Tea Party Latest (was Excitement over CNBC's Rick Santelli)

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Submitted by Amy Peikoff on Fri, 2009-02-20 17:27

I hate to use the word hope, not only because of a certain politician's use of the word, but also because my grandmother always told me that "hope is just a little bit better than despair."

(She's followed "science of mind" for much of her life.)  Nonetheless, I ask the question: should we take it as a positive sign that Rick Santelli of CNBC, a self-professed Rand fan who has been boldly speaking out against all things government, has gained so much popular support in the past few days?  Just a few minutes ago, I saw some hard numbers.  Take a look at this poll:




Over 200,000 people have responded to this poll, 94% in the affirmative.  Does this mean something, or is it just wishful thinking on my part? 

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Any report I've seen, including Fox has said "tens of thousands"

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I heard the larger ABC number earlier today, but then went to abcnews.com, and there I read only the "tens of thousands" figure. Why would *Fox* downplay the numbers, too? I hope that if all these news sources are deliberately underestimating, that the truth comes out.

And of course Obama wasn't even in Washington, D.C. today...

The Dem Scum Bitch...

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couldn't wipe the stupid, gormless grin off her face. These people are so utterly inauthentic in every way.

McCarthyism and KKKism ...

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... according to some airhead Dem-scum bitch on Fox right now. They're desperate. Good closing words from the Republican opposing her:

"If they're going to shove it [health socialism] down our throats now, they may shove it somewhere else at the next election."

Tea Party Turnout, Visualized

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Has anyone observed how similar the silence downplaying of the mainstream media on the 9/12-Tea Party protests in D.C. is to the recent Iranian post-election news blackouts?

Just sayin'...

Hey, 'journalists'! Ignore this!

Barbara Espinosa , a volunteer with Freedomworks, reports that the organization’s “metered” count of protestors is “more than 450,000.”

"Michelle Malkin reports that Capitol Police are estimating crowd at 1.2 million. ABC saying 2 million."

I guess it *was* something real

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Hundreds of thousands in Washington, D.C., and Yaron Brook gets to give a principled case for Capitalism on Glen Beck, and later to that audience gathered in Washington. Who would've thought? Smiling

Thanks Linz! Yes, there was

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Thanks Linz! Yes, there was a nut in the front row but my voice was loader than his.

Freedom faces its most serious threat in many generations. Unlike a political pragmatist like Bill Clinton who would sometimes sign onto welfare reform or free trade, Obama is strongly committed to remaking America in the image of Europe and then to coordinate policy with other world leaders to make sure no country undermines international socialism by becoming too free. We need to fight this battle on all fronts.

Gregster - See my post on "Obam's Grab-Bag Socialism" on this thread: http://www.solopassion.com/nod...

Obviously the logic of Obama's socialism is moving the regime to Mussolini-type actions. Many of us warned Republicans for years that if they forged dangerous, big-government weapons, that they would be used by a leftist administration against Republicans and others standing up for liberty. Now it's happening.

FBI spied on Tea Party Americans

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19 April 2009:

"Even as average Americans were planning to get out in towns and cities to demonstrate against Big Government and Big Taxes, Federal Bureau of Intelligence Investigation (FBI) surveillance was being unleashed upon them. In fact, unsuspecting Tax Day TEA Party participants were being closely watched during the demonstration planning stages in a covert operation that began on or about March 23, 2009."

"If you [were] one of the estimated 750,000 Americans who attended one of about 600 TEA parties last week, you might have seen media cameras covering the event. Media cameras, however, were not the only cameras taking video at these events, something that has at least one current FBI agent concerned over the future of America. According to this agent - the same agent who provided the Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN) exclusively the unreleased photographs of the 11 missing Egyptian students who were the subject of a FBI BOLO in August 2006–placed his concerns for true patriots of the U.S. over his own career when he confided that covert surveillance was “planned and performed” at each of the TEA parties that took place last Tuesday."


“The implications to the citizens of the U.S. are ominous. It seems that there is a hostile political agenda coming from Washington that characterizes the supporters of our constitutional freedoms as threats to our domestic security, which is totally absurd. The redirection, the refocusing of domestic threats from al Qaeda cells to ‘flag waving right-wingers’ is something that has gone from a murmur a few years ago to a roar today.”

Training government-issued cameras on ordinary citizens, many of whom brought their children to an estimated 600 Tax Day TEA Parties is a page torn out of George Orwell’s 1984 and makes the term “God Bless America” more meaningful than ever.

The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press expect the government’s denial of the surveillance of the TEA Parties to go viral as soon as this story is posted."

more Ed Hudgins

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Good job, Ed ...

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... as someone said at the end.

Was someone trying to drown you out?

My Tea Party Tax Day remarks

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My Tea Party Tax Day remarks in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Hudgins

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I take it that the main thrust of this foggy half-principled protest is not about taxes--but about taxing “too much”?

From the Tax Day Tea Party

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From the Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, D.C.

Galt Signs

And here's a sign with Obama's House in the background.

