John Galt Award for KASSery: David Bellamy on Global Warming

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Submitted by John Galt on Wed, 2008-12-03 22:41

"Global warming is part of a natural cycle and there’s nothing we can actually do to stop these cycles. The world is now facing spending a vast amount of money in tax to try to solve a problem that doesn’t actually exist."

Full interview here.

Hat-tip: Marcus.

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What's on its way

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I heard on the news this morning...

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...that now Bush is out of the way, Silvio Berlusconi is the new scapegoat.

Apparently he is saying that he wont sign up in Poland unless exceptions are made for Italy because it's going to ruin their economy. At least we still have some political leaders who are still sane Smiling

Marcus - you realised that

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Marcus - you haven't realised that they've now rebranded it from global warming to 'climate change'? What is the great thing about rebranding? no matter which way the weather goes they can claim its all down to man. Big evil man - and man needs to pay the price for his sins Sticking out tongue

The irony of it is...

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...that the Governments of the world are discussing combating 'global warming' in Poland today - while Europe is experiencing freezing temperatures and snow. The snow outside won't even give them a moment of pause for thought as they pat each other the backs that they're saving the world from severe warming.

Isn't this the ultimate form of Orwellian delusion?

People might like to massage

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People might like to massage their ego's thinking they're the masters of the universe but one should at the same time be humbled as to the limitations which we as humans have in regards to control or influence over things that happen on this rock.

This whole pathetic childish mind set of 'Gods unto ourselves' has resulted in what we see today in the form of socialism, communism and environmentalism. The ignorance to the limitations of human beings and ignorance to human nature.

Environmentalists claiming we have some how created a weather machine in the form of 'climate change', socialists and communists who claim that they can rally against millions of years worth of evolution and change the basic survival mind set of humans which has been ingrained into our psyche since the dawn of time. 


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(the weight of the world upon you), I would recommend some naked dancing around the fire, with a few Pernods or similar, to shake off that miserable species mindset.

Of course..

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Of course it is part of the natural cycle, but in the infinite wisdom of some - there is this idea that since God is now gone/out of the picture/a fictional construct - everything therefore must be the result/in the hands of man.

I'm always confused when I see people who hand wring and simply can't admit that there are things outside our control. We're a miserable little species sitting on an over sized rock revolving around the Sun. Whether we chant around a fire naked, sacrifice a virgin to the Gods or pay penance in the form of a 'carbon tax' - it will have no impact what so ever, and anything that does occur is merely coincidence rather than any cause and effect relationship.

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