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Submitted by Lance on Sun, 2008-11-30 18:29

via Samizdata:

When the silly price of silly art slumps, you know the economy is tanking

Damien Hirst Lays Off Workers Damien Hirst the infamous pomowanker who gained attention for producing utter crap and letting people convince themselves to buy it - can no longer afford to excrete his "art" at previous levels.

Cue suggestions that the UK gummint should bail out this national cultural treasure.


No one?

What a surprise...

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What about that bloke on

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What about that bloke on 'Sunday' last night: His name was Gibblet or Tribble or something.


Jeeeeesus .... I've always held to the thought there is no such thing as 'easy' money: you have to work, take risks, use your imagination, etc, etc. Apparently I was wrong. You just rely on dumb-arses to buy crap.

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