Tea Sign 1

Ms Sharia

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We are agreeing on the obvious. You remain as a religionist - one god away from being atheist Sticking out tongue.

gregster says:

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>"politicians want to appear as though they are doing something"

[Gregster]: 'Sadly the system lends them this belief. Hence we are fucked.'

Finally, something I can agree with.

Philadelphia in Retrospect

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I missed the event on April 15th, but made it out today for the one in the historic area, by the Liberty Bell. You can see Independence Hall in the crowd shot. There was maybe 400 people in my estimation, but I'm bad at head counts. No media coverage, except for Pajamas TV. The camerawomen informed me that CBS, NBC, and ABC all refused to cover this event. Fox has an affiliate across the street from where we were, but there were not there, either. And I think the guides for the tourists purposely kept the crowds away from us.

The event itself? A lot of "God Bless America." A LOT. Philadelphia is a "neighborhood" city with a lot of Catholics, so we heard a lot of "the Founding Fathers were Christian, etc." You might think that a city such as Philadelphia would be a hotspot for this, but sadly, it just highlights the truth in Rand's words about the contradictions of the founder's ideas, and what they've led to. There was a Republican candidate presenting a speech, again, justifying the event on religious grounds. (How the people can protest the government, yet put their hope in a Republican candidate, well, just goes to show that there's a lot to be done.) I can honestly say that I was the only one there with anything Objectivist. The second person holding my Atlas sign is a member of a local Objectivist meetup, and as far as I know, the only one who showed up. I didn't get any negative comments from the crowd, and I did get a handful of smiles and nods for it (as well as a couple who wanted their picture taken with the sign.) I did ask to speak, but I did so late in the game, and they were already booked up with time running out. I did, however, manage to get a few of the ARC fliers out directing people to the significance of Atlas Shrugged to the tea parties. At any rate, my sign had a dual purpose: olive branch and sword, and hopefully sent a message to the "religious" protesters that Atlas will not tolerate their "faith"; they, too, will be shrugged.

All in all, not a lot for an Objectivist to get hopeful about. The lack of media coverage, while sad, was not surprising. So, damn the media; today, I WAS the media. I made it my purpose to not let this event go unnoticed. I walked from the event to Rittenhouse Square with my sign, and sat in the park (it was a beautiful day) with my copy of Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal. There were a ton of people out (even a group with signs giving out "Free Hugs." I walked by with my "Shrugged" sign. I found a bench, propped up my sign, and read (to myself, but openly). Rand's warnings about the conservatives being a greater hindrance than the liberals, and her observations on Socialism and Fascism brought today's events into perspective. Her words, written in the 60's, described everything today to a "t." Anyway, many people walked by, from all walks of life; some pointed the sign out to their husbands, some snickered, some smugly smiled in their Marxist U assurance that Capitalism has failed. But they know something went on today, and I think I sent the message that this is not just a tax revolt, but something larger, and something different than their "God Bless America."

Was there a lot to celebrate today? If the best they can offer is "God Bless America," then no. Philadelphia is home to the Declaration of Independence, and all the contradictions that came with the theistic side of the Founding Fathers. Philadelphia is, at best, a restrospective, a museum of the past, and will NOT be at the vanguard of the next phase. Rand's essays in CTUI ring the truth louder than that cracked Liberty Bell. The best I could hope for today was to plant some "seeds" of a real revolution.

Steve b. - "Religion" is not big enough for freedom

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I enjoyed your article and I do agree with you, however I would extend your reasoning to encompass "Religious Conservatives and Religious Libertarians"

It is Religion that "makes them collectivists" by default, "just as the socialists are." They "tout family, country, old-time religion and wouldn't hesitate to advocate a tax or pass a law (i.e., use the gun to compel" individuals) "for these values regardless of" an individual's "right to" his "life and property." In the case of religion "it is a matter of degree, not a matter of principle."

Religion retards the concept of freedom and until Americans can DEFINE freedom, they will never be able to grasp it.

The abortion issue is a classic example of compulsion through religion. Whereby morality is forced and thrust upon an individual who is not deemed worthy enough to make independent decisions concerning private property, namely the body of the said individual.

Just like Americans can not define the war on "terror", they can not define "individualism" and until they do, freedom can not exist.


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"politicians want to appear as though they are doing something"

Sadly the system lends them this belief. Hence we are fucked.

I prefer the incompetent types who get nought through.

"Even Rick Santelli was on

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"Even Rick Santelli was on air talking about how government SHOULD have some right to intervene in a "crisis" such as the current one. "

I'd love Rick to inform me what parameters would be consider being a 'crisis'? when the economy slows down a fraction and people lose their job? when a there is a massive shift due to technology and there is a massive ripple effect in the labour market? I always love when I hear people like Rick talk about the word crisis because it's almost applicable to any situation he could possible come up with. What is going to stop an administration from doing a 'munchausen syndrome' on the economy to justify their even more intrusive interference in the economy.

