SOLO-International Op-Ed: Can We Get Angry Now?

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Submitted by Lance on Sat, 2009-02-14 01:23

SOLO-International Op-Ed: Can We Get Angry Now?

By Lance Davey

Feb 14 2009

I’m not at all particularly keen to write this, I’m still somewhat in shock from the loss of life, homes and livelihoods in Victoria, Australia. The area has been utterly annihilated by fire. I absolutely loathe to make a political point in the face of it, but make it I feel I must. After all, any semblance of propriety and respect for the dead, injured and those who lost family and friends, was completely abandoned, almost immediately, when those most utter loathsome examples of contemporary luddites and chicken littles started pointing the finger at ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ then proceeded to wag said finger in the face of a grieving population.

No one even blinked.

One media report even had an “expert”, replete with an animated display, showing how a rise in CO2 emissions had stimulated plant growth, and that all the extra vegetation had exacerbated the disaster by providing more fuel for the fire!

So they want to point fingers? They want to piggy back their “great cause” on the backs of the hundreds of dead? To hell with them, to hell! Can we please start getting angry now? These aren’t just sandal-wearing, bearded, gentle folk with a penchant for small furry woodland creatures and organic foodstuffs. They are anti-human, meddling, control freaks with a religious devotion to nature and the planet as deity, and they are dangerous. So dangerous in fact that at least no small portion of the blame for loss of human life can be laid squarely at their feet and at the feet of cowed, ignorant, local government capitulating to this new religion.

The fires didn’t start because of ‘Global Warming’. They were started by an arsonist

The fires didn’t spread because of ‘Global Warming’. The fires spread because they were lit in a hot, dry, windy area; an area that has been hot, dry and windy for a very long time.

People didn’t die because of ‘Global Warming’. They died from fires. Some died because they could not get consent from local government to clear bush on their own property creating a fire break. Some people died because the religion of Gaia forbade them, with the enforcement of the state, from protecting their homes and their lives.

People have been dying as a direct result of meddlesome, self-righteous, profoundly arrogant “environmentalists” for decades. One of the largest groups of victims have been those who have starved to death as a result of “green” interference with agricultural advancements in developing nations; blocking the charitable introduction of tractors, fertilisers, and pesticides - the very tools we use in developed nations to feed ourselves (they then of course won’t hesitate to blame capitalism for the famines and buy the latest Bob Geldoff/Bono ‘feed the world’ fund-raising album).

Now they’ve done it here, not in some far-flung land where we don’t see or understand the extent of their meddling and their sacrificial victims, but here. They are in part responsible for this on a scale that should shock and alarm. Can we please get angry now? See these bastards for what they are, they are beneath contempt! They are killing people and they have had far too easy a ride of it so far. The next time some yobbo opens his or her yap to scold you for driving a car when you could take a bus, wags their finger at your inefficient use of air conditioning, or tells you what light bulbs to use, how to pack your groceries or whether or not you can chop down your own damn tree, remember that these nutters are of the same stripe as those who would see you perish before allowing a single blade of grass to be bent underneath your “carbon footprint”. Don’t just give them a sheepish look and promise to do better with your fingers crossed, give them the earful they deserve! Get angry.

Lance Davey –

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Mark - and the Greens couldn't care less

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"according to a report I heard two days ago - have released more CO2 into the atmosphere than Australia's entire industrial output for the past year."

I'm never surprised to see the resultant catastrophes of regulatory fools. I've become inured to it, sadly.

Here's the tradegy...

Marcus's picture reported by Chris Booker in the Daily Telegraph.

"In 2004 Liam Sheahan of Ready Creek, Victoria, famously lost $100,000 when he was prosecuted for felling 247 trees to protect his property. Last week his house was the only one in the area left standing."

And here's the irony for

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And here's the irony for the global warmists. The Green lobby stopped controlled burn-offs, and got in the way of people being responsible for themselves, via allowing them to cut fire breaks, all of which led to this tragedy, and then, the irony, these fires which have caused this tragedy - according to a report I heard two days ago - have released more CO2 into the atmosphere than Australia's entire industrial output for the past year.


