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Submitted by Lance on Mon, 2009-01-19 23:35

Watching this video, these things become apparent:

1) The first call is not that these protesters disagree with Rakon's business practice and want to criticise/embarass them for it. The first call is for the Government to "shut down" Rakon by mandate because they don't like Rakon's customers. They don't appear to consider what powers would be needed to do so or what law would need to be invoked or created and what the effect of such a law would be. A real "they oughta make a law against" moment - one of those mindless knee jerks so prominent on the left.

2) The police daren't interrupt what these people consider "legitimate" protest to protect private property from vandalism. They let it happen then quietly shuffle them away. Understandably sometimes it is safer for the officers involved to simply take names for later if any immediate action on their part could spark a worse situation - but has it come to the point that so long as you are "legitimately" protesting and "expressing your feelings" you can vandalise private property with impunity?

3) Tino Rangatiratanga flags, Socialist Aotearoa banners, "We are all Palestinians" (Seriously what the hell?), and what looks like your general GPJ and anarchist rent a mob. These have been visible at most anti-Israel protests and I shake my head at the twisted "The enemy of my enemy's friend is my friend" mentality.

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They should be thanking Rakon...

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for manufacturing components that allow for precision guided weapons... it'd be a hell of a lot worse for the Palestinians if they were imprecise.

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

The increase in the size and

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The increase in the size and aggression of the protests around the world compared to the last round over Lebanon, is quite noticeable.

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