in politics for 12 [or whatever] years, I deserve ministerial office and a car and a house and 15 staffers; God knows I worked long enough and hard enough for it, so I will do anything to get it and keep it"

History will show that not only did I not 'jump the gun' but I was rather prophetic! Shocked


That's far too kind a response, Lindsay

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I'd call his post "fucking hyperbole!" For the new lot to challenge the Rap Sheet of the Clark/Cullen/Winston/Anderton/Dunne/Fitzsimmons bloc they'll have to do worse than that ~ starting with stealing an election, rewriting the law to make the stealing legal, then implementing legislation to stop us from freely complaining about the theft.

Ha ha...I got an email from

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Ha ha...I got an email from a friend of mine saying "..they have been in government 20 minutes!.." about this. Sticking out tongue

The email response Gregster has received, and a few other hints over the weekend, and the bolshie behaviour of Turia and Sharples means you will be waiting a very short time.

What saddens me is reviewing this post in 1 year and being proven right....and Galt knows, I desperately want to be 'pleasantly surprised' about this bunch of remora fish.

Just remember, 2.1 million people looked down at a ballot paper with the Libertarianz on it...(despite bizarre suggestions most were unable to see our name)...and decided against ticking our box; I have no sympathy for these chaps.

At the General Election I (and many other solo chaps) did the honest and honourable thing by ticking the Libz box and will not hesitate to get stuck into this band of criminals and liars.


Um, Eli ...

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They were sworn in just this morning. Eye Hardly time to commit all the atrocities you ascribe to them! Let's extend some good will until we really know there's reason not to. I have a feeling that won't be long, but you're jumping the gun here.

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