Mumbai Mass Murder

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Fri, 2008-11-28 00:52

These were terrorists who make no serious concrete demands.  They’re not after riches.  They don’t genuinely want prisoners released or captured revolutionary leaders handed over. They don’t want to be flown to Cuba.

All they truly want is blood.  American and British blood.   Western blood.  The cold, calculated and
cowardly slaughter of innocent, prosperous people enjoying their lives, and the collateral killing of anyone who gets in the way of that goal.  All the training of these killers was evidently directed towards death: their ideology, their outlook
and their ingenuity in putting together a coordinated city-wide assault was all directed to that end. 

A religion that began in violence has become a culture that now sees violence as their major message to the world.

“This is how Islam solves its problems, with violence. This is not an ‘isolated incident’ or the product of a ‘few extremists.’ One bombing is isolated, two is the work of a few extremists ...”  So what do you call this litany?

New York.  Washington.  The USS Cole. Embassy bombings. Rabbi Kahane.  Pim Fortyn. Theo Van Gogh. Daniel Pearl. Luxor. Madrid. Beslan. Jaipur. London. Sharm el Sheikh. Cairo. Bali.  Mumbai, 2006 and 2007. Karachi. Mumbai, 2008.

The ‘religion of peace’ now has over a hundred new victims to add to its ‘glory’: new sacrifices to a culture of barbarism and the failure to take this threat seriously enough.

Like it or not, but the west is still at war.  Barbarism declared war on civilisation decades ago, yet civilisation has still not truly woken up to it.  “We” didn't start this war or encourage the threat, but a litany of appeasement has ferociously fanned its flames, encouraged the attackers, emboldened the growth of violence.  And in the litany of attackers is a common thread: Islamo-totalitarians who by their own admission "worship death" as we in the west worship life; who want the prosperous, freedom-loving west dead, as dead as their own dark souls; and who see the cowardly west as easy prey.

On this last point at least, they're right.

I’ve said this before more than once: the war we are in is as much an ideological war as it is an actual hot war. The blood-soaked voices from the stone age like this one know it:

“no we do not apologize … i'm happy they were attacked and i don't feel a bit sorry for them… Those who disbelieve and who wrong muslims, they will get something similar to it. because what goes around comes around… mumbai is one of the most shaytanic places on earth. all that bollywood crap is there, and maybe this is a sign for them to take heed.”

To barbarians like these,the free and prosperous west is a personal affront; their war on the west is the last gap of the Dark Age they've submitted to themselves and wish to impose on the rest of the world. Their own ideology has failed at everything but the production of penury and death, and now it's all they have left. In the words of their chief spokesman, we in the west know how to live, but they “know how to die.”  And don’t they just.

Meanwhile, the ideological war on behalf of the west has still to be fully engaged, and in most of the west is still resolutely undercut by the voices of "useful idiots" from the academies who use the freedom of the west
only to attack and undercut it.

A principled, rational, consistent, philosophical defence of the ideas that support freedom and western civilisation is long overdue; the barbarians themselves know their enemies -- the ideas of reason, of individualism, of property rights and freedom and capitalism: but who among
those who enjoy these boons will lift a finger to seriously defend them.

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Islamists Hate the Kafir

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Ben Shapiro speaks volumes which echo my thoughts exactly.

"Western civilization isn’t at war with terrorism any more than it is at war with grenades. Western civilization is at war with militant Islam, which dominates Muslim communities all over the world. Militant Islam isn’t a tiny minority of otherwise goodhearted Muslims. It’s a dominant strain of evil that runs rampant in a population of well over 1 billion.....

....No more empty talk. No more idle promises. No more happy ignorance, half measures, or appeasement-minded platitudes. The time for hard-nosed, uncompromising action hasn’t merely come -- it’s been overdue by seven years."

Full Article

Ditto. http://fawstin.blogspo

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Nice one, Bosch

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Jameson, I actually have

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Jameson, I actually have Pigman referring to the scumbags as MullahFuckers in one moment, it's a perfect fit.


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The last of the Jihadi have been taken out by the anti-terrorist squad. Now it's time to hunt down the mullah-fuckers who conceived the operation.

Let's combine Joe's word choice with yours, Jameson

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And throw in one of my own:


Callum, here's one:

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Not quite all..

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"Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Mumbai, was earlier reported to have said that two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen seized by Indian commandos who stormed buildings to free hostages.

NDTV, a local television news channel, claimed that the terrorists – who swarmed into luxury hotels and other tourist sites in the city – included "British citizens of Pakistani origin"...

I've recently heard that the

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I've recently heard that the death toll has risen to about 150.

No word in the English language can describe my feelings toward these scum.

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place." -Ayn Rand

All Mysticism

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While it is true that ALL religion is mysticism, Islam stands alone in theory and practice. It is the only religion which mandates what it does, whose adherents behave as they do, and is as widespread as it is. Easy to understand why. It spreads, they use violence to enforce their edicts, and for the most part, the West sits on its hands.