Luddites, even unto their own insane terms.

Green policy arsonists

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Some climate alarmists compared the Australian wildfires to 9/11!

By Peter Foster

Posted: February 13, 2009, 8:57 PM by NP Editor

"As residents returned to their devastated communities, the real culprit for the fires’ extent became more clear. As one grieving resident told local authorities at a meeting this week; “We’ve lost two people in my family because you dickheads won’t cut trees down.” This is due not merely to typical bureaucratic inertia, but also green lobbying.

There have been many studies in recent years that recommended “prescribed burning” in cooler months so that summer fires might be contained; a method pioneered by Australia’s aborigines. However, such moves have also been opposed by the green lobby. Meanwhile, the majority of the recent fires started in state forests, national parks and other government-managed areas."

The govt is NOT out of

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The govt is NOT out of their lives, and never has been and never will be. A is A and we have to deal with what IS. All rational people know that. You are making excuses to expiate personal responsibility.

 Seems strange to me that NZ is donating to Australian disasters pretty much every year whether it is a fire or cyclones or floods,  but I never hear of Australians raising money to help out NZ when we have floods and earthquakes.

But you go ahead and mortgage the house. I won't be.





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This family took personal responsibility and it cost them over $100,000. So, what is your point again?
Because the real point is for people to take responsibility, the government has to first get out of their lives, and not penalise them so harshly for doing so. Yes?

I totally agree people

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I totally agree people should be free to take precautions.

 That is not my point. I presume people knew the council requirements before buying. I certainly did. At the end of the day it was personal choice to live in a high risk area.

I  personally won’t be donating to any charity. Material loss should be covered by insurance.

 Don't seek to expiate personal responsibility.

Ruth, we understand that

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Ruth, we understand that living in those areas is a risk, and people pay the insurance premiums to compensate.

The point is, people wanted to take precautions to limit the threat of these fires, and they were banned from doing so, by thier local council. This is what is pissing people off.

I live in suburban Sydney and they even conduct burn off out here as even these areas are prone to bush fires in the hot season. Everyone knows the risk and we take precautions to reduce it. 

The point here is we need to be free to take those precautions.

Good op-ed, and I agree

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Good op-ed, and I agree with it. However, I would like to play devil's advocate Smiling

The tragedy is immense and I don't mean it to be belittled by what I have to say.

You choose to live close to a river, so don't complain when it floods. I have a beach house  next to the sea and well know the risks and hazards of the ocean. I would not expect any sympathy when eventually my house gets destroyed by a tidal wave or some other event.

 So what about people that choose to live on the driest continent on earth using excessive amounts of water?

Sympathy yes, and condemnation for the arsonists but this thing is expected and is a normal part of living in Australia and is going to be increasingly normal. By helping them rebuild we are just setting them up for a repeat in the next few years. Better that they move to the cities and allow the natural cycle of the Australian bush to develop. The cities can be surrounded by a 1 km wide fire break and the natural enviroment can be allowed to recover in the way it has over the last 50000 years since the Aborigines destroyed the original forest cover.

The people affected know this as well as I do and choose to live in such an enviroment. 


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was the standard NATO rifle round until Vietnam in the 60s. Somewhat like the 30-06. The U.S. M-14 was chambered for it. I trained with that rifle in Basic. Don't disassemble the bolt, we were told. Naturally I did, sitting on my bunk. Suddenly a spring flew out. I sat very still holding the damn thing carefully calculating the direction it must have gone then went looking for it. I found it 20' away and put the damn thing back together.

This doesn't explain the Site name.


Bob Carter Comment

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I was searching to be sure Bob Carter is safe. I suppose that if he weren't we'd have heard by now through Larry's contacts, and I know that Carter teaches at James Cook University. But what if he'd been visiting the fire area...

Anyway, I wanted to be sure.

Evidence of his continued existence -- a comment of his to The Australian:



Professor Bob Carter tells The Australian he has had enough of the crowing:

The commentators and letter writers (Guy Abrahams, The Australian, 11/2) who assert that the recent firestorms in southeast Australia are linked to human-caused global warming must be called to account, for their statements are akin to shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre.

