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Submitted by Duncan Bayne on Thu, 2006-03-02 06:09

This page is a Staff-only resource where we (the SOLO webmasters) will keep track of things that need doing to the website. We'll trial it for a while, and if it proves adequate, leave it. Otherwise, we'll be moving to a more sophisticated issue tracking system.

Once a Webmaster completes an item, he'll strike it out. Periodically, we'll go through and prune out old completed items.

The List

Split up FAQ into separate pages, and use the existing FAQ node as an index.

Printable version of articles (asked by Jody).

We still have unused space down right hand side. Maybe put links there?

Add a FAQ for image posting, as requested by Robert W.

Going straight to new messages when clicking on a thread is great when it works. It doesn't always seem to work. Is this fixable? Can we have the Home option at the top of each page as well as the bottom? Where a thread has gone into multiple pages, can we have the page count at top as well as bottom?

PayPal subscription options, instead of one-time donations.

And can we reinstate the category symbols painlessly? This is awaiting someone to volunteer to actually design the symbols; the software side has been done already.

Would it be possible to move the "preview comment" and "post comment" buttons closer to the text box? I hate having to scroll! - Adam Reed. tags

(Andrew) Also, being able to create a list of "friends" or favored posters, to have handy when I log in, might be very nice.

( categories: )

More coming soon....

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Julian has emailed me a copy of the shared todo list we've been bouncing around by email, which I'll be putting up tonight. I've scheduled a good number of hours on Saturday to spend on SOLO, so expect to see some changes Smiling

Thanks for the offer

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We were originally looking at a Drupal plugin module, but a dedicated issue tracking system would be preferable, I suspect - thanks for the offer, we'll be in touch ASAP if this doesn't work out Smiling.

My gut feeling is that the single-page todo list will suffice for the scope of the site though.

Issue tracker

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Well if you decide you need something more fancy let me know, my issue tracker will be ready for initial use in about a month.

Just one point ...

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... when editing staff-only pages, ensure that the check in the staff-only checkbox doesn't get cleared. Sad

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