Don't Forget to Empty Trash...

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Submitted by Lance on Sun, 2009-01-25 20:05

... clear your browser history and, oh for good measure just format your hard drive and reinstall Vista, if you live in England or Wales that is. Because this week the new "extreme porn" law comes into effect, Jan 26 to be precise.

What this isn't (yet): A ban on 'hardcore' porn. You can still download and enjoy your favourite 'normal' clips starring such cutting edge artists as Hugh Schcok, Jack 'Hammer' McBignob, and Analise von Buttsecks.

What this is: A broad and dangerous law, intended to target bestiality, necrophilia, "life threatening" and mutilation scenes, but which will undoubtedly be (eventually) applied (as broad laws which are designed to only really be applied to the most serious of offenses but could potentially be applied against the intention or spirit of the law to harmless people minding their own business and hurting no one always, always end up doing), to someone doing something you disagree with but couldn't ordinarily stop, i.e to some chap who likes to look at pictures of boobies with pegs on them (applied with the consent of the owner of said boobies of course).

John Ozimek at The Register offers an analysis:

The pic must be pornographic, or produced for sexual purposes. It must be realistic. It must contain certain specific imagery, including necrophilia, bestiality, activity depicting serious harm to breast, anus or genitals or life-threatening activity. Finally, it must be grossly offensive, as determined either by a jury or magistrate.

"Life threatening activity"... so no more skydiving porn then? I wonder if I move to England I could get a job with their "Elf n Safety' department reviewing pornos to see if they clearly developed and followed a Risk Analysis and Assesment and followed an Action and Response Plan.

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