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Submitted by Jody Gomez on Thu, 2006-03-02 03:32

Hmmm...Free Radical Issue Number? God help us if this ever gets published in the "Free Radical."

Given a woman's body, what is your favorite part? Among the more urbane, I would say the small of her back. Among the more prurient, I would say her inner thighs when trembling...

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Thank you. :)

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Charles, you are very kind. I appreciate that.

Jody, I will do my best to horn in when appropriate. Now that you have enlightened me to the word "prurient," I shall use it with reckless abandon. Smiling


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You are certainly one of the radiant ones.

Charles Anderson


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I would hope you find many things to "horn" in on here at Thrust. Especially since the internet just heated up now that you are here talking food and dildos on Solopassion Eye At the least, I hope you'll stay tuned!

The Professor

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Charles, I do believe you should be offering seminars in this subject.

Fascinating section, gentlemen and lady. Whatever shall I find in all these threads?

Since the dearth of women here does not *technically* warrant an X-Chromosome version of Thrust, I'll have to...er...horn in when appropriate. And somehow I don't think that occasion will ever arise, so perhaps I should go to the Homo section instead.

I *knew* I was going to get stuck talking with Linz about boys. Hmph.

Hell, it's all good. Holy

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Hell, it's all good. Holy and blessed.

I'm a leg and ass man, myself. But the lessor parts also hold interest. Especially the feet which are subsumed within my shoe fetish Smiling Any high-heel wearers out there, ladies?

But the five inches between a woman's ears are where it's at.

Her Radiance

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So many parts of a woman can stand out as beautiful and interesting, that a woman can be beautiful with only a few great parts, though she may have others that are neither beautiful nor even average. These elevating parts may be her eyes, lips, hair, neck, breasts, skin, waist, back, thighs, calves, hands, and feet, to name a few. But, these can be observed in still life and might all appear dull for a given woman. Now, let that woman move and respond to stimulii, especially if you, and look for her radiance. You see it in the expressions of her face including her smile, but also her eyes. You see it in her locomotive movements. You see it in her moans, quivers, and contractions. This is where I find the greatest beauty however I may love so many parts.

As the saying goes ...

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"Beauty is just skin deep; ugly goes to the bone."

and Frizzy...

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I took intellect as a given, that's why I'm asking what others like physically. I know what I like, and I don't accept the false dichotomy that the outward beuty I like can not exist with the intellectual beauty.


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Thanks for reminding me of the hair. Oh for a life of long, strawberry-blonde hair!

And I also have to say the eyes. It's perhaps the one place where you can look, and to quote Robert Smith of the Cure, see "a million stories left untold." A million stories yet to be told, and the promise of what is yet to come, and moments that define sense-of-life...I could go on a long time here.

I have several. Some might

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I have several. Some might seem obvious others not so much. Skin in general I can often get lost in the planes of it. Specifically the plane going over the bust, from the breasts to the underside of the neck and shoulders.

Legs, a fascinating portion which I think has a direct objectivist take to them. Unlike something like breast size or eye color the shape of a woman's legs is under her direct control (through excercise and development).

Hair, the most soft and colorful part of a woman. another thing you can easily get lost in.

I'm probably fairly alone on this one (and wishing the anyonymous option was available right now)... feet. I can get really transfixed both on the shapes of womens feet and an appreciation for good grooming, I'm not interested like many in the idea of them as being dirty or smelly so I think there's a discipline angle to it for me

Guess that's all for now.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Hair & Hands

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Ok, for a definition of 'female body' that excludes Brain (or mind).

My favourite part of the female body is long soft flowing golden wavy hair. Followed by a very close second of, small petite, perfectly formed and manicured hands.


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That hollow just inside the hip-bone is a hot area. Good one!

It's all good

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I like all the little curves and hollows. Instead of a man's more defined musculature, everything is delicate and soft. My favorite place is the hollow just inside the hipbone, followed closely by the gorgeous upper back and shoulders. especially the spot between the shoulder blades. Mmm!

A woman's hands, Jody.All

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A woman's hands, Jody.

All the women i admire have beautiful hands.

Have you ever noticed Barbara Branden's beautiful hands during interviews when she was younger?

Those beautiful hands could never write malignity!!!

Ciro D'Agostino

Offensive comment notwithstanding!

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I take particular offense to your comment about SoloThrust posters being assholes! A woman should be respected and loved!

Now I need to go tell my dumpling to cook my fucking dinner naked!




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I said "given" to merely indicate that I was talking specifically about the body. Of course the mind is important, but that is not what the discussion is about. This is the SoloThrust forum after all, and we're all a bunch of assholes.


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She can't bake you a cake without her brain.
Her brain may start out being small and petite, but she'll never ask for an expensive silicon brain implant.

BTW, What do you mean exactly by 'given' ?

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