SOLO-International Press Release: Airhead America, Bailout Bolshevism and a Commissar of Cars

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2008-11-20 00:39

SOLO-International Press Release: Airhead America, Bailout Bolshevism and a Commissar of Cars

November 20, 2008

There can surely have been few more pitiful spectacles in recent times than the heads of the Big Three American auto-makers going cap-in-hand to Washington to beg for taxpayer money, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"The sight of these three supposed stalwarts of American capitalism pleading for politicians to rescue them from the workings of the marketplace with the plundered earnings of productive citizens must surely have Mikhail Gorbachev scratching his birthmark. Time was when such captains of industry wouldn't dream of bowing and scraping to the power-lusters and parasites on Capitol Hill. Now it seems their self-respect is non-existent as they shamelessly solicit coerced money with which to continue producing inferior cars and coddling the obscenely bloated United Auto Workers Union.

"Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have signalled their support for a bail-out package for the auto industry in addition to that already in effect for banks and mooted for mortgages. The President-elect also wants a 'Car Czar' to oversee the industry, in the finest traditions of Kremlinesque central planning. That should occasion no surprise, coming as it does from socialist Democrats, but it should be remembered that the culture of bail-out Bolshevism was unleashed by the Republican incumbent just weeks ago when Mr. Bush blindly followed his panicky and erratic Treasury Secretary down the path to nationalization.

"It should also be remembered that such a travesty would not have been possible in an America whose citizens were literate and well-versed in their nation's founding principles. Airhead America has succeeded where such assorted despots as King George, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Brezhnev failed. Airhead America is America—bastion of liberty and free enterprise, land of the free and home of the brave—no longer," Perigo laments.

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Borger's comments which

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Borger's comments which Marcus posts are alarmingly accurate, but this one:

"some states are in danger of being 'taken over and run by criminal networks'"

...who would notice? Smiling

In an era when on the one hand it would seem (through technology, etc) the world is poised to reduce the relevance of the state to its only legitimate functions (police, courts, military), the world's power-mongers are scrambling to find excuses to retain their relevance (and power). Between global warming, financial market instability, and any number of other things which supposedly only governments can deal with, the ravenous zombie of statism just refuses to die. The ultimate 'welfare mothers' - United Socialist Police States banks and auto makers, perpetuating the misery the statism is supposedly going to eliminate.

The rotting corpse of the New (Raw) Deal marches on, and with thunderous applause from those who should be standing in line to shoot it in the head and put it out of our misery once and for all!

Rule one

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“Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” Mr. Emanuel said in an interview on Sunday. “They are opportunities to do big things.” Barf!
The idea of turning the auto industry’s crisis into a chance to enact changes with energy and environmental benefits is one that Mr. Emanuel has promoted in Congress. More here.

Here is Google's Clean Energy 2030 Plan that will cost $4.4 trillion. Jawdropping!

Linz, your KASS girl is back :-)

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Hillary Clinton accepts Barack Obama's offer to be Secretary of State

2025: the end of US dominance

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Welcome to the USSA! #2 Sad

2025: the end of US dominance

• US intelligence: 'We can no longer call shots alone'
• European Union will be 'hobbled giant' by 2025
• Triumph of western democracy not certain

Julian Borger, diplomatic editor, Thursday November 20 2008

The United States' leading intelligence organisation has warned that the world is entering an increasingly unstable and unpredictable period in which the advance of western-style democracy is no longer assured, and some states are in danger of being "taken over and run by criminal networks".

The global trends review, produced by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) every four years, represents sobering reading in Barack Obama's intray as he prepares to take office in January. The country he inherits, the report warns, will no longer be able to "call the shots" alone, as its power over an increasingly multipolar world begins to wane.

Looking ahead to 2025, the NIC (which coordinates analysis from all the US intelligence agencies), foresees a fragmented world, where conflict over scarce resources is on the rise, poorly contained by "ramshackle" international institutions, while nuclear proliferation, particularly in the Middle East, and even nuclear conflict grow more likely.

