Paris Hilton & Obama's inauguration

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Submitted by KingRandor82 on Wed, 2008-12-31 20:27

First, Paris Hilton yet again made an ass out of herself to defend her shopping spree- she did the right thing, and poorly defended it, probably because she has no real understanding of Capitalism herself. Really- I SO see her doing a lousy job running her hotel chain.

Another thought...part of me really can't wait 'til mid January already. Reason being..I just want to get Bush's term over with- for the sole purpose of watching Obama screw everything up, to throw it in the face of the retards who voted for him.

And before you ask- no, I didn't vote for him. I ALSO didn't vote for McCain; I voted for Ronald Reagan.

And I got chastised by a lot of people for it. My response was "you're arguing over two guys who are exactly alike, but you bash ME for voting for a dead guy? Okaaaaaaaaaayyyy........"

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