A poem about Quebec City

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Submitted by Marty on Fri, 2005-12-02 23:38

QUEBEC -by Marty Lewinter Mighty walls along the waters Sloping city of glories past, Legacy of French sons and daughters, Dreams of empire that didn't last. Harbor master, gatekeeper, mighty portal! So warm under white wintery blanket so cold! What spirit renders thee immortal? Ancient - though you don't grow old! Frosted glass and smooth carved stone, Defiant fortress aloof, alone. Smoke-topped dwellings - winding street Flowing seaway at your feet. Weathered statue smooth to my hand, How tall and proud, how strong you stand. Silent witness - I'd lend both ears To hear the wisdom of a hundred years.

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I like this too, Marty.

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I like this too, Marty.

Terrific, Marty!

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You captured something special, real and romantic with this poem. I'll have to visit Quebec someday!


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