THE FREE RADICAL ‘Summer Reader’: The Crisis Edition

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Thu, 2008-12-18 02:45

TFR80-Cover Hi to you all, and welcome to a ‘Summer Reader’ of the Free Radical.  This is the Crisis Edition, and it’s packed with great reading on the economic crisis; who caused it and how, and what politicians and their servants are doing now that will only make it all worse.

George Reisman, David McGregor, Gene Callahan, Stephen Hicks, Sean Gabb and Jeff Perren make sense out of nonsense, and order out of economic chaos.

On it’s own that’s the price of your copy back right there.  But that’s not all!

We have a world exclusive!  Right in time for the forthcoming parliamentary inquiry into climate change, Christopher Monckton –- that’s Viscount Monkton of Brenchley to you and I  -- writes an Open Letter to John Key on the politics and science of climate change, taking him to task for his stated plan to drive NZ’s economy even further into penury to pay for an environmental delusion.  This thorough debunking of “the apocalyptic vision of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change” is really one to sit and savour. (You can read some leading excerpts here.)

This is the article you need to send your warmist friends and enemies, and to quote from when you write you letters to the editor, and your submissions to the parliamentary inquiry in the New Year.

But that’s still not all.

  • We have the late Larry Sechrest’s tremendous call to take on the enemies of civilisation, which is to say the enemies of capitalism.  Taking them on begins with understanding them. Says Larry in one of his last public talks before his death, "if one couples the repugnant urge toward envy with a broad misperception of reality," it results inexorably in the headlines and press releases and what passes for analysis around the commentariat.
  • We have Lindsay Perigo’s and Peter Cresswell’s differing views and expectations of the new Key Government – and Lindsay’s spirited attack on the headbangers and the caterwaulers: those musical morons who don’t ‘get’ good music, or why it’s objectively superior.
  • We have the Christchurch man who just wants to save weka, in the face of councils and government departments who wish he wouldn’t.
  • We have Stephen Hicks’ attack on teachers who teach fear-mongering instead of science.

All this and much more, including all our regular columnists and reviews, and all the usual ribaldry, irreverence and wit.

This is almost all your summer reading right here.  A copy of The Free Radical and a copy of Atlas Shrugged, and that’s all the thinking man and woman needs these holidays.

* * Now take note that this is a mail-order only issue. To get your copy, head straight to the Free Radical Store and click subscribe now to be included in the latest mail-out, or pay online to receive a digital copy (which should be online very soon).  Or, if you just want a hard copy or six (or more)of this issue, then deposit $9(inc. p+p) for each issue to ASB account 12 3016 0561084 00 (add your name in the ‘From’ field of your online banking form), and then email or fax (09)638 9445 with your details, and Shirley will have your copies winging their way to you before you can say ‘Apocalypse Not.’ * *

You need ‘The Free Radical.’  Your friends need ‘The Free Radical.’  Even your local MP needs ‘The Free Radical’ -- your politicians sure as hell need ‘The Free Radical,’ which is why it’s so urgent that you either take what you read and pass it on to them, or buy a copy just for them.

There has never been a better time to make good ideas heard.

This Christmas, give the gift of ‘The Free Radical’ to a friend or to yourself.   And enjoy.

If you like NOT PC, then you’re gonna luuurve ‘The Free Radical.’  Subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss out!


Peter Cresswell


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Mine arrived in the post

Mark Hubbard's picture

Mine arrived in the post today Peter. Looks really good, and is just in time for me to take it away on a week holiday.

(Thinking of who to give me free copy to. I will think of some worthy candidate.)

Any reminder of summer....

mvardoulis's picture welcome to me right now - 35 degree F low in Southern California last night still has me holed up indoors... obviously I need to find a way to live in perpetual warmth by switching hemispheres once a year.

Looking forward to it, Peter, thank you!

At last....

Marcus's picture

...Born of a crisis. That explains a lot Smiling

Should be good. Can't wait for my copy!


Peter Cresswell's picture

Obviously the word "summer" refers to our balmy Southern Hemisphere climes.

It's clearly not summer here. Smiling

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

* * * *

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