The best quote I heard about politicians was in response to Nixon during the recession in the 1970s: "politicians want to appear as though they are doing something". Obama and the spend-a-thon is the best example of this - what they should be doing is rolling back regulation, cutting spending, lowering taxes and allow the market to clean up this mess. Banks that should have collapsed would have been better off going into bankruptcy - chopped up and allowed the stronger bands to come through in their place. Through this intervention the government has single handedly rewarded bad behaviour and those who did the right thing are getting nothing as a result. When government intervenes it screws up the balance that ultimately creates distortions in how people behave economically.

If you knew that you were going to get bailed out - would you be more or less likely to make risky transactions?

It's wider and more generic than being Republican

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Though Beck, Rush and a few other Fox hosts were responsible for whipping it up, I dont think it's a purely Republican thing (as witnessed by the signs and the lambasting of that clueless CNN cow by one of the protesters)

This is a generic groundswell of all those who've had it up to the hilt with creeping socialism

The succession of Texas by Gov Perry is another obvious symptom

You can watch it here http://www.glennbeck.com/conte...

I dont believe this is going to fizzle. Beck and Limbaugh will continue to whip this up, and the more the crowds get snubbed by CNN and MSNBC, the angrier they're going to get.

For normal mom and pops to get excited enough to protest at these tea parties one has to conclude that they're as mad as cut snakes.

Too True

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"I've found the Republicans to be little more than socially conservative socialists who speak about the 'free-market' with one voice and yet fail monumentally at reducing the role of government in the economy."

Even Rick Santelli was on air talking about how government SHOULD have some right to intervene in a "crisis" such as the current one. I was really saddened to hear that, especially since the day before he was talking about how this was a philosophical issue. Fortunately, I didn't get my hopes up too much over him.

I've found the Republicans

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I've found the Republicans to be little more than socially conservative socialists who speak about the 'free-market' with one voice and yet fail monumentally at reducing the role of government in the economy. They talk about freedom of association and yet turn around and forbid a contract being formed between two members of the same sex of consenting age (aka same sex marriage). They claim they are for lower taxes but in the 8 years they had a majority in the senate and congress and failed to reform one of the most convoluted and complicated tax system that drowns small business (small business being the first to get shafted the most by any legislation).

The Republicans Are Not Big Enough for Freedom

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My take on Hannity, the Atlanta Tea Party and the fundamentals.

The only stimulus we need is liberty

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From Glen, our Kass Compatriot's site

That's why Ayn Rand loved America and Americans, because they don't like to be pushed around.

Like a decent fart they take a while to come around, but never tread on them with impunity.

The Japs discovered that too after Pearl Harbour when having to confront a new Liberty Ship every 30 hours or so

No wonder Glen Beck reports that the leftie news network is on the run, and soon I bet, Obamination will secretly start burning his Ché T-shirts

St Louis






San Antonio


Gilbert Arizona

Gtand Rapids













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What a great sign Steve. If that could be achieved, even with the dearth of philosophy, the bulk of the stride toward the freedom of the individual would have been achieved.

Atlanta Tea Party

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I went to the Atlanta Tea Party. I put together two signs on stakes for a friend and me. The Capital was easy walking distance from my apt. One sign said "WHO IS JOHN GALT?" on the front and "SEPARATE ECONOMY AND STATE", by far the most radical statement I saw. The other, "THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T OWN ONE MINUTE OF MY LIFE! IT'S MINE!"

There were two speakers that had the spark of moral fervor that excited me. One was a gal whose name I didn't get. She spoke the outrage she feels at the politicians' incredible arrogance to steal our money as though they have a right to it. Total atrocity!! Eric von Haessler named point after point of the government's theft and usurpations, asking the crowd if that is what they want. We all yelled "NO" at the top of our lungs.

Sometimes I wanted to shout and would be caught without the voice for it. I would be choked up. There was something so profound about people showing up by the thousands to express their love and need FOR LIBERTY that I would be emotionally moved, suddenly and unpredictably.

The place was packed, back to back and belly to belly. It was difficult to inch oneself one way or the other. In all my excitement, I dived into the throng to find a good place to stand. Once there, I was there, with no effort on my own. I couldn't do anything but stand in one spot.

I was impressed with the people. Once I got there, I realized that the sign is the thing. Everyone wanted to see how clever or "right on" or funny your sign was. There were lots of pauses for pictures. People were friendly, courteous and bright looking. This was not a moochers' event. I was among producers. I felt safe and proud.

I wanted to estimate of how many people were there. I had a plan that I would take an area, count the number of people in it and multiply that by the number of areas covered by people. Well that plan went out the window fast. It was impossible. I couldn't move and there was fully half the people that I never got a glimpse of.

I left 15 minutes before Hannity was to come on. I elected to watch it on TV. I walked around the capital building and headed east. Somewhere in the middle of the overpass over I75/85, I heard a roaring cheer go up back at the event. That was not a few-people cheer. It was the full-throated, let-it-rip cheer of a football stadium crowd. The estimate of 15 to 20,000 sounded about right to me.

Except for my own sign, I didn't see another sign referring to Galt or Atlas. I was sad about that today. So much work, so little time. My vision is for this disgust with government transform into a moral revolution.

