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Submitted by Joe Idoni on Thu, 2006-03-02 14:06

Not one to give up easily, I have decided that I need some suggestions. In fact, maybe we all need suggestions. I noticed that there is not one local club here that has had activity in the past month or more. That's upsetting.

So, I'm going to throw out some things here and see if I can't get some cooperation.

1. Museum - There are literally 100's of museums in the DC Metro area. There is probably one for just about everything that you can think of.

2. Actual activity - rock climbing, hiking, bowling (if you haven't done it in a ahwile or never, then you might be surprised --- or not), dancing.... whatever.

3. Book discussion - meet at a local bookstore/restaurant/strip club (not in that order), sit down and bash some book.

4. Philosophy discussion - meet at strip club/restaurant/bookstore (in that order), stand up, sit down, scream, laugh, cry, vomit.... okay maybe not the last one.

5. Firing range.

I'd like to say this is my last attempt, but it probably isn't.

So pull out your socks with money symbols and wear your best tiara, it's time to get out from behind the computer and actually meet people!!!!!


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Any of these ideas are fine

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Just remember that it might take a while to read a book!

Discussions, eating, hiking, Ibsen's The Wild Duck (better than Enemy of the People), meeting at my materials analysis laboratory in Columbia for pizza and discussions, whatever suits you all. Let us do something. We Objectivists usually get along better in person than on these fighting forums.

Charles Anderson

I know a few people who have

I know a few people who have begged me to organize 4 and 5. Combining 2 and 5, how about a little paintball up here in Laurel Smiling


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You need to sign on to the staff-only forum further down this page. You too Ash. Smiling


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My love and I were thinking of taking a trip to Philly after we have moved. But Harpers Ferry... that sounds like an invitation of sorts... Eye

Yr Philly Conxshun

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Hi Joe:

I am still willing to travel to meet you guys, although right now I am booked 7 days per week through April 30. I still like the cabin in the woods near Harper's Ferry idea. Oh wait, that was my idea.

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