The Passion of James Valliant's Criticism

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Wed, 2008-12-24 21:23

Here is the final version of my critique of James Valliant's atrocious book.

The ARI should stop promoting this book and supporters of the ARI should demand to know why Leonard Peikoff entrusted Rand's diaries to Mr. Valliant.

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Greg Davis and Glenn Jameson offer their commentary on Neil Parille's online essay. Or, rather, they don't.

So, there was Passion of Ayn Rand, My Years With Ayn Rand, The Passion Of Ayn Rand's Critics, and now the essay, The Passion Of James Valliant's Criticism.*

Now, who knows if Greg or Glenn have read any or all of these items? I don't know. I have read all four of the items, plus a fair portion of the online discussions that followed PARC's publication. I refrained from commenting on PARC until I had read it.

Neil's essay sums up, in one place, the most cogent critiques of James' book.** It is reasonably well-cited and comprehensive.

There is no party line at SOLO. There is free-wheeling discussion, passion wed to reason -- and there is, occasionally, ignorance.

If Glenn and Greg prefer to think that Neil is an obsessive, book-burning, game-playing pariah, fair enough.†

If they want to find out if Neil's critique is fair, then they can read it. They can read TheBrandens™' 2 books, and they can read James' book. They can reason it out themselves.



* there is also the one critique that James Valliant accepts as having been made in good faith, Sciabarra's review essay, "Reason, Passion and History."

** The links to the first three books lead to Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature for each book. If one has even a brief glance at Neil's critique, one can check what he claims against PARC and the text of TheBrandens™.

† 'pariah' means outcast, of course, and it may be that majority opinion on who is In and who is Out is the way to decide such things. But bear in mind that among the most popular and well-read threads on SOLO are those initiated by James Valliant for the discussion of PARC, chapter by chapter. James was forthright in calling for discussion and critiques, and in fact thanked Neil for pointing out an error to be corrected in the second edition of PARC. If we take James at his word, the Outcast Parille is welcome to obsess over PARC on SOLO until the cows come home (and until the hoped-for remission in James' illness).

I do declare ...

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... Neil is drunk! Just look at all those uncharacteristic mis-spellings! And even an inkling of humour! Can't wait to tell Babs! Evil


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Of course not. It's Christmas, when the message of Jesus opens up even my jaded heart and fills me with benevolence.

Are you being sarcastic, Neil?

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It's hard to tell.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you Greg, as well as to all SOLOists, PoMoWonkers, Kassless Kreeps, O-Liers, Rand Diminishers, Branden Diminshers, Randroids, Brandenroids, Open and Closed System Objectivists, Hsiehkovians, anti-Valliantiod Gang Bangers, Scumbarrians, Kelleyite Deviationists, M.S. Kellyites, Babsian poodles, Cambellites, Fahyites, Binwankerians, William Scott Jerkists, Obliviasionists and followers of the Church of Sataniel Branden and anyone else who visits this lovely site where Reason and Passion are married at the total height, creating a 'virtual' Galt's Gultch.

May God bless us all, each and every one of us.

For such an atrocious book

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You sure give it a lot of attention pariah Neil.

Your game was up long ago mate.

Merry Christmas, (but you don't seem the type who enjoys anything).

"The ARI should stop promoting this book..."

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Why stop at that? Perhaps you guys should have a public burning.

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