Fox ...

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... are saying their coverage out-rated the other networks combined. The usual disconnect between regular folks and the Hollywood/Harvard axis running most media.

Glenn Beck

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Go to Beck right away - he's about to sound off about yesterday's media coverage.

I get hotter every time I watch this CNN Obamination.

atlascott's picture

But here's a better video--the CNN reporter gets confronted about her style and choice of only showing the nutty signs and claims that everyone there is nuts.

Sad but true.

atlascott's picture

And to hell with CNN.

They wonder why they have ratings problems--its because Americans are tired of the Communist News Network.

They want real news. Not the Politburo's Talking Points.

We're all nutjobs...

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...according to the elite of CNN. We're all "insane," "paranoid," "hypocrites," and the like. Rational or not, the left is putting us all in the same crackpot.

I say go for it, Mindy.

atlascott's picture

What can it hurt, and at worst, maybe you introduce some people to Objectivism!

I always expect crackpots at any demonstration. I was surprised how regular-American these folks were.

Happy that not just cave dwellers get what is going on.

What it's Coming To

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"What can we do to make sure that the result of all this work is not more "business as usual"?

Civil Disobedience, for starters.

Scott got it right...

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It was a relief I didn't know I was in need of to speak to a few people at the Tea Party, and see that they were normal.
The couple of hundred at my Tea Party seemed quite normal, not eaten up with hate, not aggressive, but friendly and cheerful, not "demonstrators" at all.

There was, though, some fellow dressed as Superman, with the message written on his chest: "Lois Lane left me for a Communist." I didn't get it.

I handed out--to participants--a version of the page-long letter I wrote to send with copies of AS to politicians. People seemed interested in taking the letter, which, of course, they put into a pocket to read later. One or two asked me what it was, and I told them it was a letter to Obama and legislators. But one woman seemed affronted by my offering the letter. I said to each person, "May I give you a letter?" and held the letter out. This lady, somewhere in her forties, I would guess, frowned and asked what it was about. I told her. She said, "No!" as if that represented a definite problem, then said quickly to her companion, another woman, "Don't take it!" (Shrug.)

I picked up a copy of a new publication, for political matters in this area, supposedly committed to expressing left, right, and in-between political thought and issues. It has a keep-watch-over-government-doings attitude, with transcripts of committee meetings of an ethics committee, etc. They want writers, editors, etc., so I'm thinking I'll try to write for them and present the Objectivist point of view. I'm trying to decide whether it is a good idea to write explicitly of the Objectivist political philosophy--with all the disclaimers, of course--or not. I'd welcome readers' opinions on this.


Edit: I am going to write a brief "eye-witness view" report of the Tea Party, and distribute it to all the local media I can. I urge others who attended to do so also. It will have an effect on the media's implicit "seismic meter" and might get used as well. It is a further chance to focus the meaning of the event on the correct philosophical issues, and that should be worth the trouble.

Here's Jenn's post and

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Here's Jenn's post and pictures on the Atlanta tea party. Turnout was amazing, and traffic was apparently stalled for hours getting to Atlanta (reverse of rush hour). Video speeches, including hers at just over 1 minute in - I love the crowd reaction after the Atlas Shrugged mention, and after her speech in general!


Gloomy Gus rears his head

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I was a little disappointed in the turn-out given the populations and the fact that more than 1100 people signed up as going, but since Chicago is uber-liberal and the birthplace of the Worst President Ever, I guess I shouldn't have been. Maybe I am bad at estimating, but I do not think we had more than a couple hundred.

What was heartening is that the people there seemed NORMAL--not your typical wacko street protesters, though there were some people in the protest with some of the wackiest signs who looked like liberal plants to me--perhaps out to discredit the protest?

Something happened, and that was good. What is not good is that this increasingly facist government is putting any dissenters on a watch list or a "dangerous person list.

This is exactly what I said was going to happen 3 years ago when we were arguing about how much power to ignore the Constitution we are willing to give law enforcement.

Give them the power for a legit purpose, and it always ends up being misused for political ends.

Stalin put his political opponents into a cell and then they were shot in the back of the head.

Do not underestimate the ruthlessness of Ayers, Obama, or any Socialist. SUch is a natural consequence of having too little respect for human life, living and acting instead for a collective.

America, wake up, wake up.


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I've fixed it for you. For future reference: square bracket video:you tube address close square bracket.


That CNN airhead should be shot at dawn.

The Newest Propaganda

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That the protests were out of controls and hostile to liberal news reporters.

What was actually going on was that the CNN news reporter was being hyper aggressive and ARGUING with the people in the protest. I would have given her what for.

[Anyone interested in showing me how to embed youtube clips?]

As Rand said...

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...or to paraphrase: a society is led by its intellectuals.

"...too many of the people at the tea parties don't have a coherent philosophical position..."

It's up to us--some of us--to offer the answers and the leadership

This idea that everyone should have a deep, dirty grasp of the nuances of philosophical enquiry is misbegotten, and woefully so.

