Reprise: Happy Birthday, Ayn!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2009-02-02 21:10

For your magnificent achievement in formulating the philosophy of Objectivism;

For your incomparable literary epics, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged;

For your untiring battle against mediocrity, triviality, the cult of the parasite and the second-hander;

For your fearless advocacy of reason, individualism and laissez-faire capitalism;

For your unassailable exposure of the moral bankruptcy of all forms of collectivism, mysticism and altruism;

For your unflinching commitment to the heroic, the exalted – the total passion for the total height — and your own embodiment thereof …

We salute you!

May all lovers of freedom pause and acknowledge their debt.

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Outstanding picture, Jameson!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful...

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I had to drive 100 miles back from school this morning and thought what better way to celebrate the birth of Our Blessed Lady than be tuning my iTouch to Herrmann reading ATLAS SHRUGGED.

Thanks Ayn,



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Not just that, but that she's right. Eye

Mover and Shaker Nonpareil

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She'll eventually rock the world harder than Kant or Marx. Those two are going down.

The thing I value so much...

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about Rand, was her ability to put such a mass of complex thought into simple terms so that any common man, or woman, can grasp the essence of it clearly.

Happy birthday Ayn. Man! Am I glad you were born!

Happy Birthday Mr Rand

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The true magnificence of a man can be seen in he who swims resolutely against a strong tide, in virtue of purpose, reason and self esteem.

I've read enough Kiwi comments here on SOLO...

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...that I at least 'got it' this time, Glenn, without even needing smiley faces. But then, I've never thought of myself as a 'humorless Yank' to begin with.... Eye

Funny the 'Dickensian' label, Linz. Yet another instance of a complete misunderstanding of Rand.

It would've helped those humourless Yanks

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if you'd used one of these: Smiling

This Puzzled only succeeded in seeding doubt.

Dumbass. Smiling

Sorry Glenn

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I edited my small reply post too, from my iphone, after reconsidering how it sounded.
I actually knew what you meant, and of course it was in jest, but some Americans can take it wrongly.

Jesus, Gregster...

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since you put it like that I wish you hadn't replied on my post, which now prevents me from deleting or modifying a comment that has left me somewhat in a blush. Let me just say for the record that I DO NOT think that Lindsay is that way inclined ~ with minors ~ and I unreservedly apologise for the rather off-colour remark. Sad


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Leave the kiddy-fiddling to the Perons.

"... nineteenth century Dickensian cruelty and exploitation."

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That's ridiculous! I'm sure you would've given young Oliver a second helping if he'd asked for it nicely! Evil

Happy Birthday Ayn

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And Thank You.


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Which part of it upset them?


Michael Cullen, then in opposition, demanded to know if the government were concerned that Morning Report, the country's #1 radio current affairs flagship, was fronted by an advocate of nineteenth century Dickensian cruelty and exploitation. Hahahaha!

Yes Glenn

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one only need read her essays of decades ago and see into the future even from here on.

Berlin Wall/Fall of Communism
Rise of Environmentalism
Political Correctness
Collapse of the Euro
War originating in EU
Fall of the EU

First time I've heard

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her called that, Gregster -- an excellent title! Smiling

Ayn Rand

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A Prophet!

Ayn Rand

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A stupendous hero!


Questions in parliament?!

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Which part of it upset them? :-/

Happy Birthday Ayn...

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...I wish there was more to celebrate, but unfortunately your worse nightmares are coming true!

Nephew ...

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This is a slightly tweaked version of something I wrote as a tribute published in a major national daily newspaper in NZ back in 1982, just after Ayn Rand died. With my signature and 9 others. Boy, did it cause a furore. Questions in Parliament and all!

Perfectly worded as usual Uncle Linz!

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Thank you for posting this reverence.

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