The Free Radical #70

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Submitted by Derek McGovern on Sat, 2006-03-04 05:39

The latest Free Rad is out, folks, and it may well be the important issue of them all. This one deals it to Islamo-fascism, and from its unforgettable cover (depicting placard-waving Muslim thugs denouncing freedom and rejoicing in bloodshed) to its magnificent articles by Linz, Ron Smith, and George Reisman, et al, it's an extraordinarily powerful and disturbing read.

This is The Free Rad at its bravest and most compelling. So buy it now! Hell, buy a dozen copies and leave them on buses, in libraries, and in the cafes. For if ever an issue deserved the widest possible audience, it is this one.

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I have also seen the advance proofs and this is a cracking issue.
One of the most controversial.

So, everyone, get a hold of a copy if you haven't already subscribed.

Don't miss out!

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