The thing that Joe Average calls commonsense is actually a distillation of centuries of intellectual thought, filtered and packaged.

Yes, commonsense is vital, crucial. It's automatised and part of the fabric that clothes us all, but it's essentially derivative of more thoughtful minds.

Yes, it was on Beck's. And a

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Yes, it was on Beck's. And a good plug ... so long as we're talking Penn (of Penn and Teller fame): that's who I saw plugging Atlas Shrugged with Beck.

But turning to Amy's concerns, I concur: the problem is, and it started with Santelli, too many of the people at the tea parties don't have a coherent philosophical position, namely, Objectivism. The American Bible Belt makes a Libertarian revolution almost impossible, surely.

The Puffington Post...

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...a pacifier for bed-wetting, limousine liberals has a different take on the tea parties.

No surprises there.


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Jillette wasn't on Sean's hour. To be honest I can't remember whose hour it was. Maybe Beck's.

Fox needs Linz. Eye

I guess we turned it off too

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I guess we turned it off too soon to catch Jillette's Atlas mention. But I was so disgusted by what I saw, that I couldn't imagine that anything halfway decent was coming.

Yes ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Gingrich was awful. I cringe when they go into that "children and our children's children" routine. Fox hosts had earlier said this was not going to be a platform for Republican politicians. Harrumph. Still, Jillette got in a good plug for Atlas.

Gingrich, the tired wing of the GOP

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As I wrote here about Gingrich and his plans for pregnant teens.

Watching Tea Party coverage

Amy Peikoff's picture

Watching Tea Party coverage on FOX...ugh!!

Here's what I posted on the "Tea Party" thread at Big Hollywood:

"I'm skeptical about how much good the Tea Parties can do. I just watched Newt Gingrich on FOX totally drop the ball when Sean Hannity asked him the leading question, 'Is this a battle between Capitalism and Socialism?' Instead Newt said it was a battle between 'families and power-grabbing politicians.' And he's not talking about making major cuts in government spending and taxes; he's talking about rolling back tax increases. The alternative we were then offered on FOX is the so-called "Fair Tax," which they described as paying 23% of all retail spending. 23%!!! That's fair?! Hannity also made sure to point out that the protesters were not doing this for themselves, but they were doing it for their children and grandchildren. Ridiculous.

"What can we do to make sure that the result of all this work is not more "business as usual"? Not more "socialism lite," Republican style? People need to wake up and realize that this is a battle between capitalism and socialism and, more fundamentally, a battle between selfishness (rational self-interest) and altruism. If people don't attack big government in a principled, fundamental way, I fear we will fail.

"Sorry for my rant, but I am fed up, and I am afraid all this work will be for naught."


Jeff Perren's picture

"Texas is about to secede."

Good, they were high on my list of places to move anyway. Seriously, though, there are about a dozen states that are considering legislation to basically tell the Federal Govt to take a hike. It might just be time for that. At the very least, it might help direct more attention to the fact that it has almost entirely abandoned the Constitution. (Not that most state governments are significantly better, but they vary, at least.)

Meanwhile ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Texas is about to secede. Smiling

That's incredible! Only

Aaron's picture

That's incredible! Only 5000-10,000 were expected. Trying to find pics of the Atlanta one now.



Lindsay Perigo's picture

I spotted an I Luv Ayn Rand placard and a huge Ayn photo at other rallies.

15,000 in Atlanta with Hannity. Not bad.

There was a great turnout at

Bosch Fawstin's picture

There was a great turnout at ours, anyone else with pics of theirs?

Love the placards

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"Wake Up America, Don't Become California!"

"The Founding Fathers Are Rolling in their Graves."

Michael Reagan speaking to Cavuto - barely audible above the cheering crowd.

Just another one of the Banner's Smear Campaigns...

Jmaurone's picture

Jeff, thanks for posting this. CNN has been running a similar story today, reporting on the tea parties while raising the alarm over right-wing paranoia (specifically, the potential of recruiting returning soldiers with bomb-making abilities by racist militia types.) The smear campaigns are, indeed, in effect.
Which means they are scared shitless of what's to come.

Tea Parties and 'Right Wing Extremism'

Jeff Perren's picture

I comment at my blog.

    "...this type of smear job is exactly what one would expect from a Progressive. So to claim, as this 'right wing extremist' does that the media is biased in support of the Progressive policies of the current Federal government would hardly fall in the realm of insanity.

    Of course, to a Progressive, believing in the value of individual freedom, and believing that your money belongs to you, really are crazy notions."

I urge to you read the entire post.

We're there. And Scott, I

Bosch Fawstin's picture

We're there. And Scott, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this calling out of 'right wing extremist's' was in part an attempt to quell this thing, and if so, it may actually get more to the party.

Can't make it, but a number

Aaron's picture

Can't make it, but a number of the Atlanta contingent are. I believe Sean Hannity's going to be here; not a fan of him at all, but it should bring out a big crowd. After Hannity's appearance though they'll be displaying a number of short videos from locals. My friend Jenn (rationaljenn.blogspot.com) got invited to make one, so there will be at least one video with good exposure referring to Objectivism and Ayn Rand.


