Open Letter to President Obama - "You Need To Hire Me As Your 'No' Man"

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Submitted by mvardoulis on Sun, 2009-01-25 06:00

"Hello Mr. President, I was pleasantly surprised by your inauguration speech. Now that you are on your way to fully insulating yourself in your new job in the 'highest office of the land' I thought I could suggest a rounding out of your staff with an important figure you don't yet seem to have.

"You have surrounded yourself with Clinton-era establishment leftists and a myriad of statist political figures of the center left. You have 'reached out' to figures both in government and society commonly associated with the statism of the right. Your staff now consists of countless advisors and perspectives from people who will at most offer you a 'yes, but...' response to your decisions. You, President Obama, are in need of *my* services.

"I, Michael Vardoulis, offer my services to you as your 'no' man. That's right, I will be the individual who will say 'no' when you are tempted to go with the statist flow (be it from your own left or the right) which is now a raging political current with a mind of its own. I will say 'no' when you are tempted to live up to your campaign statements concerning 'enshrining positive rights in the Constitution' and 'spreading the wealth' etc. I will say 'no' when your fellow Democrats are pressuring you for bigger and bigger government. I will say 'no' when the statists from the right try to negotiate with your administration for *their* brand of bigger and bigger government. I will encourage you to *keep* reading Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson while throwing in some Thomas Paine, Frederick Douglass, H.L. Mencken, Ayn Rand and since there is an economic crisis on I don't see how you can avoid George Reisman. I don't think you will find anyone in the political circles you travel in who will do that.

"So how about it, Mr. President? Like a record number of Americans, I could really use the work! And Mr. President, you need me. You can reach me at - I'm the aloof Southern Californian with an alarming sense of self-importance. I look forward to working with you.

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Thank you, Matty...

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...but I have two significant obstacles barring me from this kind of federal employment 1. a minor blemish on my criminal record 2. a lack of anything even remotely fitting the job description I wrote about. Smiling I'm afraid this open letter can't really be anything more than a shot in the dark.

And Marcus, I'm not sure if *anything* can change what's happening. If I actually did get invited to be our new President's 'no' man, I doubt I could do anything but watch the demise of my once-great nation from the front row.

Obama = Jimmy Carter

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Now at last, they're getting it. Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids!

From The Sunday Times
February 1, 2009

‘Jimmy Carter’ tag has Obama wincing

Republicans are fighting back by branding the president as naive abroad and wasteful at home, like one of his party’s predecessors

Sarah Baxter, Washington

LESS than two weeks into his administration, President Barack Obama is being portrayed by opponents as a new Jimmy Carter - weak at home and naive abroad - in an attempt to dim his post-election glow and ensure that he serves only one term.

The charge has stung because it was made privately by Hillary Clinton supporters during a hard-fought primary campaign and plays to fears about Obama’s inexperience.

He is engaged in early trials of strength with Republicans in Washington and critics of the United States around the world – not least Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president. Obama faces battles to talk Wall Street into giving up its addiction to large bonuses and US banks to start lending again.

“Barack Obama thinks he can charm his adversaries into changing their ways but his personality can’t change the dynamics,” said Tom Edmonds, a Republican consultant.

“Carter [president from 1977 to 1981] had the same belief in naive symbolism. Their styles are very different but the political similarities are there.”

The Republicans are in fighting mood after Obama failed to secure a single vote on their side for his $819 billion financial stimulus package in the House of Representatives, despite intensive wooing...

Scarry shit...

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Let me know Michael how you would turn this around...the ship has already left the harbour!

Career Advice

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Open letters are all well and good sir, but if yo're serious about such a position I suggest you keep an eye on this.

Thanks, Sandi!

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Though your comment reminds me of my late hero, Patrick McGoohan, slaamming his fist down in disgust on his superior's desk in the opening sequence of his television show "The Prisoner" as he angrily resigns. I imagine if I actually was picked up by our new Prez, I'd end up in someplace like "The Village"... Eye

Make sure you practise some firm fist action

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So you can slam that mother down across a few desks and stir the coffee without touching a spoon.

Nice work "Mister No"

I'm glad you liked it...

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...Philip and Uncle Linz! The President knows where to find me, I'll be checking my SOLO inbox... Smiling

And if President Obama is as *confident* as he seems, he shouldn't be threatened by my taking with me the man whom I've already stated here on SOLO *should* have been America's "First Black President" the illustrious Richard "Senator Chocolate" Boddie. Who just doesn't seem to want to join us on SOLO, but we'll chalk that up to his age.... Eye

Ha, Nephew!

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I always knew you were a whore. But I hope President Obama takes you up on your offer. And that you can persuade him to bring Senator Chocolate into the White House. My, how things would change. "Change you can believe in." Smiling

 Excellent, Michael! Let

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 Excellent, Michael! Let us know if you get the job.:)


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