"Global Trends 2025: A World Transformed" warns that the spread of western democratic capitalism cannot be taken for granted, as it was by George Bush and America's neoconservatives...

Help! I am turning into a bank. Now I want to be bailed out

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Welcome to the USSA! Sad

Adrian Michaels plc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of my wife's holding company, announces today that it is applying to the Federal Reserve to become an American bank. That way I can resolve my financial troubles by applying for a slice of the US Treasury's $700 billion bank bail-out fund.

I might have trouble with my mortgage next month, or paying for my groceries this weekend. So by becoming a bank I will be able to ask Hank Paulson, US Treasury secretary, for a vast loan...

I got the idea after reading that GMAC, the car finance company partially owned by General Motors, has applied to be a US bank. The move presumably follows the faltering efforts by Detroit's big three motor companies to secure separate bail-outs of their own from Washington.

Others have had equally ridiculous ideas. Aegon is not a bank but an insurer. Aegon is not even American, but Dutch. But it is thinking of buying a small US bank in order to apply to the bank bail-out fund approved by Congress.

Other insurers - at least they are American - have also either bought small banks or are thinking of doing so for the same reasons.

Where will it end? With me and my application to become a US bank. Anyone want a loan?...

Now the Democrats in

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Now the Democrats in congress what the Auto-makers to come up with a business plan to be reviewed in a couple of weeks or so.

What is most surprising about that idea is that no one asked for a business plan earlier! no one in congress asked an obvious question "what will you do with the money? what makes you think an extra $25 billion will save you?" ....and the Auto chappies never thought to compile one prior to their snivelling earlier this week!

Just amazing the arrogance of the Auto makers ("We are GM we cannot be allowed to fail") and the stupidity of the Democrat party.

Submitted to Real Clear

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Submitted to Real Clear Politics go there now to vote for the article. Unfortunately you can't link directly to the SOLO submission, only the "reader's articles" page, so you may need to search for it.

10 votes gets the SOLO submission bumped to the front page and drives traffic back to here.

You need to register to vote, if you haven't already done so you can register here.

On the radio...

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...someone claimed that Obama still smokes a packet of cigarettes a day. If he added a few glasses of red wine to the ciggies he would make a KASS president Smiling

If only he was so far left he was virtually on the right (dreaming)...

Obama to skip UN climate says announcement from climate change secretariat

Elana Schor,
Monday November 17 2008

A bit of bad news for those seeking quick action on climate change under the new presidential administration: Barack Obama is not heading to Poland next month for UN talks on a pending global climate change pact.

Obama's no-show status at the talks is hardly a death knell for the emissions reduction treaty that the UN must negotiate by next year to replace the expiring Kyoto protocol. But environmental groups had mounted a vocal campaign to persuade the president-elect to attend Poland -- or at least send a delegation to represent him -- and Obama appeared to agree during a pre-election appearance in Ohio...

How Obama got elected by Airhead America...

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Some of our American chaps

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Some of our American chaps may be able to clarify things....but as I understand it, if there is a vote and it is lost that is the end of it (and the Automakers go tits up in a month or so)...if there is no vote, due to a filibuster or other procedural matters, the bill 'dies' after a certain number of days? am I on the right track here?

According to Fox News (international version) there are only 46 votes in favour...(and some of them may be in the loo when the vote occurs..."oh dear, gosh, I missed it"..ha ha!)

There aren't the votes ...

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... in the current Congress. It'll be a different story when Franklin Delano Obama's lot hit town.

It was a bit pathetic

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It was a bit pathetic seeing Wagoner snivelling like that...gosh..whatever next?!?!

The story has kept changing and changing back over the last 48 hours or so, but I gather the confirmed 'headcount' in the US Senate as of an hour ago means there are not the votes for it and GM, Ford and Chrysler are 'over and out'.

Quite right, too!

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