Some Non Existent Creature Like A Unicorn or....

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Mon, 2008-11-24 05:45

...the Australian Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd, the 'supposed' Prime Minister of Australia, has celebrated his first year in office.

Nothing unusual about that except Mr Rudd has spent much of his time as Prime Minister...ummmmmm....abroad.

His Deputy, Julia Gillard, (a silly left wing socialist female with strange views on a range of issues) has been 'acting' Prime Minister on...wait for it....

88 DAYS ...(out of 371)...something HILARIOUSLY parodied on the ROVE television show.

Rudd is so fond of being out of Australia that during the recent storms in Brisbane, causing enormous damage and deaths, Rudd had to rush back from (God knows where) to Brisbane to undertake a 'walkabout' and sympathetic head nodding (for the TV cameras) for no other reason than the part of Brisbane most affected was..ummmmm....his own electorate Sticking out tongue ...(a fact presumably pointed out to him by a staffer)

Kevin Rudd's strong support for Brisbane-ites is summed up with his "I am the member of parliament for...ummmmmm.....(now, I know this, don't help me, ummmm, don't help me, ummmmmm, member electorate is called...ummmmm....don't help me, I know for a fact my electorate is in Queensland somewhere......ummmmm...) gosh, this is flaming unfair! expecting me to remember the name of a place I visit once every three years when there is an election..."

As Rudd continues his World Travels he seems not to understand that Australia is left in the hands of Julia Gillard, is not keen on his perpetual absence, does not see the need for constant World travel, and he is fast becoming viewed as a 'mythological' sort of figure....something non existent - like a unicorn....(or the Prime Minister)

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