I Am!

atlascott's picture

Though I wonder if all the recent media talk about right wing extremist groups and how out of control they are and how the government is gearing up to "deal
" with them is not a purposefully-timed maneuver to quell such actions.

So ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Who's tea-partying?

Fox is saying no other media are covering the things. Is this true?

Time and Newsweek

atlascott's picture

"Just how bad does it have to get?"

I just read a recent issue of the news magazines "Time" and "Newsweek."

If either or both of these can be considered barometers of the average American's intellectual response to nationalization of major industries, including banking, and the passage of stimulus bills and budgets passed that are a third fatter than we can afford, then, yes, we can all about wrap it up and head home.

Socialism won, and Karl Marx beat Ayn Rand bloody.

The response in those publications are adoring of Obama, vague as to exactly what is happening, supportive of the strategy of "we must do something!"and occasionally supportive of outright Socialism.

Ayn Rand identified that it is intellectuals who are first betraying America, and in my mind, those news magazines confirm that there is a not a single mainstream pseudo-intellect out there who has identified the nature of the Obama "Change."

Americans have been intellectually disarmed by intellectuals, the public educations system, and the media. Now, what would have provoked violence and outrage is ignored or praised.

Americans have completely and utterly forgotten what made the U.S. the best. Because they were taught and told something different--that instead of America being the best, it was doing so on the backs of inncocents, bleeding innocents, stealing its profits, lying to its citizens, was dastardly and something to be ashamed of.

I am ashamed of some of the things America has done and Americans have done. But I am so proud of America, so proud of the ideas, so proud to be of a nation founded by the Founders.

The height of intellectualism today is collectivism, Socialism, statism. The public will not be led unless its leader espouses support of these.

The hope lies in a new nation. This isn't ancient Rome. We do not HAVE to be part of the slaughter and poverty that is almost certain to come.

What will ever happen in the United States at this point? Let's look past the growth of the police state and outlawing of guns, past the nationalization of industry and the growth of a paternalistic government that is bloated and corrupt as to make the former Soviet Union proud. That is on the 4 year plan--the first one.

Let's say that 'they' decide that all of the Obama Change is a mistake--its going to go back to--what, exactly?

We do not have the horses to force these people to adhere to the Constitution, nor do we possess the rhetoric sufficient to convince them that following it is in their best interests--not when theft has been so easy and so handsomely rewarded.

It is OVER now except for the details. OVER AND OUT.

This is still about the best place to live, overall. That is changing rapidly, and I am not interested in living in the least-worst Socialist totalitarian dictatorship in the world.

There are many, many, many people who do not want that, either.

Are we too few and too poor to create a new nation? Maybe.

I am happy that Yaron Brook got on Glenn Beck again. I just see, and do not like where this is headed.


Ross Elliot's picture

"We are not yet in the Life-boat situation wherein instant armed-revolt without delay is called for. "

A warrant for revolt.

Just how bad does it have to get?

Quite soon!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Only I do have this habit of letting my guests answer my questions. Eye

Oh really?

Jeremy's picture

So Linz...when can Fox News expect your resume? Smiling


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Though it was fascinating to see Beck's expression change darkly when Yaron got in the moral stuff. And demur once Yaron was off-air.

On the whole Glenn talks - and yells - way too much. But that seems to be a common fault with American anchors. They ask a question (or make a long statement) and then start jabbering before the guest has finished his first sentence. O'Reilly is the worst.

Another good showing by Yaron Brook

Amy Peikoff's picture

Glen Beck is letting him talk more. And I like that Yaron is managing to bring it back to the essential moral issue -- selfishness, the profit motive, and the pursuit of happiness -- at the end of the segment.

Have that Beck appearance recorded; need to go watch

Amy Peikoff's picture

I am looking forward to seeing what the turnout will be at these Tea Parties, and what comes of all of this attention Rand and her ideas are getting.

Misterogynists unite!

Jameson's picture

"This is what you get when so much power is in the hands of a small group of men."

You mean these men, Sharon?:

Yaron on Beck right now!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"Banks already *have* supervision. It's called failure. Let them fail!"


Glenn Beck on Tax Day Tea Parties

Marcus's picture

The good news ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Talking about the "difference" between communism and fascism to John Bolton today, Glenn Beck quoted Ayn Rand on the subject. The bad news is that he didn't acknowledge he was doing so.

Context: Beck's April 1 programme counting down to April 15, in which he opened by saying: "I was wrong. It's not communism we're headed towards, but fascism."

Reprised for the countdown

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I've bumped this back to the top for the countdown to April 15. Use this thread for any Tea-Party-related post unless you think it merits a separate new thread.


Brant Gaede's picture

In AZ it'd have to be the Colorado.

Better things are coming, eventually.


