Auto Industry Bail-Out FAILS!

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Submitted by Lance on Fri, 2008-12-12 09:56

Courtesy of the Beeb.

Why did it fail? The United Auto Workers (UAW) union refused to take a wage cut that would "bring them into line with their Japanese counterparts".

Oh sweet irony. Laughing out loud

3 cheers for the UAW!

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Evil is impotent

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The outcome will demonstrate.

The failure of irrationality (evil) all across politics will pronounce the truth that Lance etc have been perennially saying.


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The Republicans via Paulson will still throw $15 billion at them via the TARP fund.

Let them go bankrupt!

Jesus, can you imagine a Detroit in five years time that has learned it's lessons--mainly from the American-trained Japanese automakers--producing great cars at competitive prices?

No, we can't have that.

The rust belt is getting rustier. It's corroded to the point of collapse, and Michigan is about to become a fully-owned subsidiary of the federal government.

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