First, an individual extreme weather event such as caused the current bushfires cannot be attributed to global warming. Second, no agreed evidence exists for a post-industrial increase in extreme weather events. Third, the only basis for such alarmist assertions is unvalidated computer models which project that future warming will be accompanied by more or more intense climatic extremes; with a little legitimate tweaking, the self-same models can equally well project fewer climatic extremes or future cooling. And, to cap it all off, the global temperature has anyway now been cooling for nearly ten years.

Climate scaremongering at this time is a gross offense to the many Australians now faced with reconstructing homes, careers and lives that have been shattered by a natural weather disaster.


I found the comment on a site called "7.62 Justice." -- Link. I don't understand the meaning of the site name.

There are some horribly sickening items on the page. For instance:



DISASTER identification teams combing bushfire-damaged Victoria have found groups of up to nine bodies in the same building.Their grisly finds have included one where eight bodies were huddled together to protect a baby.



Objectivists arent

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Objectivists arent responsible for saving everyone's soul.

I say: Eat my

NZLiberal's picture

I say: Eat my carbon-emissions!

Hang 'em high...

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As the Sydney Morning Herald article says...the greenies should be "hanging from lamp-posts"!

Great Op-Ed Lance.

I think he's saying is that

Richard Wiig's picture

I think he's saying that not all Environmentalist are 'anti-life' or 'scum', so when they read what you've said about Environmentalists it puts them off Objectivism.

but those who ain't read

Lance's picture

but those who ain't read this stuff ain't getting proper acknowledgement. So they don't go Objecto. That's for sure.

May I just be the first to say: "Huh?"

edit: If that came across as smarmy - I genuinely didn't understand your point.


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Anthropogenic global warming my ass. It has been proven that the fires caused by arsonists which are as mad as environmentalists. One of them has been arrested and charged. But pyromaniacs have at least one moral advantage compared with environmentalists-they are just crazy and don't try to explain their madness by intrinsic value of the fire.

100% correct Lance

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Green scum. Believing absurdities..

Great piece

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Great piece Lance.

Germaine Greer - I know, not exactly a Libertarian or Objectivist - had a great piece in todays Press. She stated she grew up in this area, and in those days there were planned burn-offs coming up to each fire season, which reduced the fuel, and averted tragedies like this. She put the blame squarely where it belongs: the bureaucrats and administrators.

here it is: God done gone

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Brant Gaede's picture

green scum." Ya see. Here's the problem. They're not all that (1) anti-life and (2) scum, but those who ain't read this stuff ain't getting proper acknowledgement. So they don't go Objecto. That's for sure.


Is anyone else put in mind

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Is anyone else put in mind of the American preachers who, after 9/11, said that we had it coming for our gay-loving ways?

Tragically, some tool has already said "God did it" wrt the fires. I read it earlier today, damned (pardon the pun) if I can find where though (or recall the particular sin).

Is anyone else put in mind

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Is anyone else put in mind of the American preachers who, after 9/11, said that we had it coming for our gay-loving ways?

Or Pat Robertson, during the Dover, PA "Evolution Trial": I'd like to
say to the good citizens of Dover, if there is a disaster in your area,
don't turn to God. You just rejected him from your city.

Luckily no ill befell Dover, because Pat Robertson doesn't actually converse with a god.  Just like the GloboFire Preachers don't actually have any scientific evidence to attribute the actions of one or two scumbags and dry weather to Mother Earth striking us down for using cars and hairspray.  Fuck them and their vegetarian brunches, and their Prius'.  Massive devastation, loss of life, endless pain (for those who've been around burn victims, you understand) and we really need to be chastised? Sigh...


...or rather, RAAAAAAAGE!!

Residents are angry about

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Residents are angry about this also Lance. I wonder if they have a case for legal action.

You sure as hell may!

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Great op-ed, Lance. Taking it to the low-life, anti-life Green scum and the sub-human criminals they patronise. I hope the likes of Orchard and Scherk on this site take note, too! The immovably indifferent "cool" people.

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