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Submitted by Lance on Tue, 2009-02-03 03:46

"There is a rule in Islam. It is that silence is approval. If you say something to somebody and he is silent then it means that he has accepted."

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi - Feb 2 2009

An interesting filter to apply when looking at Islam/Muslims. There is also the conflation of acceptance with approval...

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Silent acceptance

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What more would one expect from submission?


To me there is something

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To me there is something insidious about silent acceptance. Does this suggest that unless I plan to stand up and fight against a point of view then I must agree? Is it actually a supposedly honourable standpoint that if you aren’t going to fight against something then you shut up and accept?I think in large part because I am a Canadian, silence in the face of opinion means I either don’t know or don’t think arguing will be constructive – it rarely means acceptance let alone approval. The interesting thing is quite often this silence does allow falsity and negativity to gain approval and my socialized country is drowning in it.Significant cultural phenomena – destructive, false ideology spreads through a population as a direct result of a simple problem in culturally learned biased communication practices. Like mob mentality, monkey see’s and monkey does.  


Andrew Shortt

Ontario, Canada

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