The Old "Following the Law to the Letter" Trick

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Submitted by Lance on Sat, 2009-01-31 20:37

I don't know who these guys are but I like them.

We believe that the law should be enforced; not doing so breeds laziness and impreciseness in the legislature, lack of inspection of the law outside of the legislature, increased power of the executive due to selective enforcement and permits many people guilty - of a crime, if nothing else - to get away Scot-free (an apt term in the circumstances, since the law does not yet apply to Scotland.) This is bad for everyone.

To look at the issue another way, why have law if it will not be enforced? And why bother obeying the law, if it will not be enforced? It is common logic nowadays that it "will not hurt" to break the law, since "they'll never know". The implication of this is clear - for such a state of affairs to proceed, it is essential that 'they' do NOT know - and, therefore, a person living in such a way will avoid doing things that will attract the ire of, well, pretty much anybody in a position of power. As such, lack of enforcement, counterintuitively, concentrates power in the hands of government, and reduces what oversight may be performed.

[emphasis mine]

They are referring to the "extreme porn" law that came into effect in the UK (except Scotland) just days ago. The ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) said: "The police will not be actively targeting members of the public but will be conducting investigations into the unlawful possession of this material where found."

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