Ummmm....SO JOLLY WHAT?!?!

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Thu, 2008-11-20 06:30

I am watching a typically left wing socialist broadcast by Sainsbury about job losses as I write this.

He has that silly gal, Laile Harre, bemoaning the fact there are job losses in various (textile, clothing, consumer goods, pulp and paper) unnecessary industries in New Zealand.

What these silly chaps seem not to realise is that certain industries are not suited for New Zealand.

With the best will in the World our great Nation is not the place to have a textile mill, or clothing manufacturing plant, or factory making Ipods, or a myriad of other industries.

Such industries are best located in foreign parts; let the Chinese work in these factories for $1 per hour....who cares? or Vietnamese chaps, or Indonesia ....indeed, anywhere foreign (it does not make any particular difference)

Back in the bad old days, when New Zealand lived in a fantasy World of authoritarianism, protectionism and "Mister Muldoon" would announce each Monday what life for all citizens would be for the following week, such industries had some sort of place. Okay. Fair enough, if that is what you want to waste your time doing (each to their own, afterall).

In the last couple of decades, however, things have changed, and manifestly changed to the extent that there is no longer a place for these sorts of industries in New Zealand.

I go further and say "nor should there be"

Chaps, let me explain it to you very, very, very, very clearly...(so there is no misunderstanding)...IT IS OVER. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR YOU IN NEW ZEALAND ANY LONGER. SELL UP. SACK YOUR WORKING CLASS EMPLOYEES AND MOVE TO CHINA OR VIETNAM.

I am not sure how much more clearly I can explain that.

It is over; just as America is no longer a place to make cars, New Zealand is no longer a place to have 'blue collar' occupations and the nonsense with goes with it....(lots of working class people with vacuous smiles, soccer teams, employers giving people hampers at Christmas, health and safety concerns...*yawn*)...and move onwards.

Our great Nation should look to new industries which earn profits, new ideas, new ways of doing things and forget about the past; forget about unnecessary activities and unnecessary industries which were never required in the first place, let alone having a place in the 21st Century.

So all our unproductive manufacturers go what?

Large numbers of working class people are out of work as a what?

The Chinese and Vietnamese are doing jobs New Zealanders used to 'jolly' what?

Because of the cost of sending goods abroad to export markets our chaps are not what?


The days of blue collar industries in New Zealand is over; although many are (unbelieveably) still unaware of the fact, and so various tinkering and handwringing and coughing and spluttering results, it is an ABSOLUTE....this is the place for white collar, or service, or 'innovative' is not the place for manufacturing or other similar nonsense industries.

The sooner every unproductive, inefficient manufacturer gets closed down.... the better! 'jolly' what? Eye

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Just re-reading the

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Just re-reading the original post (written in haste and anger at seeing idiocy and socialism on that television programme - and a reminder of why I seldom watch Sainsbury or anyone else on television) I think I should clarify something as what I meant to say came out wrongly! ha ha!

I do not mean to suggest that manufacturing profitably in New Zealand is impossible, quite the opposite, but it depends what you are making and where you are selling it.

What simply does not work are 'old style' manufacturing enterprises - textiles, clothing, appliances (etc)

Certainly things such as food manufacturing can be quite successful, especially if 90% is exported to much larger markets.

So all our unproductive

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So all our unproductive manufacturers go what?

Nostalgia and nationalism, that's all it ever boils down to. It's why the idea of bailing out US car manufacturers is even being considered. Nothing to do with "protecting" the economy.

New, productive, competitive industries have a hard time starting in an environment where there are old, unproductive, subsidised industries. Which because they are in the truest sense of the word "unsustainable", will eventually come to ruin, leaving you in a situation where there actually won't be anywhere for workers to go.

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