The biggest difference between the principled response to Islam and other religions is: against Islam, violence is ~required~ and it must be eliminated as it currently exists. As to all other religions, ideas are sufficient, or should be.

The West must become clear about this, and quickly.

Scott DeSalvo
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According to this report, up to seven of the gunmen were British, coming from the same area as the 7/7 Bombers

Yet Again

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This is Islam, yet again, proudly presenting itself to the world, and openly displaying the nature of its soul. I hope people eventually face reality, and see Islam for what it is.

British shipping tycoon killed in Mumbai massacre

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Yes, these truly evil scum who take pride in destroying the productive heroes of the west deserve to burn forever in whatever hell they believe in!
27 Nov 2008

A British shipping tycoon has been shot dead in the Mumbai massacre which has so far claimed 125 lives...

Mr Liveras was pronounced dead on arrival at St George's Hospital in Mumbai, formerly Bombay, after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, staff said.

Before he was hit, Mr Liveras, who built a £315 million fortune from his eponymous luxury yacht charter business, told the BBC he had just sat down for dinner at the Taj Mahal when the shooting began.

"We heard the machine gunfire outside in the corridor," he said. "We hid ourselves under the table and then they switched all the lights off. But the machine guns kept going, and they took us into the kitchen, and from there into a basement, before we came up into a salon.

"There must be more than a thousand people here. Nobody comes in this room and nobody goes out, and we really don't know. Everybody is just living on their nerves."

Hell no!

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Robert Spencer, who has lifted a mightier finger than most, is catholic. Ayan Hirsi Ali, is an ex-muslim with socialist leanings. Oriana Fallaci, I'm sure, was not an Objectivist. The ones who lift fingers are freedom lovers, regardless of whether they're objectivists or not.


The answer obviously is - only Objectivists.

It's not a war on the West.

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It's a war on the Infidels.

Excellent point, Suma

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And great post, Peter! I would also say that those on the right generally reduce their criticism of Islam to merely "my (generally Christian) God is better than your God" and those on the left are not the only ones who are helping the assault on reason..freedom..capitalism... they have had great assitance from the right as well, though generally with different excuses and hidden at times.

As Mr. Cresswell indicated, Western Civilization needs to stick up for itself like it never has before, and largely seems to be doing the opposite.

Peter, nice summary of what

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Peter, nice summary of what was on my mind!

A principled, rational, consistent, philosophical defence of the ideas that support freedom and western civilisation is long overdue; the barbarians themselves know their enemies -- the ideas of reason, of individualism, of property rights and freedom and capitalism: but who among those who enjoy these boons will lift a finger to seriously defend them.

Rhetorical question, I know. The answer obviously is - only Objectivists. Folks on the right are not going to name the enemy Islam, because they know that once you get past the crazier elements of it, the rest of the BS is shared by all religions; and as for the assault on reason..freedom..capitalism..the beneficiaries (on the left) in the west are doing a fine job without help from Muslims. Our job would be easier if the waters were not muddied by the crazies.

About the demand for stolen Muslim lands, strange though it sounds, that has been a consistent demand of Laskar-e-Taiba. Here is a Muslim apologist article that nevertheless has some facts right. From the article:

"We [Muslims] were the legal rulers of India, and in 1857 the British took that away from us," says Tarik Jan, a gentle-mannered scholar at Islamabad's Institute of Policy Studies. "In 1947 they should have given that back to the Muslims." Jan is no militant, but he pines for the golden era of the Mughal period in the 1700s, and has a fervent desire to see India, Pakistan and Bangladesh reunited under Islamic rule.

That sense of injustice is at the root of Muslim identity today. It has permeated every aspect of society, and forms the basis of rising Islamic radicalism on the subcontinent. "People are hungry for justice," says Ahmed Rashid, Pakistani journalist and author of the new book Descent Into Chaos. "It is perceived to be the fundamental promise of the Koran."

I know that this view is shared by other Muslims, with empty lives, in India.

I've been reading that site

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I've been reading that site for a while now, and asking a few pointed questions. There are a few decent people on there, but for the most part they're jihadis or - more frequently - apologists for same.

The less learned (about Islam) tend to deny things like the legitimacy of slavery in Islam; those who are more learned acknowledge such things but obfuscate, claim that Christianity is worse (if so, so what?) or attempt to excuse such things.


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Ain't that the truth?!

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... the barbarians themselves know their enemies -- the ideas of reason, of individualism, of property rights and freedom and capitalism: but who among
those who enjoy these boons will lift a finger to seriously defend them.

Fine effort, Irishman!

My fingers are lifting as

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My fingers are lifting as we speak, Peter....but it is a shame few are attacking these terrorists on philosophical grounds (so as not to upset them), but merely on the murders which have taken place.

Hat tip

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Thanks to Duncan for the link to the revolting 'TurnToIslam' Forum used above.

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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