Brant- Fred Weiss

Aaron's picture

Fred Weiss disappeared a while back - once it was made a requirement to post a picture. Most of the other 'nuke 'em til they glow' folks are actually still around, but war hasn't been as active a topic since it's become increasingly clear the most effective destroyers of our country are within. I'm living as a slave and incredibly bleak about the government - though perhaps not quite as pessimistic as you. Curious - what river?


It's interesting up to a

Jeremy's picture

It's interesting up to a point, true. 

The question about your rights and where they'd be kept.  But I'd rather not provoke you and derail the thread once more, so nevermind about it.


sharon's picture

And here I'd thought we'd left behind our daily lessons in anarchy. 

You love it. It's interesting stuff.

You never did answer that question, Sharon. 

What question is that?



And here I'd thought we'd

Jeremy's picture

And here I'd thought we'd left behind our daily lessons in anarchy. 

You never did answer that question, Sharon. 

Every day, we see more and

sharon's picture

Every day, we see more and more references to Rand.  Not all are positive, of course, but I take this as a good sign.

And what of it?

It breaks my heart to see intelligent people weeping and hoping –against all rationality—for the State to return to its “proper functions” when you cannot contain an inherently evil and violent institution (increase in Ayn Rand sales  notwithstanding).  

Logically and historically, a system that has a centralized State does not remain within the boundaries that Objectivists envision or would hope for. Historically, the American government of yore recited by Objectivists and patriots never existed. It was whitewashed.

Regarding this last claim, consider these passages from The Narrative of the "Free Republic" by philosopher Stefan Molyneux.

“Separating facts from myths is always one of the greatest challenges when examining the past,” Molyneux writes, claiming that the "history of the United States in particular has gone through an enormous amount of propagandistic revisionism.”  

“… the founding of the American Republic was considered a watershed epoch in the history of humanity. Never before had a government been created according to rational and objective principles, with the express design of limiting its power, and forcing it to remain answerable to the citizens it served.

The slogans of the American Revolution have been carved into the lexicon of human fantasies about freedom – “all men are created equal,” “government by and for the people,” “conceived in liberty,” “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and so on. Early America was considered to be the highest achievement in the construction of a benevolent, wise, limited and regulated government.

Those who hold this view regard existing escalations of state power – particularly at the Federal level – to be fundamentally anti-American, and yearn for a return to an imaginary past where selfless heroes ran the government with the sole purpose of serving others.In the “cynical leftist” view, the Founding Fathers crafted an idealized world out of their own lofty moral aspirations, while ignoring all those who were non-white, non-male, and often non-middle-class. In other words, Washington, Jefferson, Adams et al did in fact believe their goals of noble and political equality, but unconsciously limited its application to their own gender, class and race. The problem was that these men did not have any real conscious conception of “equality” for women, slaves, Native Americans, children and so on.”

A summary of the article—in which the above are but a few passages—is this:

“This article dissects some of the narratives surrounding the founding of the American Republic – in particular, the actions of Jefferson and Washington in relation to the ideals they professed. They claimed to be pro-limited government – what did they actually do when they got into office? The answers are highly instructive, and suggest that we might be better off inventing a truly new future rather than yearning for the ‘freedoms’ of the past…”


It is time for Objectivists to wake from their idealogical slumber and to heed Stefan Molyneux's closing words to the article:

We can only achieve real liberty by refusing to sanctify criminals, and understanding the basic reality that the phrase “moral government” is as oxymoronic as the phrase “moral genocide. The only path to a freer future is clarity about the tyrannies of the past."




Thanks for posting that, Marcus

Amy Peikoff's picture

I wonder why Santelli didn't show up on Stewart's show.  Maybe because he knew what would happen?  In any event, I'm not sure that Santelli is a principled spokesman for capitalism.  But maybe he's opened a window for such spokesmen to be heard.  Every day, we see more and more references to Rand.  Not all are positive, of course, but I take this as a good sign.


BTW, the one who bugs me now is Rush.  Apparently on his radio show he tells callers to read Rand all the time.  He knows that she has the answers for people who want to understand what is going on today.  And yet when he gave his speech at CPAC, not one mention of her.

This clip shows that...

Marcus's picture

...Rick Santelli doesn't support the bank bail-outs.

Stick with coffee.

Jmaurone's picture

 So, Rick Santelli was supposed to appear on THE DAILY SHOW, only to cancel, for which John Stewart savaged him mercilessly, claiming that Santelli was a hypocrite for opposing a bailout for homeowners but not opposing the TARP outright. This article does the same. 

From the article:

 "For all the popular support The Rant has garnered for Santelli, a backlash has developed. “Watching Rick Santelli’s embarrassing diatribe at the expense of the American people made me realize that these Wall Street frat boys still don’t get it,” writes John Amato at the Huffington Post, echoing much of the left blogosphere. “America is sick and tired of the riches they have manipulated out of the system and then be lectured by people who make more money than 100 middle class workers put together.”

That’s pretty hard to respond to — unless you actually opposed the Wall Street bailouts, thus proving your laissez-faire bona fides.

