Pirates of the Amazon

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Submitted by Lance on Sun, 2008-12-14 05:11

I heard about this "prank" a few days ago, and was somewhat unimpressed and didn't think it warranted a mention, but this analysis by Andrew Orlowski at 'The Register' is definitely worth a read.

Since Duchamp's urinal, a great deal of modern art has been a "prank" against the art establishment. Maybe that's why now, state-funded "pranks" like the Pirates plug-in - designed to preach to the converted - feel so stale. Or it could be Cramer's own deeply conservative (and misanthropic) outlook. By design, the course ensures his students fulfill a narrow set of ideological obligations - all of which are de rigeur in modern media theory.

And that, we must conclude, is exactly what the modern state requires from its "radicals". Rather than being outside the tent pissing in, they're quite content to be on the inside, launching Firefox browser plug-ins outwards. Repressive regimes once persecuted dissidents - now they merely need give them cushy jobs on Media Theory courses to render them useless. They'll do the rest.

The original 'prank' here.

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