Monthly Update—March 1

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2006-03-01 04:17

I’m really excited about the first announcement I have to make in this monthly update.

*Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Executive Director. It’s … (drum roll, please) … Jason Quintana. I proposed, and he accepted. By way of explaining why I picked him, I can do no better than quote from my note to him:

"Thing is, Jason, I need an Executive Director. I'm offering you the job. My job is not to *run* SOLO. It's to provide the over-arching vision, the broad brush-strokes. The whole point of having staff is to let *them* run the thing, *implement* the vision. I've been waiting for a successor to Joe to become apparent. I gave Joe carte blanche to run SOLO as he saw fit, subject only to ultimate veto power on my part if I saw fit to exercise it. I never did. We conferred a lot, & that worked well ... until the end, obviously. I'd expect you to confer, too, if you felt the need, but I wouldn't back-seat drive. You'd be one below me in the pecking order, but to all intents & purposes, you'd be in charge. What I'm looking for is someone with precisely your attributes, at least as I see them. Young, vibrant, good grasp of Objectivism, a deep, passionate commitment to its future & SOLO's, good 'people skills,' a sound practical bent ... I silently followed your chat with Lance yesterday & thought, 'Here's my man.' You stepped up well to your current job. How about an upgrade?"

Happily, Jason agreed. We’re giving it a three-month trial period, but I’m confident Jason will step up to the job and strengthen SOLO significantly. In the three months since our rebirth, we’ve put the basics in place to get back on course and beyond after a quite unnecessary but palpable setback. Now I can step back and let someone else drive the “hands-on” stuff. In Julian and Duncan, Jason has exceptional technical expertise at his disposal, and will also have the assistance of the ever-sunny Andrew Bissell as his deputy. Welcome to your upgrade, Jason!

*Another addition to the staff: Shayne Wissler will coordinate a new category, SOLOGeek. It’s for folk who speak that funny language. Shayne can be a grumpy old fart, but take no notice. His bark is way worse than his bite. I’m impressed by his sincerity and commitment to Objectivism, and the good faith he has displayed in the many disagreements we’ve had.

*Still on staff matters—would ALL staffers please report in URGENTLY to Duncan’s thread, “Test—Staff Only.” It’s on the front page, invisible to non-staffers (at least, we hope it is!). Once everyone’s on board, Jason can start cracking the whip!

*I hope you’ve all noticed our sparkling new feature, the chat room, lower left of your screen, accessible at all times. Don’t hesitate to use it—that’s what it’s there for!

*The new Free Radical came out yesterday. The cover has raised eyebrows already, featuring as it does photos of mad Muslims sporting unspeakable placards with the editorial exhortation, “Death to Islam!” underneath. Duncan will post the new cover and table of contents shortly. You can subscribe to the world’s KASSiest Objectivist/libertarian magazine at the top left of your screen.

*During the period this update covers, of course, I withdrew from the upcoming TOC Summer Seminar in LA, where I was scheduled to present. TOC’s thinly-veiled warning to me to stop criticising their continued patronage of the Brandens and their gutless appeasement generally, or bow out of the SS, prompted me to opt for the latter course. TOC are perfectly within their rights to stipulate any conditions they wish, of course, just as I am free to reject such conditions—and did. For reasons that have been well canvassed, I have come to the view that TOC has acted in very bad faith indeed. With the Brandens and the Brandenians currently upping the ante in their attacks on Ayn Rand, TOC should be putting its foot down, not acquiescing. To stand up for justice for Ayn Rand is not, as TOC’s Bidinotto would have us believe, to “canonise” her or pronounce her “flawless”—it’s to stand up for justice. TOC stands indicted for a shocking lack of integrity in this matter.

*Justice is close by, though—just down the road from TOC, as the SS draws to a close, PARC author James Valliant and I shall be speaking at a Borders book-signing event. This’ll be a truly KASS occasion, and I hope SOLOists from all over will do their best to attend. Stay tuned for final details.

That’s all for now. Here’s to a rationally passionate, passionately rational month ahead! KASS, SOLOists!


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...and Good Luck, Jason!  And Linz, a fine choice!

Jason: As one who's always

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Jason: As one who's always been impressed by your posts, I think you're a great choice for this role. You're super-smart; you have humour and vigour, and you're an Objectivist - what more could anyone want? SOLO is all the richer for your presence.

You're the man now, dog!

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Had to throw in that subject line, now that SOLOists will be embracing their inner geeks. My heartfelt congrats Jason! And don't worry about the initiation rites ... Linz will get you so boozed up you won't remember any of them anyway.

Initiation Rites ...

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Shut up, Sturm, he'll find out soon enough.

Yes, Jason, you should be very, very afraid.

Lots of great news. Congrats

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Lots of great news. Congrats all around.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Thank You

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Thanks guys Smiling I appreciate everyone's kind words. Lindsay's proposal came as quite a shock, but when I thought it over I came to the conclusion that the job will provide me with an exciting challenge. SOLO has had some rough times recently but it retains a great core group of people and a culture that is entirely unique among Objectivist groups. So there are several very positive things to build upon. I already have a few ideas in mind, and Lindsay, Julian, Duncan, Andrew and I will having several discussions in the coming weeks about improvements that we want to make on the website and to the organization. We also need to plan for a conference. So stay tuned.

- Jason

Tim -- No, should I be worried about this? Smiling

Congrats Jason

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Thanks Julian & Linz, and good luck Jason.

Tim: LOL!

Geez, talk about a quick

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Geez, talk about a quick promotion through the ranks! But I fully agree Jason looks the right person for the job.

Jason, you do know about Lindsay's initiation process don't you?

Welcome aboard, Jason

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Glad to see such a reasonable and sharp guy at the helm. Congratulations!


Congratulations Jason

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As you said Lindsay, I don't think the trial period is needed. Jason appears to be someone with a great sense of life and integrity. I look forward to meeting him at an upcoming SOLO conference. Onward and upward!


Congratulations Jason!

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I would like to publically congratulate Jason. I am really looking forward to working with him. From the discussions we've had, he seems like the right person to take SOLO to the next level of development.

Also welcome to Shayne, coordinator of the new SOLOGeek group! Smiling

It is going to be an exciting time, and I am honoured to work with such brilliant, benevolent, and passionate individuals. This is the spirit of SOLO!


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