But as near as I can tell, Santelli comes up way short on this measure. Where are the YouTubes of him calling for a taxpayer revolt when the banks were getting bailed out? He’s a colorful enough speaker, he’d surely have eclipsed the guys we know did criticize the bank bailouts like Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, and Marc Faber.

And so, Santelli finds himself boxed in — billions for bankers, but not one cent for homeowners. That’s an impossible box to get out of. Then Chris Matthews gets Santelli to fess up he voted for McCain (who like Obama, voted for TARP I). So The Rant now looks less like a courageous stand for personal responsibility and more like a petty partisan thing, red meat for the red states.

That’s exactly how the White House planned it. Obama didn’t announce his housing program until more than a week after Tim Geithner released the TARP II turkey. The banksters got theirs first. Anyone who then turned around and opposed help for “the little people” without having first opposed help for the big boyz could be portrayed as cruel and heartless. (Never mind that by cutting monthly payments, all the housing plan will accomplish is putting homeowners in further hock to their lenders. So the banksters get theirs on this one too. They always do.)

“Chicago Tea Party”? Please. Santelli insults the memory of Samuel Adams." 


 Now, there might be a valid claim here if they were referring to some of the other CNBC personalities who do support the TARP, and they certainly have a claim if one is in favor of a bailout for banks but not for homeowners. I don't see anywhere, however, where Santelli favors the TARP. Does anyone else here know more about Santelli to say for sure where he stood on the bailouts? (Supposedly he's a Rand guy.) At any rate, this just confirms what I think of John Stewart. But unfortunately, unless Santelli responds to this firmly, without compromise, and reclaims the moral highground, comments like the ones above will win out by default. 


....A SHOW OF HANDS: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile....


Brant Gaede's picture

I came back last summer for a few quick posts, went away a while longer and came back again, I forget for exactly what, but the genocidalists that I couldn't stand 30 months ago seem to have mostly gone. I've cut back Internet postings. I'm writing a financial for a conservative site right now. I used to post 4 a day on Objectivist Living but now about 1. I'm psychologically divorcing myself from my dysfunctional country, ruined by John Dewey and the inertia of cannibalism. It belongs to the non-thinkers and the mush thinkers and the females who don't need males until they need them and they then aren't there except for a castrated few and the unthinkers now. I hope they love third-world living. I'd live in a van down by the river except for the bodies floating by. An appropriate movie is coming out soon, "The Road." The Constitutional Convention provided the basis of turning America into the fraud of the present-day United States. Have a cold one.


Brant- I've been working

Aaron's picture

I've been working insane hours, off SOLO for a while, and haven't had time to catch up with all the latest slugfest with the anarchists. But I was surprised and glad to see you back on. When did you rejoin SOLO? A couple of your posts here unfortunately sounded like farewells, I hope you stick around though.


Better use of time

BeckyPallack's picture
I agree with some of what, um, Mr. Ghostsniper is saying. That these tea parties will fall on deaf ears and that there is something more that should be done.
Protests rarely change politicians' minds. Ditto on publicity stunts.
I just think it would be a better use of your time to 1) get three minutes of face time with your congressman or an aide, 2) write a well reasoned letter about how you are being affected by the spending plan, or 3) bring up the subject at school board meetings or city council or other common public meetings where you're likely to have an audience that actually wants to talk about taxes (as opposed to, say, a street corner or mall).
Another idea: go hang out at the post office on April 15 and hand out Ayn Rand leaflets Smiling

Thank goodness that we have

sharon's picture

Thank goodness that we have people like you, Sharon, to tell us how wrong we all are...while you sit around...and do...nothing...nothing at all...

I will be playing the fiddle as the Empire burns. That’s something.



Excellent Marcus

gregster's picture

That man Keyes is a breath of fresh air.

Here's a blog where he appears, Loyal To Liberty. (Haven't read it all yet.)

Where Faith Gives Reason For Citizen Action (Huh?)

Alan Keys

atlascott's picture

Alan Keys is clearly a part of machine politics. If only he was this empassioned when he ran for office here in Illinois!

THIS is what defiance in the face of evil looks like. THIS is a what a patriot looks like.

My praise of Keys is limited by my knowledge that he is a part of the corrupt Republican political machine, but good on him for this inspired clip.

Scott DeSalvo

FREE Injury Report and CD Reveal the Secrets You Need to Know to Protect Your RIGHTS!

Thank goodness

atlascott's picture

Thank goodness that we have people like you, Sharon, to tell us how wrong we all are...while you sit around...and do...nothing...nothing at all...

Scott DeSalvo

FREE Injury Report and CD Reveal the Secrets You Need to Know to Protect Your RIGHTS!

 The collapse of the

sharon's picture


The collapse of the economy is coming anyway. Obama is speeding the train. This is what you get when so  much power is in the hands of a small group of men.



Alan Keyes...

Marcus's picture

...KASS against Obama. Have you all seen this or have I just missed the train again?


sharon's picture


If you are an anarchist, you will not like Newt's speech.

Now, now, any political stripe might feel the same way too.





Amy Peikoff's picture

If you are an anarchist, you will not like Newt's speech.

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