Discipline is Sexy

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Submitted by Landon Erp on Fri, 2006-03-03 00:07

The title of this post probably sounds like a discussion of S & M but it's something a little more universal than that.

A few years ago I read a review of a film in a gender-feminist magazine. The film was about a woman who had a condition where she had an abnormal amount of hair growth(which she was quite comfortable with). The point of the story was that she was drawn into a romance where the man was attracted to her but the hair turned him off. The film appearantly regressed into a meditation on the evil patriarchal standards of beauty and the harsh regimines that the evil patriarchy requires.

This was years before I became an Objectivist so like a little bitch I just sat back and took the abuse. But it got me to thinking. The one singular factor that I find most attractive in a woman is the discipline it requires to live up to "patriarchal beauty," moreso even than any of the ends it leads to.

The thought that a woman has taken the time to remove excess hair, clean her skin, paint her face, dress beautifuly alone is my singular strongest motivating factor. Not so much thinking about these processes in the literal sense is as pleasent as the thought of how difficult it must be and how smoothly someone can make the effort.

It's a personal opinion but I thought I'd share it.


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Yes, Landon, there's truth

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Yes, Landon, there's truth in your sentiment. I'll admit it's hard to quantify or qualify but there's no doubt that Rand spoke to it in her novels.

A man is seduced by many things but the devotion of a woman to her femininity--not simply cosmetic, mind you--is a prime enticement.

I've been four-wheel driving with women in jeans and checkshirts who give me more pause to contemplate their sexuality than most of the silly overdrawn exhibitionists you find in steamy bars. The rule is that a woman need not be coy and slavish but proud and vivacious.

Vive la Difference!

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